20+ Times People Deserve A Full Refund And An Apology

Normally, reality does not coincide with what we idealize in our minds, but most of the time we imagine that what we see in a photograph or in the image of a screen should coincide with what we buy, especially if we waste a lot of money on it. Unfortunately, in this list, we will see that things do not always go as planned.

25. This haircut requires much more than a refund; they should buy her a new hair!

24. Apparently, curiosity may be more powerful than the common sense of some people in social networks.

23. That shirt is a very particular "accident" to promote this plant and its use ... Is it really accidental?

22. Never cut your hair in a place where there are discounts, the shame is not worth the $ 2 that you are going to save.

21. Our pets do not deserve to be treated this way, if you requested a simple cut, why do they give you a totally different dog?

20. This is simply heartbreaking and unacceptable, you can mess with anyone's hair, but you cannot insult their pizza in this way.

19. This is the main reason why you should not trust the "one size fits all" garments you find in online stores.

18. Burned and destroyed? There is nothing that can make this pizza worse than it is already.

17. Ok ... Talked too soon in the previous image, this is the maximum insult to pizza, what happens to these people?

16. This dress seems to have been made from old grandmother's panties, and I do not think she asked for this when she bought it.

15. This has to be a joke! It must be what they send you by mail when you request some extra padded shoes.

14. It is completely acceptable to return this food and request a dish, no matter how “gourmet” the chef wants to be.

13. If you arrive at a location where all employees are in a hurry to finish and close earlier, quickly flee.

12. To avoid entering into the dilemma of the "Pineapple in the pizza", let's admit that at least this guy recovered his money.

11. Is this a salad? Is it a lettuce napkin? Am I supposed to eat it or use it as a ceremonial hat?

10. It is very important to specify the size of the things you order from online pages to avoid receiving a toy rug.

9. This sandwich tastes a bit dusty so you could ask for a new order, for the sake of your stomach.

8. It's not exactly something you would use to go to the gym, but we must admit that it highlights his figure very well.

7. This reminds me of an old movie about shrinking kids, but it does not seem so entertaining actually.

6. There is a very big difference between a real crystal and a painted rock, and it is better to make sure before paying.

5. We must admit that the cat looks very good, but I am sure that his owner did not buy this garment for him.

4. I know that the sauce makes the order correct, but should at least include the meat to complete the order, right?

3. Nowhere do they mention that the sizes were only for Barbie dolls, so it's the shop's mistake.

2. When the auto corrector plays you a prank, you can get very strange and specific results.

1. I'm still not sure if it's a reason to ask for a refund, or just the opportunity for an interesting photograph.

There are many other examples like these, and we hope that you do not have to live a situation like this one day. But if something we have learned throughout this article is that being specific can bring bad consequences and that buying clothes in an online store is a greater risk than the lottery, so it is better to confirm the orders several times before pressing the payment button.

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