Rarely Known Truth about All Lovers of Princess Diana

Everyone worldwide should remember the People’s Princess: Diana. Since she got married to Prince Charles, all her life, even her deepest secrets, started being in the spotlight. Surprisingly, after her divorce, she still was the main headline in newspapers, especially because of her love life. Did you know that Diana had a lot of lovers besides Prince Charles? We will give you all the details about them in the following article.

1. Barry Mannakee

Diana Spencer got married to the heir to the British throne when she was only a twenty-year-old. Although she came from a family of British nobility with royal ancestry, being the wife of the future king was not easy at all. So overwhelmed by the stringent royal rules and protocols, she found a getaway in her bodyguard.

Barry Mannakee was in charge of looking after the princess. He was fourteen years older than her and was married, so an affair between the two seemed impossible. However, the young princess started to rely more on her greatest fellow and confident when she was going through tough times in the palace.

‘I was quite happy to give it all up just to go off and live with him,’ she once confessed to her friend, Peter Settelen, in 1991. She constantly waited around trying to see him, because she was only happy when he was around. Even though he could have acted more like a father figure to her, romantic feelings started to flourish.

However, it was almost impossible that the crown would let Diana take her children away from the palace since they were both heirs to the throne as well. Was she ready to leave them behind? Well, she admitted she was willing to make that sacrifice for him.

Their relationship grew to the point of flirting in front of the servants, and the pair was once caught in an intimate moment by Charles’ chief security officer. Nevertheless, Diana negated having sexual intercourse with Barry. To avoid the romance to keep on growing, Mannakee was transferred from royal to diplomatic protection.

Sadly, the bodyguard passed away during a car crash in 1987. According to Diana, the secret service arranged it to make it look like an accident because Barry knew too much about her and Prince Charles. ‘I think he was bumped off, but we'll never know,’ she said in an opportunity during a BBC video.

2. James Hewitt

During BBC Panorama program in 1995, the People’s Princess talked about her lovers, and the only name she mentioned openly was James Hewitt, whom she had a fling during five years. James was a cavalry officer in the British Army and her personal horse riding instructor.

With an appealing and charming personality, the horse expert was completely different from the princess’ husband. Let’s add up that she was very unhappy with Prince Charles; Diana felt lonely and in need of a man’s support in her life. We also have to remember that Barry had left, and Diana had no solace anymore.

And if that’s not enough, around the same time, rumors began to spread that the heir to the throne was having a relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles (Yes, the same Camilla that is his current wife). So the complex situation led Diana to fall into James’ arms.

Apart from that, James was an expert in the love game and a womanizer, so he had all the necessary skills to woo alone and needy young woman. He gave her the support, attention, and passion she longed for. With time, Diana became obsessed with him, sending him myriad love letters and calling him ten times a day.

But apparently, James did not feel in the same way. In fact, he tried to monetize the relationship later on by selling all the love letters, but they were ‘stolen’. For that reason, nobody knows if they truly existed in the first place. However, the teacher did not remain idle.

In 1994, he published a book he had co-authored called Love and War, in which he explicitly talked about all the details of his affair with the princess. Obviously, this was a direct betrayal of Diana, and that is why he was considered the most pitiful man in her life until his decease last year. 

3. James Gilbey

During 1992 and 1993, when Camilla Parker’s rumors as Charles’ mistress were in vogue, some tapes leaked. They were about some telephone conversations between Diana and a man called James Gilbey. The tapes were made public in August 1992, and the transcripts came out the very same month.

The princess had met James two years before meeting Prince Charles. They had a relationship, but everything was over officially, and they remained friends. However, the tapes found by a journalist revealed that Gibley was still in love with her, and called her ‘darling’ during a call made on New Year’s Eve in 1989.

He even had a pet name for her: Squiggy, so the scandal was known as ‘Squiggy-gate’. Diana, on her side, confessed to him that her marriage was a nightmare and even called Charles ‘his nibs’. It was evident with these details and some additional ones that Diana and James were more than friends.

The good thing is that Gilbey, different from his namesake, did not look for any lucrative outcome from his relationship with Diana. He did only give one interview to Andrew Morton on the princess’ request since Morton was writing her biography.

4. Oliver Hoare

Near the tapes scandal, Diana met another man, an Islamic art dealer called Oliver Hoare. Rumor has it that she was a little bit obsessed with him since she used to call him more than a hundred times in just one day. It is not clear how or when they met, but he was spotted in Kensington Palace semi-naked and smoking a cigarette.

Being a complete charmer, it is very likely that his relationship with Di was not merely platonic. The consensus among insiders is that they definitely had an affair. According to People, palace-watchers also affirmed that Prince Charles and Camilla knew about the alleged romance.

5. Dr. Hasnat Khan

There is only one name to refer to him: Mr. Wonderful, as Diana used to call him, so no wonder why he is considered her true love. During her community work as Charles’ wife, Diana visited a lot of hospitals to sit with patients, and at the Royal Hospital in Brompton, she met Khan, a heart surgeon from Pakistan.

Their passion for each other was so deep that they would do anything to be together. That’s why once the doctor hid in the trunk of a limo to escape from publicity and sneak out of the palace. According to Paul Burrell, the royal Butler, Diana welcomed him wearing only a nightdress.

Diana felt ‘normal’ with him and even used to go to pubs to order drinks, something she could never do at the palace. For that reason, she felt deeply in love with him, wanted to go to Pakistan, and make the romance public. Although Hasnat loved her, he felt too much pressure to go public.

Diana got him at the end of his tether and gave him an ultimatum: let the world know, or make the relationship come to an end. But the doctor did not succumb and ended the relationship after two years in anticipation of the media attention.

6. Dodi Al-Fayed

After being officially and legally free, Diana had one last affair. Saddened by her breakup with Dr. Khan, Diana was caught by paparazzi with Dodi Al-Fayed, the playboy and son of the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. It was very likely that the former princess was not in love with him and only used him to make Khan jealous.

On the contrary, the billionaire was completely bewitched by the British blondie. A lot of photographs started circulating that showed Dodi with Diana and her children, Harry and William, on a yacht, and they caused a lot of dispute at Buckingham Palace.

Sadly, their relationship came to an end like their lives. Just two months after the yacht pictures enjoying some vacations were made public, Diana and Dodi died in the famous car crash in Paris. On August 31, 1997, the couple passed away driving a Mercedes S280 in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in the City of Love.

They had stopped in Paris on their way to London, after having spent nine days together on holiday in the French and Italian Rivieras aboard Dodi’s family yacht. According to Mohamed Al-Fayed, the accident was set up by MI6, the British Intelligence, but the information was never proved.

Diana was considered the People’s Princess, and yet she felt very lonely for more than fifteen years and looked for love until the end of her days. Although she always had a smile on her face, it is evident that her personal life was not a bed of roses. It is ironic that she was loved by millions of people, and despite this, she left this world without finding someone who truly loved her.

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