20 Details You Totally Missed On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV series of this century. Its characters have made laugh to millions of viewers because of its clever concept and intelligent jokes so we must ask: are you a fan of this show?

Whatever your answer is we are sure you don’t know about these curious 20 details which no one paid attention to.

20. The power of 73

This is related to the magic power of lucky numbers. Do you believe in that? Well, it seems like this is the favorite number of Sheldon Cooper. 

Do you want to hear a crazier thing? Sheldon explains why he loves so much this number in the episode number 73 of the show. Also, the real year of birth of the actor who portrays Sheldon Cooper is 1973.

You must know that number symbolism is something very used on the show. For example, Amy’s apartment number is 314, which stands for the Pi constant. Is not that amazing? Also, the USS Enterprise’s registry number was NCC-1701-D.

19. Howard’s Room

Yes, Howard’s room is awesome and every geek or nerd person would love to have a room like this but have you paid attention to it closely?

It’s decorated with a lot of collectibles, figures, and merchandise. But we are sure you didn’t notice this: his room is full of only female superheroes. He is kind of obsessed with women on the show.

18. Guess the instrument

All the actors from the show had to learn to play some musical instrument. Leonard played the cello, Leslie played the violin, Sheldon the bongos, Raj and Leonard guitar, and keyboard but the weirdest instrument ever played on the show was the Theremin, played by Sheldon.

17. What’s wrong with Penny?

This is super weird but can you remember Penny’s last name? Well, if you can’t that means you are a big fan of the show because she doesn't have one. Her last name has never been said on the show and you will never know which is.

There is a little controversy with this because the executive producer confirmed that she doesn’t have a last name but later the show’s creator said in an interview that Penny’s last name was Barrington.

16. History of Bazinga

Do you know what is the origin of this word? Sheldon always uses it when he wants to make a joke or to indicate he made one and this whole idea was originated by the writers of the show while they were pranking each other.

Now, this is the most popular word in the show and even a new type of bee discovered in Brazil was named after this word.

15. Tickets for the show

If you are older than 18 you can visit the set of the show and be in the live audience and the best part of it: it’s for free! Just imagine your laugh to be in one of the episodes.

14. Sheldon’s youtube username.

As many of you already may know, all the characters from The Big Bang Theory are huge Star Wars fans.

Well, Sheldon’s Youtube username once appeared on the screen and you can see it was “ob1”. Get it? Like the Star Wars’ character.

13. Big Bang Theory and Flash

Sheldon is always using super cool t-shirts from comics culture but Flash is one of the most used shirts and characters on the entire show.

12. Bernadette’s voice

This is one of the most particular (and maybe annoying) things from the show. Her high-pitched voice wasn’t like that at the beginning of the show. While the character was evolving they decided to give her this characteristic.

11. Maths!

As you may have already noticed, almost all of the main characters of the show are scientists or have a work related to that.

Many times their math exercises can be seen on the show but this is complicated than it looks. It takes a lot of precise checking and approving from real-life physicists to make these scenes.

10. Penny’s refrigerator

Penny’s apartment is always messy but despite that in her refrigerator you can notice that are real-life pictures of the actress with the crew.

9. Halloween costumes

This is one of the most favorite times of the years for the Big Bang Theory characters. In one of the episodes, Amy suggested that she and Sheldon should be disguised as Blossom and Joey.

Blossom is a character that the same actress portrayed a lot of time ago. References!

8. Catchy song

One of Sheldon’s favorite songs is the theme of Ninja Turtles and coincidentally one of The Big Bang Theory writers is the creator of that song.

7. The title changed

The initial name of the show wasn’t “The Big Bang Theory” but “Lenny, Penny, and Kenny”. We know who would be Lenny and Penny but what about Kenny? Well, it seems like this was the initial name for Sheldon Cooper.

6. We can be heroes for more than a day

It is well known that the characters of the show love superheroes but you can see that they use to wear more “DC Comics” characters costumes and that’s because The Big Bang Theory belongs to Warner, which is also the owner of DC Comics.

5. The secret affair

The actors who portrays Leonard and Penny were a couple not only on the show but in the real life, they kept it as a secret for 2 years.

4. The sound of the Big Bang

The lead theme was born as just an improvisation from the Barenaked Ladies but the producers of the show liked it and decided to use it.

3. Raj’s biggest fear

In the show you constantly can see how Raj has a big fear of interacting with women. His character feature was based on the real-life phobia of the show’s executive producer, Bill Prady.

2. Young Sheldon.

An spin-off based on a young Sheldon Cooper was recently released. It’s an excellent show!

1. Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who

A lot of references about Doctor Who are included in the show.

Definitely this is a great TV show. It has won a lot of awards and keeps entertaining us. If you want you can tell us which one has been your favorite moment of this show so far. 

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