Meghan Markle before Prince Harry: 10 Striking Facts

Right now Meghan Markle, known as the Duchess of Sussex, is the one who is filling the headlines with a big kind of different news about her but we assure you that you still don’t know her completely.

According to OSSA, this girl is in everyone's heart now due to her kindness and sympathy so maybe you would like to know some impressive facts that are not really known about the Duchess.

First, let us tell you that Prince Harry’s wife is a truly amazing girl. She is very talented and has a lot of love for all those who are marginalized.

The attention over this lady grows up more and more along the days, and now she is at the top of popularity. Also, her life before being Prince Harry’s wife was still full of fame and glory.

Well, but don’t be fooled. Everything wasn’t as great as it may seem because like any other girl Meghan struggled with a lot of family drama, low self-esteem and many other situations that separated her of her dreams.

10. Ellen DeGeneres and a puppy

Once Meghan was in a puppy shelter to adopt a dog and didn’t know what to choose until Ellen DeGeneres came out and helped her to pick one.

9. Fashion designer

This girl has a really good fashion sense, even when she has to obey the Royalty dress code she has a personal signature that makes all her outfits great. She also created a dress line.

8. Human activist

This is something that she and Harry have in common, they are philanthropists and love to do something significant for all those who need it.

7. Sisters drama

Did you know that Meghan Markle has an older half-sister called Samantha and that they haven’t spoken to each other in three years? This is not a secret because lately, her Meghan’s half-sister has spoken to the press accusing her of being selfish and many other things.

In some interviews, Samantha harshly portrays her sister as greedy for not helping her dad, who is now bankrupt and living in Mexico.

He also has spoken to the press and has given many interviews about the relationship with his daughter Meghan and this doesn’t like to the Royal family.

Also, Samantha made some comments about Meghan’s dress for the engagement portrait, which cost a lot of money, and said: “If you can spend $75.000 in a dress, you can spend $75.000 on your dad”.

Meghan’s sister wrote a sensational book about all their family drama and people is accusing her of lucrate at Meghan’s back. The book, ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, does not add any warmth to their relationship.

Samantha claims that she is not aiming to flatter Meghan, even when in previous interviews Samantha said: “I always have been proud of her”. Who knows what secrets about Meghan the book may reveal.

6. Misunderstandings in the family

Meghan’s sister is not the only one giving headaches to the Royal family. Meghan Markle’s father got offended by Prince Harry’s statement after the Royal family Christmas celebration.

Why? Well, the Prince made some curious comments about Meghan joining to his family. He said: “She is getting it there and it is the family I suppose she never had.”

But the Prince’s statements were justified. Meghan’s father left the family when she was 6, which could easily be seen as the source of coldness between them.

However, Meghan’s half-brother disagrees with this and with what Prince Harry said. In fact, he said that his father dedicated the majority of all his time and everything to her.

He added: “my father made sure she had what she needed to be successful and get to where she has got.”

But this doesn’t end here, the dispute between Meghan and her father has become more troubled as days pass and he is filling many headlines talking about his daughter and their relationship.

5. Growing behind the scene

Meghan’s father was an Emmy award-winning photography director back when she was a little girl and guess what?

Due to her father’s job, Meghan was a frequent guest on the set of the popular TV show “Married with children” which her father was directing.

Maybe that was the reason why Meghan decided to be an actress. She was already used to the acting life. She has said in previous interviews that the crew guys know that the filming set was like her playset.

4. Catholic bringing up

This is a very curious thing about Meghan. Her childhood was really diverse: after classes in the Catholic School, she attended to the filming set of “Married with Children” but despite that, her parents didn’t let her watch the show at home.

Also, did you know that Royal members couldn’t get married to Catholic? But now that’s an old rule and they can get married with any religion.

3. Working as calligrapher

Surprisingly, a Catholic school education helped Meghan a lot when she was auditioning. When Meghan barely made ends meet, driving audition from an audition, she found an extra source of income, using the calligraphy skills she got in the Catholic school.

And this another fact is very unusual but she did calligraphy for invitations, including the ones for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding.

2. Tough on Money

This Duchess didn’t live a Royal life since the beginning. The way to the top on Meghan’s career wasn’t easy, it didn’t matter all the contacts she had in the media thanks to her father.

For years she struggled for money, having little success at auditions. Can you believe that she once was so broke that she couldn’t even fix her car doors?

For a month the Duchess had to worm herself through her trunk to get to the driver’s seat. But this girl was a fighter and she got a role on “Suits”!

1. Her first name

Her real first name is Rachel, like her role in the TV series ‘Suits’. That’s a really pretty name but for some reason, she decided to be known using her middle name, which is not bad of course. This is something that many actors, actresses, and artists do.

It’s good to see how finally life is smiling at this girl. Something curious is to see how she struggled so much to become an actress but at the end, she decided to put that apart just for love, to get married to Prince Harry. Sure it wasn’t an easy choice, but we hope she is happy now.

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