Scotty McCreery's awesome answer on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

The former ‘American Idol’ contestant continues his winning streak on competition shows, as his wife Gabi and he recently won $25,000 on ‘Celebrity Family Feud.’ The singer participated with his family against Chris Kattan’s brood, ending the ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian’s reign on the show. Let’s take a look at what happened.

The episode

A video uploaded on Family Feud’s official Youtube channel is currently going viral as McCreery competes against Kattan for the final prize of the show. Since it’s the ‘Celebrity’ edition, the actual money will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The short clip shows Scotty and Gabi Dugal on the ‘Fast Money’ segment where a contestant is given 20 seconds to answer several questions, and then they tally how many people from a survey responded the same.

First up: Gabi

Host Steve Harvey starts off the segment with the question, ‘How many days can you stop showering before you realize that bad smell is you?’ Gabi said three days. Another question said, ‘Name a kind of sauce you like to dip your nuggets in.’ Dugal said ketchup.

The final question of the round said, ‘Name something you think about when you hear the word ‘boo.’’ And the Dugal’s answer gave her a considerable advantage because she said ‘ghost’ and 55 people on the survey had answered in the same manner. By the end, she got a total of 140 points.

Next up: Scotty

This next part of the segment is interesting because Scotty only needs 60 points to win the whole show, and his wife gave him a considerable advantage. He has to answer the same question as Gabi, but none of his answers matched his wife, much to the amusement of the audience.

However, that wasn’t the funniest part of all. Scotty answered the final question, ‘Name something you think about when you hear the word ‘boo,’’ with ‘yah,’ like the exclamation ‘booyah!’ Everyone, including Steve, laughed like crazy.

The final score

Scotty didn’t need to work hard to achieve the 200 point goal, but his answers were even more accurate than his wife’s responses. On the first question alone, he got 38 points, that being the number one answer given by survey takers.

And by the third question, ‘Name a kind of sauce you like to dip your nuggets in,’ he won the whole thing with his answer ‘barbecue.’ We all know that barbecue sauce is more famous for fried chicken than ketchup, but Gabi wasn’t so far off.

The couple participated on the show alongside McCreery’s father-in-law Merrick Dugal III, his father Michael McCreery and his grandmother Paquita, who stole the show by flirting with Harvey before answering a question about dating.

Celebrity Family Feud

The show is a spin-off of the game show ‘Family Feud,’ and was created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. It was originally hosted by Al Roker from the ‘Today Show’ on NBC. ABC then picked up and started airing in 2015 with host Steve Harvey.

The fifth season started airing on June 10, 2018, after being renewed back in August 2017. It was recently announced that ABC renewed it again for the sixth season, so we’re going to have ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ for a long time. McCreery’s episode was number 7 in the new season and aired on August 5, 2018.

An American Idol

If you’re a fan of Scotty McCreery, then you already know that this talented 24-year-old won the 10th season of American Idol when he was just 17 years old. He released a debut album titled ‘Clear as Day,’ in October 2011 and it went platinum in the U.S.

Scotty has topped the American country music charts several times with hits like ‘See You Tonight,’ ‘I Love This Big,’ and ‘The Trouble with Girls.’ Most of the contestants on the show has been forgotten, but McCreery had a steady career and launched his latest album in March 2018.

A normal boy

Scotty is of Christian beliefs, and a graduate of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has Puerto Rican blood, but sadly, he doesn’t speak Spanish at all and has expressed regret that he never strived to learn the language.

In 2017, the singer got engaged to his longtime companion Gabi Dugal, and they got married on June 16, 2018, just a few days after filming ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ – although the episode aired a month later. His favorite artists are Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty, but his greatest inspiration was always Elvis Presley.

Going through a rough patch

Like we mentioned previously, most ‘American Idol’ contestants and winners have been forgotten, and this fear plagued McCreery. He fell into a slump professionally when his 2015 single ‘Southern Belle’ wasn’t as successful as the others.

The following year, the singer separated from his record label, Mercury Nashville, and they had a lengthy legal battle. ‘At the end of the day, 2016, for me, it did suck, but compared to a lot of what other folks are having to deal with out there, I was still really blessed, and I was doing fine.’

Rising like a phoenix

After the legal proceedings ended, McCreery released his song ‘Five More Minutes,’ which talks about the moments in life that you always want to prolong, like staying outside with your friends, your high school memories and more.

The song was written alongside Monty Criswell and Frank Rogers after losing his grandfather in 2015. ‘Everybody knows what it is to feel that, wanting to spend more time with somebody that you’ve lost or wanting to go back to the glory days of high school with no responsibilities or whatever it is.’

This new release was exactly what the singer needed to get him out his slump. He performed it at the Grand Ole Opry and then signed a record deal with Triple Tigers, launching the single to the number one spot of the U.S. Country Airplay Chart.

‘Honestly, looking back now, it was a blessing in disguise, getting out of some of those deals and getting with a label that really believes in me and fights for me. I think I ended up in a better spot than what we were in.’

New album

His newfound confidence helped him co-write the 11 songs on his new album ‘Seasons Change,’ which shows how much he has grown as an artist, despite his young age. The second single, ‘This Is It,’ was released in May, and it talks about his relationship with Gabi.

The music video even includes scenes from their wedding. ‘It’s one of those things where people got to see me on TV, and they met me through that, but my other two records weren’t super personal. I feel like if people listen to this record start to finish, they’re going to get to know what’s going on in my life.’

It takes a lot of strength to get yourself out of a slump, and McCreery has demonstrated wisdom beyond his years through his music. We are just glad that he’s doing much better and looks happy with his wife, Gabi. They make a fantastic, smart couple and we wish them all the happiness in the world. Did you catch the ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ episode with Scotty? If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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