12 Zodiac Couples Whose Relationships Will Not Be Easy

Relationships are never easy; they all come with their set of problems. Long-distance relationships and on-again-off-again relationships are even more complicated. Sometimes people don’t know when to let go, and they keep trying to make them work. It’s hard to know when someone isn’t right for us, but, luckily, the Zodiac has some answers. Here are some Zodiac signs that should never be together.

12. Aries and Virgo:

Everyone knows that opposites attract, and these two signs are exactly opposite in every way. Virgos are drawn to Aries’ sureness and their honest attitudes, while Aries will definitely like Virgo’s brain and problem-solving abilities.

On the other hand, Aries free-spirited ways and impulsiveness might drive Virgos completely crazy. Furthermore, some Aries are hot-tempered, and if harsh words are spoken, it could severely damage their relationship. Aries is a fire sign while Virgo is an earth sign, meaning that they don’t understand each other well.

11. Taurus and Scorpio:

These two signs are very sensual, so it seems like they go well together. Their passion is flaming hot, they both have trust issues, and problems with jealousy that could lead to problems. Scorpio is especially jealous and vengeful, and that’s something that Taurus will never understand.

They are both stubborn, so reaching a compromise will be completely impossible. If their relationship was held inside their bedroom, it would be fine, but that’s impossible. Outside the bedroom, there’s a huge chance of problems and pain.

10. Gemini and Aquarius:

In many aspects, these two signs would be a great match. They are free-spirited, love chatting, and they’re brilliant. While Gemini is more outgoing in any normal setting, Aquarius likes to have a purpose when he or she socializes – like raising money or discussing business.

Geminis are more easygoing than Aquarius as well as more in touch with their emotions. Aquarians are more closed-off about feelings, and that could cause problems while dating a Gemini. Aquarius can sometimes be impulsive while Geminis are erratic, therefore they clash in certain situations.

9. Cancer and Pisces:

Cancer and Pisces are both artistic, thoughtful and careful, but everyone knows that Cancer has an endless fountain of emotions, and Pisces simply can’t handle it. Cancer people know exactly what went wrong in their previous relationships, and how they shaped the way they are now.

Pisces don’t like to dwell on the past, so they don’t learn much. If they partnered up for a creative venture, they would be perfect. However, a romantic relationship between these two would be more hard work than pleasure, and that’s not fun at all.

8. Leo and Sagittarius:

These people know how to party, and they’re well-liked by almost everybody. Sagittarius have a great sense of humor, while Leo people are charismatic and attractive. The downside is that they both like being in the spotlight, and that will lead to fights.

Leo people can get mad easily, and Sagittarius is not going to tolerate his patronizing behavior or waste time trying to calm them down. They might not be suited for a romantic relationship, but they both have bold natures and good humor, so they could be great friends.

7. Virgo and Aquarius:

Virgos think about other people’s opinions, while Aquarians don’t care at all. Virgos are all about stability and like to hang around reliable people with consistent habits. Aquarians, on the other hand, like to explore new territory.

Most Virgos get frustrated by Aquarians due to their irresponsible and inconsistent natures, but they also envy their freedom. They like being around Aquarians to get a taste of what they normally can’t have. Aquarians bring new possibilities to the table.

6. Libra and Pisces:

These two signs are loving, thoughtful and tender. They admire each other, can be extremely romantic and adore the idea of true love. However, a relationship where both people have their heads on fairy tales is extremely difficult.

They will put each other on impossible pedestals, and when one of them messes up, it will ruin their relationship irreparably. Their relationship would make a great love story for a movie or book, but after the ending, their love will inevitably fizzle out.

5. Scorpio and Leo:

These two signs are very powerful, both have potential to be leaders due to their charisma, fierceness, and pride. Scorpios like trustworthiness and drive, while Leos don’t particularly care about the truth. The lion sign is not afraid to lie to get what it wants.

Scorpios can be envious people in a relationship with a Leo because the lion likes to flirt at random moments without thinking about the repercussions. Both of them are strong-willed people which leads to conflicts in a romantic setting.

4. Sagittarius and Libra:

As mentioned previously, Sagittarius are outgoing, and that’s something that greatly attracts Libras. These signs hate getting into arguments with each other, so the way they deal with their problems is through silent treatment and distance.

Libras like being around people, and that’s something that bothers Sagittarius, who crave freedom. Sagittarius are also outspoken and don’t mince their words, which bothers Libras, because they can have trouble deciding which leads to problems.  

3. Capricorn and Cancer:

These two signs have a lot in common; they value family and friends above all things. They are also very reliable, but Capricorns are not as connected to their emotions as Cancers. However, they will support each other through thick and thin.

Normally, Capricorns don’t get upset with Cancers’ neediness and would be a great source of comfort for the most emotional sign in the Zodiac. However, Capricorns are not open to sharing as much of themselves, so it might lead to several problems.

2. Aquarius and Sagittarius:

Both of these signs are adventurous, they love traveling and making new friends, but are not afraid of exploring things independently. They like having alone time, and they both hate a clingy partner that can’t be on his own. Their main struggle stems from Sagittarius’ narcissism.

Aquarians love helping people out, so their altruistic nature will contrast with Sagittarius in detrimental ways. They can start off great together, but ultimately, their relationship will face too many differences, and they will split up.

1. Pisces and Capricorn:

As mentioned previously, Pisces have their heads in the clouds, while Capricorns are realistic about life. Moreover, Pisces like being mysterious which will irritate Capricorns to no end. Pisces are also easy-going and easily manipulated, so Capricorns have to watch out for them.

Since Capricorns are practical, they need to solve problems logically. However, Pisces just take things at face value - they’re more trusting than Capricorns. Therefore, the different ways they look at life will inevitably lead to struggling as partners.

It’s great knowing that several Zodiac signs are not compatible, however, we must remember that everything in life is subjective. Some people have been able to form lasting relationships despite this aspect of their lives, and it’s probably because they don’t believe in Astrology. Do think Astrology really influences our lives that much?

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