True Reason Why Iron Man Tried To Calm Down Star-Lord In "Infinity War" Surfaced

We understand how you felt after watching Avengers: Infinity War: frustrated, upset and, of course, angry at a character that seemed to ruin the whole movie: Star-Lord. But before you continue hating him, we have some excellent insight into what happened at a specific scene of the film. Maybe, you will change your perception in the end. Scroll down to find it out!

The background 

Everybody knows that movie directors and writers are experts at leaving some loose ends that want us to desire more in the sequels, or start suggesting theories about the reasons behind the decision of some characters. Well, that is what happened in the latest Avengers production, especially in Iron Man and Star-Lord's scene.

For that reason, we have to give some credit to the writers of the movie: Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus. In films that have prequels or sequels, it is highly crucial that the authors can connect the past and the present of characters accurately since their previous experiences affect their current situations. 

McFeely and Markus did a marvelous job in conveying that, although many Marvel followers may not have noticed. Certain events in previous films influenced the decisions of our favorite superheroes, and Star-Lord's moment with Iron Man is a precise example of it. 

The controversial scene

Let's refresh your memory for a minute. Thanos had already gotten most of the stones, including the Mind Gem or the Soul one for which he had to pay the high price of his stepdaughter's life. He could only retrieve it by sacrificing someone he loves.

On the other side of the story, we can see our most arrogant superheroes: Iron Man and Star-Lord, along with Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Drax, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. They are fighting over a plan to stop Thanos at Titan planet. 

It is on the very same planet that part of our Avengers and other superheroes try to defeat Thanos. Mantis uses her somnolent powers to subdue the titan, which she manages to do. Meanwhile, the rest try to remove the gauntlet utilized to harness the power of the Infinity Stones.

Everything seemed to go well, and the story was about to have a happy ending when Star-Lord screws it all up. Quill finds out that Thanos had killed his girlfriend to gain one of the gems, and he starts hitting the guilty one in the head. 

The news sent the leader of the Guardians into a fit of rage that freed Thanos from Mantis’ trance due to the strokes in his head. His anger resulted in the villain defeating the team and eradicating half of the population in the universe. A modest effect, right?

So it is entirely understandable why many people left the cinemas angry at Star-Lord for having thwarted the plan to defeat Thanos and thus impede everyone from saving the universe. However, we have to stand for him, and here is the reason why.

The fault of Star-Lord?

Yes, we know that he prevented his team from snatching the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos' hand. Yes, we also know all the consequences that brought to the whole universe. However, we should be a little empathic, shouldn't we?

First, we have to remember everything Peter had to go through in his whole life. The very Chris Pratt, the actor that played the character, talked about it during an interview in the promotional tour for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

'Look, the guy saw his mother die; he saw his paternal figure die on his arms, and he was forced to kill his biological father. Now, he finds out he lost the love of his life. I think he reacted in a very human way, and that is what differentiates the Guardians of the Galaxy from any other hero', explained the actor.

Additionally, he said that if he had to film the scene 100 times more, he would not change anything. The scriptwriters also pronounced regarding the fuss caused by Star-Lord's choice stating that all the heroes were partially responsible.

'They all have a role in the failure. If Steve and Tony had made their peace, or if the Civil War had not happened, The Avengers would have been together. There is a lot of blame to share out, and maybe there is nothing they could have done about it.'

Tony Stark's attempt

We also have to remember that, during the same scene, Iron Man was desperately trying to make him come to his senses and stop hitting Thanos. However, he did not succeed. However, something is impressive in his efforts.

Why Iron Man and not Doctor Stranger, or Spiderman, or Drax? There is a surprising reason why the authors decided that it should have been Tony and not any other character. It is logical that Stark tried to stop him because the future of the whole universe was at stake.

Iron Man's affinity

Nevertheless, this was not his only drive; Tony had already felt that way before since he also allowed his heart to control him. There may be a lot more to Tony Stark's reaction than many people imagine at first sight. We are pretty sure that this hero reflected himself in Star-Lord when he heard about Gamorra's murder.

Do you remember Captain America: Civil War? There is a similar scene there that shows Star-Lord's expression on Tony' faces. In that film, Iron Man was fighting against the Winter Soldier and Captain America, when he discovered that the former had killed his parents.

So they did not die in a car crash as he previously thought, and all of us did as well. Although Bucky had been under mental control, he was still the guilty one. What was worst to Tony's knowledge was that the Captain decided not to tell him even though he knew for a long time.

A terrible decision

It is clear that Captain America severely damaged their friendship by hiding this information from Tony. Feeling hurt, upset, and betrayed, he took the choice of fighting with Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. He did not even give the Captain a chance to defend himself or explain what had happened.

So his actions were based entirely on his mixed emotions at that moment. Maybe, the Civil War would not have happened if he had thought with the head and not with his heart. Perhaps, all the mess could have been easily avoided. 

The empathy towards Star-Lord

Does it sound familiar now? Does it explain why Tony prevented Star-Lord from having an emotional collapse? Absolutely! Iron Man felt empathy towards a grieving Quill since he had already been in a similar situation before. If someone was able to recognize the mental and emotional state of Star-Lord, it was Tony.

Peter was about to commit a madness, just as he did during the Civil War. No one else could have understood him better than Stark. Now, Iron Man was more matured than during that encounter in Captain America: Civil War. Ultimately, it makes sense that it was Stark who tried to reason with Star-Lord at that moment.

Although he did not succeed, he tried to make him understand that he also sensed his pain and was aware of what was happening to him. All this analysis helped us understand Star-Lord and Iron Man's actions, and we hope it helped you too.

So after considering the given facts, we cannot criticize the decisions of Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus regarding the script and what happened during the film. In fact, we have to praise them for such an engaging and remarkable plot. We cannot wait to see what the next installment of this franchise has for all of us! 

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