HBO Just Released A New  'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Footage And Fans Cannot Hold It Back

GOT fans are exciting about the eighth and final season of the successful drama fantasy television series which is coming in less than a year. Winter has come, and the white walkers are at the door, so when HBO released new footage some days ago, it caused quite a commotion on the social media. All the details are brought to you in this article. You cannot miss it out!

The footage

Since the end of the seventh season in August 2017, fans worldwide of the highly-acclaimed TV show have been hoping for some light about the final season. Although the airing date of the upcoming part of the series is not known yet, it is clear that it is going to be for 2019.

HBO, the original network that released the drama series, finally allowed followers to taste an appetizer, footage of season 8. The American channel revealed a surprise video last Sunday night touting the network's lineup for 2019. The teaser offers a glimpse of new programs like Flight of the Conchords and Pod Save America.

However, it also shows the new seasons of shows like Barry, The Deuce, and Big Little Lies, with Meryl Streep joining the cast of the latter. But buried amid all these programs’ shots, and also some from GOT’s season 7, we can see a 3-second clip for season 8 that starts in the minute 1:10.

Since its revelation on August, 26th, in HBO’s channel on YouTube, the video with a total length of 1 minute and 40 seconds has had more than 2.5 million views, more than 4.5 thumbs up, and hundreds of comments from eager followers of the show.

Many people on the social media confused the clip with old footage that shows Jon Snow and Sansa reuniting at Castle Black. Nevertheless, this new short video shows The King in the North embracing his steely-eyed sister at Winterfell.

The sinister undertone behind the scene makes everybody think that something is going on offscreen. Maybe Sansa is looking at Daenerys Targaryen, a foreign queen to whom the King in the North has now bent the knee. What will the northern lords think?

What to expect

This family hug is more sullen than the previous reunion, what gives some insight of what we will be seen in the highly-expected new season. Many have tried to forecast the events in the story and who will end up sitting on the Iron Throne.

Although there is a never-ending number of theories circulating throughout the internet, nothing is sure so far. Let’s keep in mind that the TV show has outpaced the Song Of Ice And Fire books by author George R. R. Martin. So if you thought that reading the books would help you with the next season, you are totally wrong.

Jon Snow might discover his real father, Daenerys can end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms, and Cercei might keep her promise of helping The Mother of Dragons in the Great War after witnessing a zombie that was brought from the other side of the Great Wall. 

Next season date

Fans were also expecting to have an official date for the new season, but the network did not reveal that information in the teaser; it just stated ‘coming soon’. The show was expected to be aired during the first half of 2019. However, unofficial reports have claimed that the return has been delayed to mid-2019.

A friendly reminder

Let’s remember that at the end of the season 7 finale, Daenerys and Jon were heading to Winterfell, apart from the fact that they had some intimate moments. On the other side, the Night King and his undead army, which now includes Daenerys' dragon, Viserion, finally break through the Wall and enter the Seven Kingdoms.

For that reason, the clip in footage is from the first episode of season 8, when Jon and Sansa are reunited. We cannot forget from season 7 the death of that character that spent a lot of time tormenting us with his bitchy glances: Littlefinger. And we also have to highlight Cercei’s possible baby bump. If there is one, who is the dad?

Social media reaction

Those three seconds (yes, we counted them) were glorious to all followers on the Internet, who reacted in the least expected ways. The teaser does not say much, but some fans still got excited. For instance, a Twitter user was so thrilled that she felt like screaming when she found out that there was new footage.

Another user of the social network expressed her excitement giving priority to the release of the new season above anything else, even her graduation ceremony. 'I have never seen them hug like this in season 7. I swear that if season 8 is on during my graduation ceremony, I will bring my phone up to the stage’, she said.

However, not all fans were enthusiastic with the first glimpse; others just wanted more. Ryan Ellermann said: ‘The new Game of Thrones footage is just a millisecond of Jon hugging Sansa? That’s not newsworthy!’. Another one stated: ‘What a tease! You should be ashamed! You knew what we wanted!’.

Even others expressed with anger that they did not want to be bothered with any new footage because all that they wanted was the premiere date. Well, we bet a lot of fans were very disappointed then because HBO did not give them that in this teaser.

The new season of Games of Thrones promises to be hot, despite the fact that winter has come. Its premiere will definitely be surrounded by a lot of expectation. Maybe fans will not be able to hold it back one more year, so we hope to have some other footage like Sunday's one in between. What did you think about this one?

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