21 Rare Finds That Would Either Make You Envy Or Leave Stunned

Life has a way of surprising us in the most unexpected ways. Some people are lucky, and they get to witness something remarkable, while others find crazy treasures hidden in strange places. The following list shows some of these occurrences, and they will bring a smile to your face. 

21. Dogs are a treasure, but they can be stealthy hoarders as this owner figured out. Luckily, he's very generous and decided to give away his dog's tennis balls.

20. This picture shows a lizard found in Indonesia, and it looks just like a dragon making us believe that they truly existed once upon a time. What do you think?

19. This picture shows the stairway to...? It's probably a construction mishap, but most people probably pretend it's like the gateway to Platform 9 and 3/4. 

18. An owner lost some money the other day and was unable to find it anywhere. This picture shows another pet with stealthy stealing skills, but he's adorable. 

17. A woman woke up one day, went to the kitchen and found this baby owl in the sink. What an incredible moment, and she was lucky enough to have her phone handy for a picture. 

16. Is there truth in advertising? Some people don't believe what stores say about their products, but we like to think most people are honest, though this is clearly fake. 

15. 'I asked my friend who was visiting Japan to bring me back the most impractical iPhone case he could find, and I would use it. Oh dear god, he delivered.'

14. A man's neighbor had a collection of silver coins from the 1930s-1960s, and they are probably worth so much money right now. We wonder what they're going to do with them. 

13. A man felt something inside his shoe one day, and when he took it off, he found this little guy inside. The mouse had been trapped inside the shoe all day. He's so cute!

12. Some dogs have no idea how big they are, as this owner realized one morning when he woke up to his Irish setter on top of the armoire. He was probably a cat in a past life. 

11. A man asked his neighbor to watch his house and pets while on a business trip. He came home to find a shrine to Samuel L. Jackson. Now he's planning his revenge. 

10. A man was shopping at IKEA and turned a saucepan around only to find a surprise note inside. Some people never grow up, but this person is pretty funny. 

9. A photographer was lucky enough to find this uprooted tree, though it's sad that such a magnificent and old tree is gone. It must have been more than a hundred years old. 

8. One person was lucky to find two pizzas inside a single box, and that just proves that life is good sometimes. It's like a gift from the Gods in one single package.

7. A man lost his wedding ring 15 years ago. One day he was gardening, planting a new bamboo, and he found a special treasure in the dirt. Amazing!

6. This picture shows a disgusting sight, and it was growing inside someone water meter box. It makes us cringe so bad, and we hope everyone rushes to check their meter boxes. 

5. This cylinder shows 108 years of repaving the soil at Indianapolis, and it's an amazing sight that depicts the passage of time in a beautiful way. Someone should preserve it. 

4. This picture shows 2nd Century A.D. roof tiles from Normandy, France. They prove that cats have always been the best and don't care what humans do as long as they get their way. 

3. A man opened the hood of his car only to find the biggest squirrel stash, but we have to wonder when was the last time he checked his engine. This is insane!

2. A man was lucky enough to find a cloverleaf painted on the inside of this tree trunk. We would cut off a piece and keep it as decoration at home. It's just so beautiful. 

1. A man found this Nokia cell phone encased in cement, and we're pretty sure that it still works. Nothing was ever able to destroy those Nokia phones from the early 2000s. 

Some of these findings are pretty amazing, and these people have the best luck in the world. Other findings are not so great but still rare in their special way. Have you ever found something crazy and posted it online? If you liked this article, share it with your friends. Until next time!

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