Disney Princess You Are Most Similar To According To Your Zodiac Sign

As children, many of us were immersed in the wonderful world of Disney. We were fascinated with the characters, the stories, and especially the princesses. We grew up learning through their adventures; they taught us life lessons and transformed our realities with hopes. So what if we told you that there is a Disney princess that matches each zodiac sign? Well, actually it is true. Find out which one is yours in the article below!

1. Aquarius: Anna

Those born under this sign are unique and independent. They love fighting for important causes and philanthropic efforts. Just like Anna from Frozen, they can also be sensible, energetic and temperamental. For them, the world is full of possibilities and that is why they need constant mental stimulation not to get bored. They hate being caged for too long, and love the freedom to explore the world.

2. Pisces: Pocahontas

All Pisces individuals have a deep connection with the rest of the people and the world. Their intuitive and wise nature helps them to be on the right track to reach their objectives. It is very easy for them to make friends, and have an open mind regarding who they allow coming into their lives (a foreigner or a hungry raccoon, just to name a few). Normally, they are willing to give a helping hand without expecting anything in return.

3. Aries: Jasmine

This is a fire sign, and just like Jasmine, is full of courage, passion, and energy. Its confidence and determination can be weaknesses and strengths at the same time since both traits allow this sign to have success in its tasks, but they can cause troubles in the relationships. It is a caring, flirty, brave and competitive sign; no matter what the challenge is, Aries is able to conquer it. It is complicated and, just like Jasmine, it will never be boring.

4. Taurus: Rapunzel

This earth sign loves beauty and physical pleasures. As Rapunzel, it is very sociable, but superficially sometimes because it tends to hide its true feelings to itself or to close friends. Taurus representatives are powerful, trustworthy and very stubborn. They overprotect their beloved ones, and sometimes they are reluctant to changes. These people have a great sense of humor and a romantic heart.

5. Gemini: Tiana

Gentle, curious, caring and with a huge thirst for knowledge, Gemini is full of energy. Like in Tiana’s case, these individuals are thoughtful, hardworking and fascinated with new things (like a talking frog, for instance). Likewise, they are born talkers; thus, they value the communication they can have with friends and relatives. It is really hard to contain their energy, and that’s why they are always ready for an adventure.

6. Cancer: Cinderella

People born under this sign are imaginative, emotional and highly sensitive. As well as Cinderella, they are seductive (the prince charming could not stop thinking about her). Quite often, these beings are like an enigma, and that is why it shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone when they act in an eccentric and mysterious way, like disappearing at midnight without reason. Being dominated by the moon, Cancer can be very volatile too. 

7. Leo: Mulan

Like fire, ruled by the Sun, and symbolized by the lion, Leo can be described with a powerful word: fierce. It is very similar to Mulan: stubborn, passionate and, most importantly, loyal. Leo is a natural leader that is very self-confident. It is also very sincere and adventurous but, like Mulan, it will go away from its beloved ones if it thinks it is necessary or for a greater good. Its distinguishing trait is that Leo can get whatever it wants.

8. Virgo: Bella

Virgo people are hard-working, loving, and practical. Like Bella, they tend to sacrifice themselves for their dear ones; they are faithful, gentle and have a great curiosity for books. Virgo is an earth sign, and that is why its representatives tend to connect with others who are similar to them. They loving doing the right thing and are very philanthropic (to save their father from a beast), so their sincere compassion towards others is very evident.

9. Libra: Snow white

Individuals born under this sign look for harmony, consistency, and peace. With the color white on their side, generally, they are pro-equality and avoid confrontations if it is possible. They love cooperating and are very romantic. Kindness is also part of their traits, though sometimes they can be very idealistic. Additionally, they are sure that happiness can be found, sooner or later, in their relationships and in life in general.

10. Scorpio: Merida

Sometimes considered the most powerful sign in the zodiac, Scorpio is brave, resilient, passionate, and skillful. It is wise despite its age, and the drama queen it has within can be a blessing and a curse. Like Merida, Scorpio is open, honest and assertive (she never gave up her role and always pursued her passion). These natives can be great friends, though sometimes they can very jealous. Additionally, their attitude is relaxed and reserved.

11. Sagittarius: Ariel

Playful, enthusiastic and optimistic, this sign loves changes and freedom, like Ariel when she left the ocean and her fins to look for some legs. These individuals are extrovert, and this trait makes them open and passionate, but sometimes too impatient and restless. Just as this princess, Sagittarius visualizes what it wants in its mind, and it will never stop until it gets it, no matter if we are talking about a prince or a part of the body. 

12. Capricorn: Elsa

This sign is responsible, patient and disciplined. It is great at self-controlling and being practical when it makes a decision. Typically, it is the most serious of the entire horoscope, and it is also very independent and hard-working. Like the cold princess, nothing is more important than a family member. It could be a very loyal friend, but a little bit Mrs. or Mr. Know-it-all, but it is just because of its vast knowledge.

Surprisingly, each Disney princess matches in a perfect way the personality of the described signs. Do you agree with the description? Which is your Disney princess then? Tell us in the comments, and if you liked the article, do not hesitate to share it with all your relatives and friends.

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