12 Things You Better Get Rid of to Banish the Bad Energy

We have to be careful with the energies that surround us especially when it comes to our homes. There are many cultures that believe that certain objects and their position in a house can affect our lives. Winston Churchill once said, ‘We shape our dwellings, and afterward our dwellings shape us.’ Therefore, the following list will reveal what objects to remove from our houses.

1. Rust

It’s believed that bright metals can deter bad influences, but on the other hand, rusty metals can entice evil entities. Therefore, it’s important to get rid of anything at home that’s no longer in prime condition. Any appliance or even antiques need to be thrown away.

2. Things belonging to a passed loved one

Most people love keeping things that remind us of our past family members. However, there are many beliefs that state that keeping these items or even photographs can stop good energy from flowing into your life. It’s better to pack those things away.

3. Old Brooms

We all have a dirty broom at home that we have kept for a long time, but the dirt that accumulates in it has electromagnetic energy. You have to wash them every week. Also, people believe it’s bad luck to place your brooms upside down, so it’s best to keep them safe in their right position.

4. Mirrors in the bedroom

Most people have mirrors in their bedroom because you want to look good when you’re getting dressed. However, people who practice Feng Shui say that you should never have a mirror reflected on you while sleeping. It prevents a good night’s rest, so it’s best to move or cover it.

5. Thorns

It’s believed that having plants with thorns inside the house causes incompatible energies. These plants are sources of defensive energy, so it’s best to keep them in your garden. You can also place them outside your door as a form of protection.

6. Papers

It’s bad to have things that clutter your life, and nothing does this more than gathering papers, boxes and other such things. Go through your mail regularly, throw away anything unnecessary and store important things in a folder. Lend any magazine that you have already read, and try to keep most things in electronic form.

7. Bottles

It’s really bad to keep things that have already run out, but sometimes our perfume bottles are so pretty that we keep them. You need to get rid of this habit because empty bottles can clutter your life and your house. Any other empty bin or jar needs to go as well.

8. Dead flowers

All girls love receiving flowers, and sometimes the gesture was so nice that we want to keep them forever. However, real flowers die quickly and look ugly after a few days, so it’s better to throw them away. It’s also believed that dead flowers attract bad energy into your home.

9. Clothes

It’s important to get rid of old, unused clothes in your closet. Most people never get rid of anything, and it damages their space. You have to dump clothes with irremovable stains, holes, or anything that is irreparable.

If any of it can be mended, but you’re not sure if you’re going to wear them again, how about giving them to charity? That way, someone else can benefit too. Furthermore, your clothes are meant to reflect yourself. Buy pretty things every once in a while.

10. Makeup and accessories

It’s important to check your makeup bag for old powders, lipsticks and such. On one hand, old products don’t work as well and might cause skin reactions, and on the other hand, they clutter up your bag, so you don’t have space for new things.

Do away with those things and check your jewelry as well. You don’t need that necklace with broken crystals. Why do you keep that one gold earring that lost its partner years ago? Outdated, useless things bring bad energy. Get rid of them!

11. Copies

Most of us have a pair of the same thing at home. It might be two scissors, two wires, three copies of the same cd, and others. These things are hoarding in your home, and you might not really need them. It’s important to have backups sometimes, but not everything should have a duplicate.

Give away these things, if they have use or value. You can even try to sell them online, that way, you can make a little extra cash while cleaning out your life from clutter. You’ll release all the bad energy and enjoy your house more.

12. Emails and messages

Some people hate checking email, and they hate deleting messages. Ten years ago, most emails were spam, chainmail, and more. However, nowadays, your email is the source of your whole life. It’s important to keep it clear.

The same thing goes for the rest of your computer. Delete files that you don’t need, photos, check social media messages too. Backup your important things on the cloud or drive. You’ll feel refreshed and secure in the knowledge that your life is organized again.

Feng Shui

It’s defined as a pseudoscience that originated from China, also called geomancy. Feng Shui literally means ‘Wind Water.’ The main purpose is to harmonize people using the energies that surround them. The practice focuses on architecture as a force that unites the universe, earth, and humans.

Even if you don’t believe in superstitions or bad energies, getting rid of the clutter in your life will significantly improve it. It’s like throwing away a burden that you didn’t know you were carrying. If you liked this article, share it with your friend. See you next time!

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