Fans go crazy: Tony Stark predicted the final of the 'Avengers 4' movie 6 years ago

One of the most rewarding activities for all the people who love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is to dig into the small details and ideas that appear during the movies to find those little references that subtly connect the movies. And, without a doubt, Tony Stark takes the crown in this sense.

- Do you remember that strange and tense conversation that Loki and Tony Stark have in the Stark Tower just before the big final battle in 'The Avengers'?

- Loki stares at Stark and asks him what he is supposed to fear, and if he wants to continue with his plan to destroy the Earth. To which Stark responds: "The Avengers."

- "It's the way we call ourselves; it's like a team: the most powerful heroes on Earth," Stark continues as the scene unfolds.

- In the end, he begins to explain to Loki the odds that his plan turns out and he can defeat the Avengers. "Let's do a recount here," begins Stark.

- "Your brother, the demigod, a supersoldier who somehow lives up to his legend, a man with impressive anger problems and a couple of master assassins," explains Stark.

- "And you," continues Stark as he points to Loki. "You've managed to upset each of them." "There is not a version of this story in which you are victorious," says Stark.

- Stark ends his sentence by telling Loki: "Because if we cannot protect the Earth, you can be sure that we will avenge it," and this becomes a substantial threat.

- Now, when the movie first came out, the phrase became only a play of words for the team. As you remember, the Avengers managed to defeat Loki.

- But the end of the recent movie, 'Avengers: Infinity War,' is very different. Because of Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, the Avengers fail to protect not only the Earth, but the universe.

- And that failure translates into the disappearance of half of the universal population with a snap of Thanos' fingers, including the tragic death of Spider-Man.

- The threat of Stark quickly became a self-fulfilling prophecy because, after what happened in the movie, all that remains to be done is to avenge the entire universe.

- And this will definitely be the plot of the next installment of the Avengers - at least from a comprehensive point of view. The MCU gave something to the Avengers to take revenge on.

- To date, the team had won all its battles and protected the universe. But now they are approaching what is probably the final film of The Avengers, where they will honor their name.

- But this makes us wonder: did the Russo brothers implant this line from the first day in the plot? Because if so, we would be in the presence of one of the best omens of the MCU.

- And if we think a little more about it, it was Nick Fury who was the precursor of the Avengers initiative. But, why do you think he uses that title for the team? Maybe he knew about Thanos' imminent threat.

- And this is not the only example of Stark's omens. Remember the terrible scene that Stark witnessed when Scarlet Witch casts a spell on him in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron?' 

- The scenario where Stark witnesses the death of all his companions is very similar to the sequels of Titan in Infinity War. Although none of the original Avengers dies.

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- But many of Stark's new teammates "perish" on Titan, including Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. Although it really is not a traditional death.

- Then, in some strange way, a slightly altered version of one of Tony's worst fears came true in the latest installment of the saga.

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- The important thing, in this case, is that Tony Stark has been foreshadowing the events of the saga since the first installment of the Avengers, which is a bit wild.

Each installment of the Avengers saga hides these little details that somehow connects them in a very particular way with the rest of the films. It is up to us to pay enough attention, without getting carried away by the strange conspiracy theories of some dramatic people.

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