10 Worst Ever One-Night Stand Stories When Things Just Turned Out Very Wrong

A one-night stand can be the perfect daydream: no attachments, no dates, no formality and all the boring part of having a serious romantic relationship. However, there are times in which that daydream turns into a complete nightmare when unexpected things happy the morning after. Here, we bring you the worst stories. You never know when you could find yourself in that situation!

1. The Uber.

A guy hooked up with a girl and went to her house one night. The next morning, he called an Uber car to go back home. We bet this guy did not imagine what he would find inside the car. It turned out that the driver was the girl’s dad, and the dude was his first customer of the day. ‘The most awkward car ride I have ever experienced.’


2. The teenager.

Teenagers can be quite unpredictable, and they are prompt to say anything that comes to their minds right away. The guy in this story narrated that he had gone to an older lady’s house one evening. The next day, her son, an approximately 16-year-old boy, came into the bedroom and yelled: ‘OMG! Mom, another one?’.


3. The wheelchair.

Having an affair with a cougar can be more dangerous than what people think, and the guy in this story learned it the hard way. After having a night with this lady, he woke up the following morning to find a not-so-good surprise: her wheelchair-bound husband was in front of him pointing a gun at his face.

‘Damn cougars. He had legs, LOL! But seriously, he just held me at gunpoint, made me get dressed, and made me leave. I GTFO of there in a taxi because she drove me to their house.’ We are sure that this guy started to be more careful with this type of women.


4. Two birds with one stone.

You know this rule that says that you cannot do two girlfriends? Well, it also applies to other groups. This dude decided to have a one-night stand with an older but sexy lady. The next morning, he went to the kitchen to prepare some tea for them. He found the kitchen very familiar, and that was when he saw a girl.

The young woman yelled, ‘mom!’ and hit the boy. ‘She was another one-night stand I’d had a few weeks before. I had accidentally done the mother and the daughter. Luckily, most of my clothes were in the living room downstairs. Needless to say, I left.'


5. Locked in.

After getting intimate with a girl in her house, this buddy wanted to leave, but the girl insisted to spend the night together. Even though he did not feel like doing it, he accepted. However, he thought that he could sneak out during the night.

His plans were thwarted when he found out the girl had locked the room. She woke up and asked him where he was going. His quick-thinking made him say ‘water’. ‘She walked with me to the kitchen, walked with me back to the room, and locked the door again.’


6. Grrr….

Hooked-up girls can be very naughty and mean sometimes. This Londoner rose and shine full of happiness after spending a lovely night with a chick. However, his happiness quickly disappeared after discovering that he had no clothes to wear.

He had no shoes, no pants, no T-shirt. The only things he had were his boxers and an all-in-one with a tiger pattern. He had no choice but to wear that and take off. ‘Going through London rush hour in a tiger onesie with the remains of tiger face paint was interesting.’


7. Shifted and wet.

This guy had crazy night in a house full of strangers. Nobody knew each other; only the two homeowners. The next morning, he woke up next to a girl but came to realize that he was in a different state which was 2 hours away from where he lived.

To make the matter worse, he noticed that she had pissed the bed where they had slept. ‘I had to sit around in piss-soaked clothes with a bunch of strangers while my friend came and picked me up. He made me put on a trash bag in his car, LOL!’


8. The bad rapper.

There’s nothing worse than being dumped by a boyfriend that you had for a long time right before Valentine’s Day, and that was exactly what this girl suffered. She got drunk to try to forget him, but looking at the all romantic stuff that day, she guessed it was a ‘brilliant’ idea to buy a balloon and flowers to leave them outside her ex’s place.

Being outside of the house, she regretted and started crying, when a dude approached in his car and asked her if she was OK. All that she remembered was waking up the next day next to this man who started telling him he was trying to be a rapper but lived with his grandmother.  

‘He made me listen to some really bad stuff he had written. I had to get out, but he told me I had to wait until his grandma left the house. I finally got to leave after a couple hours of extremely uncomfortable and awkward feelings of regret. As I walked out, I saw that his grandma had put the flowers I bought in a vase on the table.’


9. Not a good combination.

This lad found a chick at a bar and went home with her. Completely drunk, the had sex while her dog was in the bedroom. All was good until she threw up in the middle of the thing before passing out. The following day, her mom woke them up trying to enter the bedroom, but the didn't, fortunately. 

At that moment, the girl told him he couldn’t leave until her parents left to go to the office. He didn’t want to leave, so he decided to jump off a window. He jogged away down the street covered in puke but noticed that her mom was looking at him. ‘Took a puke-covered walk of shame past her mother. Oh!, and I got chlamydia!’


10. Parent’s discovery.

These two individuals had a wild night in the girl’s home that involved a lot of alcohol bottles and an ashtray full of weed and some cockroaches in it. Apparently, her parents wouldn’t be home for a couple of days, but the next morning, her parents arrived home.

They went upstairs and found that beautiful scenery in her daughter’s bedroom, but on top of that, the guy was sleeping completely naked and no sheets on him, so we know what else those parents saw. ‘I thought her dad was going to beat my ass. Probably the most awkward thing to ever happen to me.’


Well, things not always turned out the way we wanted, and we end up in really embarrassing or uncomfortable situations like these people. The good thing is that after the time, we can laugh about them, or at least have someone else enjoy those situations. Have you ever experienced something similar? Let us know!

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