Family's Misfortune That Keeps On Haunting Pierce Brosnan's Life

Many people know Pierce Brosnan for his great career in film, and mainly for his remembered role as the desired and mysterious James Bond. But few people know the person who is by his side as his life partner, nor the story that led them to be one of the most stable and strong couples in all Hollywood. Through this article, we will explain a little of their history and what made them so strong.

One of Hollywood Most Wanted

In the 90s, Pierce Brosnan was considered one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. He caused great impressions when impersonating James Bond and managing to represent everything that was expected of this character, so many wondered who would be by his side

Because of who he was, many people were surprised to see him with Keely Shaye at his side. Shaye was not what you might call a typical gorgeous woman, in fact, she looked like an average girl with a very average look to a man who could have who he wanted.

She has remained under this attack for many years due to the amount of weight she has gained, often appearing on the lists of the worst bodies in Hollywood. But this has not stopped Brosnan from loving her with all her being and staying with her over the years.

They met in Mexico

This singular couple was united in Mexico, during a time in which Brosnan was not in its best form for having gone through a long list of difficulties. That fateful day when he collided with Keely on a beach in Mexico, his life changed and he knew that he had found the ideal woman.

Pierce was running away from all his responsibilities, but Keely was in the country for the purpose of interviewing Ted Danson, the star of Cheers. She met Brosnan at a party and immediately fell in love with him, "he had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes" she said.

A few days after meeting they had their first date walking the beaches of Mexico and lying down on the sand to talk until 3 AM. She remembers it as a very romantic night in which the stars shone brightly like what they felt for each other.

Brosnan's rock

At that time, it was not clear to either of them, but Keely would quickly become Brosnan's rock. She could see underneath Brosnan's entire facade and discover that he harbored something tragic that would soon come to light, and he needed her to deal with it.

She quickly became his support and a constant element of his life that will allow him to cope with the worst situations that life could present him. In Brosnan's words, Keely saw in him something that the rest of the women could not and he appreciated that.

Although at that time Pierce reached the highest point of his popularity and was surrounded by women like Denise Richards and Halle Barry. He did not leave Keely at any time and admits that he was always thinking about her, even asking her to accompany him to the sets.

The reason for their strong link

The real strength behind their bond was that she had saved him in a moment of his life in which he felt totally alone and hopeless. Despite the success that Brosnan had in the 90s, those years were one of the worst periods of his life that goes back to the 70s and the first love of his life.

In 1977, the young Pierce was an aspiring actor who had just left acting school and wanted to make his career flourish. At that time, he met Cassandra Harris and, although she was also beginning her acting career, he felt that she was too beautiful for him.

When he met her, his feelings for her quickly blossomed. Brosnan confessed: "I never thought for a moment that she was someone with whom I would spend 17 years of my life, I just wanted to enjoy her beauty and who she was." This attitude worked in his favor because the two of them would finally end up together.

Stars on the rise

The career of both advanced quickly during the decade of 1970, but she took off years before him. One of her most notable roles was probably with Roger Moore in "For Your Eyes Only," starring in a James Bond film fourteen years before Brosnan.

Life looked pretty good for both of them over the years. In 1983, they got married and had their first child together, Sean. Brosnan also adopted Cassandra's children, Charlotte and Chris, after their father passed away in 1986, and his life looked like a perfect scene.

Neither of them expected that life could take any kind of drastic change that could affect the happiness in which they were immersed. At that time, Pierce felt that the woman next to him would be the woman he would be with all his life.

The tragedy hits his family

In 1987 Brosnan was filming "The Deceivers" in Rajasthan, India. His career and his life improved every day. Then Cassandra suddenly became ill, she felt tired and her stomach was very swollen. No one expected the worst, but the doctors revealed that she should fight for her life.

Cassandra was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and would fight the disease for almost five years while her husband encouraged her at all times to stay strong and keep working. She chose all the necessary treatments despite the fear they felt, but he was always by her side.

The doctors underwent eight operations and more than a year and a half of chemotherapy. Cassandra sought help in holistic and macrobiotic medicine, but she also ended up exhausted after each session. Sean used to play doctor and take care of her, which kept the mood of the family.

The final days

Two years after Cassandra's illness, she and Pierce moved to a house in Malibu where she could enjoy the peace of the hills. Despite being sick, she always remained active, walking, enjoying the pool and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Jerome Hellman, one of Hollywood's leading producers, said that entering their home, which was very clean and tidy, was to perceive an energy of well-being and happiness. The children shouted and jumped into the pool while their parents watched them with a big smile.

Pierce continued to work despite everything. Cassandra encouraged him to always stay in the performance because she believed it would be the best for him. In fact, her last words for Pierce were: "Always an actor." Pierce felt confused, angry and helpless to see her that way.

The death of Cassandra and a new beginning

In December 1991, Cassandra passed away and Brosnan felt completely destroyed. He said in several interviews that there was an incredible cruelty in losing a person with whom he shared his whole life. Then he said: "She turned me into the man that I am, the actor that I am, the father that I am."

The last 14 years of his life he had spent with a woman who considered the love of his life. The two had fought and grown up in Hollywood together. Now he was totally alone at the height of his career and not knowing how to protect himself from all the pain he felt.

Brosnan began to work with much more intensity and between 1992 and 1995 he became one of the biggest icons of Hollywood due to great successes like “The Lawnmower Man”, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Livewire”. But what made him stand out above all was to achieve the role of James Bond.

Seeking relief from his pain

Still very affected by the death of his wife, Brosnan decides to escape from the entire film scene and go to Mexico. He did not go to this country in search of a wife or some other woman, but there was something very special about Keely that he could not help noticing.

They had an almost immediate bond that was strengthened with the passage of time. Keely discovered that he had never properly cried Cassandra's death and encouraged her to cry and mourn her loss. When he did, he felt totally free and calm with all his life.

The relationship with Keely has strengthened more and more thanks to the support she gave him and the way in which she helped him find a way to drain all the pain and suffering he had been harboring since the death of his wife, which made him appreciate more the presence of Keely in his life.

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His second marriage and the next tragedy

In 2001, Brosnan and Keely were married in Ballintubber Abbey, Ireland, at a wedding that cost approximately $ 1.5 million. He expressed that he had found a great woman in Keely Shaye and that he would not have been able to find a woman like her even searching a million times.

At that time, everything related to Pierce's life seemed to have a bright future, but tragedy would knock again at his door when his daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. While she was not related by blood to him, he always considered himself her father.

Pierce was fighting again by a loved one against the disease that had taken his wife. He, Kelly, and the whole family were with her at all times supporting her and giving her strength. Sadly, in the end it was not enough and, like her mother, Charlotte passed away.

The strength of Brosnan

After 22 years, cancer had returned to take another of his loved ones. He told the media about his deceased daughter: "Charlotte fought her cancer with grace and humanity, courage and dignity. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our beautiful dear girl. We pray for her and that the cure for this wretched disease will be close at hand soon. "

On this occasion, the loss did not destroy Brosnan. He dealt with the loss in a more natural way thanks to Keely being at his side at all times and decided to support him as no woman could support him and love him. Being at his side whenever he feels pain.

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Currently, Pierce Brosnan continues its path to success and every day grows much more. And this would not be happening if Keely had not appeared in his life to help him get back on track. She has been a positive force in his life that has given greater meaning to each of his steps. With her by his side, we can assure that we will see Pierce Brosnan in the world of cinema for years and years to come.

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