15+ Super Funny Situations When Animals Got In A Predicament

If you own a pet, you must know how playful they can be sometimes and that is the main reason why they get in problematic situations. This list is full of moments captured by cameras that show animals getting stuck in unimaginable places. It doesn’t mind if you feel bad for them, you will laugh anyway.

1. Cats have the quality of jumping from one place to another very easily, but this one got trapped in the curtain. You know what they say: “the curiosity killed the cat”.

2. This domestic seal is on sale, it doesn’t eat that much and knows how to do some tricks. Sometimes it barks but don’t get fooled by that. It’s friendly and loves kids.

3. Sometimes pets are so curious that they introduce their heads exactly where they shouldn’t. This cat learned the lesson of not messing with its owner’s stuff.

4. This is why kids shouldn’t leave their toys out there. But who can blame this cow? It just wanted to learn how to drive and it is trying its best. Go cow! Don’t stop believing.

5. Look at this dog’s face! It looks so innocent, just like if it didn’t go through a trash can. It is incredible how some pets try to manipulate their owners in this way.

6. At first, the cat thought it was a great idea to get in there. Later, it realized that it wasn’t a good plan at all. Its face says it all, the cat is so regretful of being there. 

7. This cow has a very serious face, so don’t even dare to laugh at her. It doesn’t look like she made a mistake, she looks like she is casually modeling the latest fashion trend. 

8. This dog looks like if he was thinking: “humans made it look so easy”. He must have known that some hammocks aren’t made for dogs, but it’s too late for that.

9. Look what they bought at the pharmacy, a cat!... Oh no, wait. This is just a curious cat who got trapped in a bag. It looks like their owners are going to leave it there to make him learn a lesson.

10. This picture teaches us that blinds are pet's worse enemy. This is not the first time a dog gets trapped in one of these and it won't be the last. Although, it's funny to see pets in this situation.

11. Poor ferret! This toilet paper roll looked so much fun before entering into it. This ferret is very disappointed and also worried. How is it going to escape?

12. How did this cat get there? He thought no one was watching him until he realized that in fact they were. Then, he decided to act natural, like if nothing happened and he was just resting.

13. This little puppy didn’t know that the little door was made for cats and not for dogs like him. Now, he has to deal with the consequences. We are sure that he learned the lesson. 

14. We don't even know how this cat got in this uncomfortable situation, but he ended up looking like an adorable burrito. This cat will definitely need some help to get out of there.

15. Again, here is a cow in the middle of a problem. Why did she want to cross the fence? Maybe she noticed that the grass is greener on the other side. Sadly, it seems like she won't get there.

16. This dog makes us believe that leaving pets alone is the worse mistake you could ever commit. When they are alone, their curiosity increases to the limit and they make things like this.

17. Today you won't see anything cuter than this. This little cat can take all of our socks if he wants to because he looks so cute inside them. There is no way to nag him for doing this.

18. This dog looks so naturally stuck in that gate, that it seems like nothing wrong happened. We almost could say that he is part of the gate, to welcome the guests to the house.

As you could see, pets are too naughty sometimes, especially when you leave them alone. However, it doesn't mind how many mischiefs they can make we would love them anyway. Has your pet ever done something like this? Share this with your friends.

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