5 Zodiac Signs that are not going to forgive you easily

There are many reasons why people cannot forgive someone else's mistakes. It may be that you have done them too much harm or because they are really very spiteful and do not usually forget the things that others do to them, but it is something that also depends on the sign. There are several signs of the zodiac that will always have problems forgiving other people, such as the following 5.

1. Taurus (from April 20 to May 20)

The stubbornness of Taurus can often become a strange complex of God that makes him think that no one is good enough to get his forgiveness. Not only do you bury the person more, but you make them crawl until they get tired of wasting time.

You may not be the kind of person who immediately resorts to revenge, but you will definitely try to attack people in some way without them noticing. You do not like being hurt, and if someone asks for your forgiveness, he must have done something to harm you.

In those cases, you like to keep people in a strange limbo in which they do not really know if you will ever forgive them or not. You will press until you are ready to let them go, but you will never forget what happened and you will always keep in mind what he did to you.

2. Leo (from July 23 to August 22)

You are not the kind of people who are willing to forgive someone easily, but you tend to forget that you are not perfect either and that is harmful. We know that you do everything possible to be perfect, but the day will come when you will need the forgiveness of others.

However, if someone really hurts you, you expect a very good apology. Not only that, you would not reject any kind of reimbursement or payment to compensate for the damage they have done to you, as long as it compares to the magnitude of the damage and what they did to you.

Making the other person take you on a shopping trip for leaving you standing, or convincing them to take you to lunch in a fancy restaurant for forgetting your birthday will not make you forgive them, but it will definitely soften the blow a bit.

3. Virgo (from August 23 to September 22)

Virgo people are known to give absolutely everything of themselves for the people they love, but this implies that they expect exactly the same in return. Having such high standards with other people can quickly lead to disappointment.

Every time a person is wrong or harms you, you feel that you can have forgiveness on their head as a kind of punishment so that they know they should earn it. You do not forgive easily, but you definitely try to forgive in your own way.

What happens, in reality, is that you tell the person that everything is fine, but when you feel hurt again or feel that you have been left behind, you remind him of the time when you "forgave him". Virgo never forgets or forgive in reality, although others believe it.

4. Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Even if you do not really care, you tend to exaggerate too much when a person really hurts you. You do not expect just an apology, you expect a parade and an elaborate demonstration to apologize. If not, you tend to take things personally.

The fact that someone has had to cancel the plans, or have omitted to tell you something important, does not mean that they seek to harm you. Scorpio's mind resorts to his imagination to justify that all that friendship is based on lies because of what happened.

Even when the other person asks for forgiveness, you tend to forgive them only after you've done a lot of harm. This allows you to feel safe, although it can be seen as very petty and makes you look like a selfish person. You really do not care.

5. Capricorn (from December 22 to January 19)

When you deal with a Capricorn person there is a very clear difference between forgiving someone and pretending to forgive him. Capricorn knows this difference very well, and is willing to truly forgive a person, but only if he fulfills his long list of conditions first.

Before they can forgive a person, they want to get the most out of the situation. They will put big eyes and act much more hurt than they really are making you regret your mistake and agree to all the favors they will ask you.

Once you comply with all the absurd requests that they will make, everything will be "forgiven", that is, until they come up with a new favor to ask, or decide to remind you once again and let you know that they have not forgotten yet.

Forgiving is not something simple

Many people like to feel that they are able to forgive someone else after a certain amount of time has passed or they get what they want, but it is not that simple. In fact, there is a possibility that they may be offered a kidney and it is still hard for them to forget what happened.

But there are also some people who are able to forgive very easily, even apologizing for some harm that another person has done to them. This leads to the accumulation of rancor and may explode at the wrong time.

Excess of forgiveness

People who are too easy to forgive can be even worse than these signs we just named. Their tendency to apologize for things that are not their fault leads them to become time bombs that only wait for the wrong moment.

The idea is to find a middle ground that allows people to distinguish when they should or should not forgive someone. It is logical to expect an apology if someone accidentally spills his drink on you, but it does not mean that it is the end of the world if the other person does not think it necessary.

The most difficult signs

These signs of which we talked about in this article cannot forgive or forget without demanding some kind of revenge or get the most out of what happened. They like to be mean and make sure to highlight and humiliate the people who mistreat them.

Asking forgiveness to these signs is like jumping through a ring of fire, maybe you will make it, but you do not know how many times you will have to jump again to please them because there is no certainty that they will really forgive you, or just pretend to do it to start again their position as victims.

It's a very strange vicious circle, but somehow they manage to get away with using all the tricks they need to prove to you that hurting them is to sign a life sentence with them. It does not mean that getting their forgiveness is impossible, but it sure will take a lot of time and effort, which for some people is really not worth it and they prefer to get away from the situation.

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