Dwayne Johnson has the cutest conversation with his daughter and it quickly goes viral

At first glance, celebrities seem very different and unattainable for most of us, but when it comes to fatherhood and babies, all of them show that they are exactly the same as us. In this article, we will show you a more human side of Dwayne "The Rock" and his little baby.

Little Tiana

The little baby of "The Rock", Tiana Gia, is barely three months old, and although she has not learned to speak yet, she has shown through the networks that nothing stops her to express her ideas and opinions to her father, Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson's girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, did not miss the opportunity to record Dwayne and little Tiana in an adorable video that She shared through her Instagram account, and in which they are seen exchanging ideas in a very fluid and interesting conversation.

The video

The aforementioned video begins with the 48-year-old actor talking with his little baby about what she is about to eat, to which Tiana responds with a series of unrecognizable sounds after her father offers her several options.

Johnson asks her little daughter: "Would you like those chilled or ...?". At that moment Hashian joins the conversation and adds: “On the rocks?" The baby seems to accept the idea of her father and makes some sounds and screams while looking around with wide eyes.

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An interesting conversation

The baby continues to emit some sounds that, for us, seem totally meaningless. But Johnson replies: "Yes, we can go there," after which Tiana smiles happily at her father and emits another group of incomprehensible sounds.

Dwayne listens attentively to his daughter's response and replies that he also loves the idea she is proposing. Then he asks little Tiana if she would like to say something more about the subject she is talking about, to which she smiles and emits a shriek very different from the previous ones.

To finish the video

After an exchange of comments and opinions from Johnson and his young daughter, he asks Tiana what else she would like, but she interrupts him quickly with a louder and more excited scream, which causes him to stop talking and listen to her.

The video ends with the former WWE star telling his daughter Tiana that he and Hashian also love that song she’s mentioning. Throughout the video, you can see how the expression on Dwayne's face changes with his daughter's comments as if he understood all of her words.

The daughters of "The Rock"

This famous Hollywood actor, former WWE star and adventure lover, has two daughters with Hashian, Jasmine Lia, of 2 years, and Tiana Gia, just a few months old, and he used his social networks to announce their births.

Previously, Johnson was married to his manager, Dany Garcia, with whom he had a daughter in 2001 named Simone. Unfortunately, the couple announced their divorce six years after the birth of their daughter, although Dwayne is still very present in her life.

Very active in his social networks

The "Jumanji" actor keeps his more than 112 million Instagram followers very up-to-date about his life and his family. He publishes photos and videos daily in which he shares in a very pleasant way a little of his life and his projects.

In another video posted on their social networks, you can see the actor of "Fast and the Furious", who did not want anything to interrupt his girlfriend while concentrating on taking care of Tiana, helping her to prevent her from having to move from where she was.

A very tender image

In an Instagram post, you can see him feeding his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, while she was nursing little Tiana. The followers of Johnson did not wait and comments about how tender they were flooded the social networks.

In the picture you can see Johnson on his knees in front of his girlfriend, while Hashian is sitting cross-legged on the couch, feeding the little baby girl. Johnson holds a spoon of food with his hand extended towards his girlfriend while she smiles.

A detail for a friend

Recently, "The Rock" decided to recognize the great work done by his stunt double, Tanoai Reed, surprising him with an unexpected gift that will definitely please him: A huge new truck that he resolved to buy him.

Johnson took advantage of his presence in networks to share a video of him and Reed with his followers on July 30, 2018, recognizing the work he does day after day accompanying and supporting him despite the risks involved in interpreting the action scenes.

A friendship of years

The actor also explained in the picture caption that his friend and cousin, Reed, had recently been injured during an accident related to his work as a double, but that he was already recovering and would return to work very soon.

He also explained that Reed has worked with him for the past 17 years and would never want to have another person at his side supporting him, and that is why he decided to surprise him with this gift because, for him, he deserves much more for his unconditional support.

What do you think about the videos of "The Rock"? We are not parents, but maybe he has discovered something that we have not yet understood about fatherhood. Can we learn to understand the babies’ language with that perfection? We hope that he will teach the secret through his social networks, we are sure that many of his followers will thank him.

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