Simon Cowell burst into tears after one of 'America`s Got Talent' contestant’s sang

Music has the ability to make us dream, laugh, cry and, in many cases, transport us to a special moment or place. Each song has a purpose and, usually, causes a particular reaction that, as we will see in the next article, can make even the most difficult of all America's Got Talent judges cry.

Simon Cowell

This judge of the contest program "America's Got Talent" is known for many successes in the music industry and a large repertoire of important artists. But what stands out most about him is his hard face, his stern attitude and the fact that he does not usually give in to emotions.

This changed drastically during the amazing presentation of Michael Ketterer earlier this week in the contest program. Michael played a song by James Bay titled "We", and his interpretation made Cowell break into tears.

A beautiful presentation

The tears of Cowell could be related to the vocal performance of Ketterer, but it was not like that. Cowell took a couple of minutes to organize his thoughts and emotions when the hostess, Tyra Banks, asked him what was his opinion of the presentation.

Although choppy, the words of Simon Cowell made the presentation become more special: "As I said, I cannot imagine what you've done, and the fact that you're on this show and you really need this. You're a really, really special guy."

The reactions of the judges

Cowell's eyes filled with tears as he commented on Michael's performance, and Banks commented that seeing Cowell in such a vulnerable and sincere way was "one of the most beautiful moments," describing him as "a big soft dad."

Simon's partner, Mel B, also did everything possible to hold back her tears while giving her opinion about Michael. Among her words, she stressed that Ketterer was "an incredible human being" with a big heart to help children in need.

Trying not to cry

Mel B added that Ketterer has a really impressive voice and that she can notice that he "sings for real" without taking into account the rest of the elements of his presentation or the other contestants, he just goes to the stage and sings his heart out.

The other judge of America's Got Talent, Heidi Klum, was struggling not to cry because the presentation and all the words that Michael and the other judges said, so she added just a couple of words: "We only need more men like you."

The story of Ketterer

Michael is a father of six children who come from Orange County, California. He entered the competition three months ago with the mission of showing his adopted children that when someone tries hard and gives his best, all dreams can come true.

Last June, during the first performances of Ketterer, Simon emphasized that there was something special in his voice and the way in which Michael sang: "I really mean it, it's special and everything was perfect".

A memorable song

When Banks asked Ketterer how he felt about making the hardest judge in the competition, Simon Cowell, cry on national live television, Michael only commented that the judge "understands" a father's devotion to his family.

Simon assured after the initial presentation of Michael that there was something special in his voice, and that he would be able to get very far in the competition if he wanted to. Presentations like this show that it is very likely that Cowell is right.

America's Got Talent is a program that has the ability to surprise us every week with very memorable presentations, and stories. But this emotional and pure interpretation by Michael Ketterer has made many of us see the program in another way, recognizing the effort and sacrifice that a lot of people make to pursue their dreams and support their family.

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