Woman Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Now Reveals Some Unbelievable Details

Maternity is considered, by many women, one of the greatest blessings. A baby is a new life that comes into this world to light us with his smile. Some ladies struggle to procreate one, while for others the offspring comes without effort. Sometimes it is so easy that a female can end up having a bunch of kids, like the one in our story. A 38-year-old woman in Uganda is the mother of 44 children, and you can know about her story in the article below.

The reason behind it

For most folks, fertility is the synonym of a blessing, but for the woman in our article is something completely different. Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye is 38 years old and lives with her family in Uganda. She has a weird medical condition called ‘hyperovulation’.

This pathology means that Mariam can get pregnant constantly and have even four children at the same time, a nightmare which she has lived with for more than 20 years. So that is why she has more children than life years. The gap between each set of births is 1.8 years, having 44 kids in total.

Miriam had six pairs of twins, four pairs of triplets, and three births of quadruplets. She has only had two simple pregnancies. Twenty-eight of her children are males, while ten of them are females. Her last offspring, a boy who was born individually, is four months old.

Despite having given birth to 44 infants, six of them passed away. She delivered all the infants without any complications, but the deceased babies were due to the precarious medical care during the first days of life, so only 38 children are alive. By the moment she was 23 years old, she had already had 25 babies.

Her childhood and teenage years

Most of her children are the fruit of multiple pregnancies. According to the original story written by Lagaaju, her ordeal started at a very early age, almost at the same time she got her first menstrual period. She was expecting twins at the age of 13 years.

Her stepmother tried to murder her, along with her babies, putting some crystals in her food that could cause her death. Fortunately, Miriam was not at home at that luch time, but sadly her brothers were there and passed away after eating the food. 

Her marriage

When she was 12 years old, she got married to a polygamist from Kabimbiri village in the north of Uganda. Regarding her marriage, she said she was not aware that she was tying the knot. She was being forced by her father, but at that time she did not understand.

She remembers sadly that some people went to her house and gave her dad some gifts. Unfortunately, this practice is still very common and widespread in Africa. ‘When those people were about to leave, I thought I was joining my aunt to say goodbye to them, but instead, she handed me to a man,’ she also recalled about her past.

In 1994, just a year after getting married, she became a mother when she was only 13 with twins. That was just the early warning of what was coming for her. Let’s keep in mind just two of her children were delivered individually; the common minimum for her pregnancies was two.

However, multiple births are hereditary in her family. Her father had 45 children with different women, and all of them were born in twins, triplets or quadruplets births. However, her marriage was far away from being a bed of roses. To add more hardship to her misery, her husband was close to being the worst nightmare of her life.

‘I have been abused and tortured on many occasions by my husband. He does not stop beating me when I try to reason with him about any topic, especially when he is drunk,’ she confessed. Being just a teenager, her husband did not provide for the basic needs and safety of his family, and many of her children do not even know him. 

Looking for help

When she started having a lot of children, she realized that her situation was not normal and started worrying about her health. Thus, she went to the hospital to have a medical opinion that could assess her case. However, even though she was diagnosed with hyperovulation, she was assisted poorly and then sent home.

At a later stage, she went back to Mulago Hospital to ask for anything that could prevent her from having more babies. She was assisted by Dr. Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist, who determined that the reason behind the number of children was a gene inherited from her father.

‘Her case is a genetic predisposition to hyperovulation (the release of multiple eggs in a cycle) which increases significantly the probabilities of having multiple pregnancies,’ explained Dr. Kiggundu. The specialist also warned her that it was very difficult to stop ovulation since the counting was very high.

Hence, stopping it could put her life at risk. This is because the unused eggs she produces can accumulate into a carcinogenic form. She tried to use an IUD (Intrauterine Device), but she got very sick with a lot of vomits. She was in a coma and was close to losing her life.

The challenges of a large family

So her only option was to work hard, day and night, to have enough food for the number of mouths she had to feed. Many people turned their backs on her and even hated her. Nevertheless, she did not give up, even though the mother has to buy ten kilos of flour, four kilos of sugar, and three bars of soap every day.

She normally needs around $30 to cover everything her progeny needs. According to Nabatanzi, God has been good and they have never been without eating, not even a single day. She is now saving some money to connect some water pipes in her house to have this resource at hand, and avoid spending money on it.

‘I’ll keep on fighting to make sure my children always have food to eat. I will never abandon them, even if we suffer to survive daily,’ this inspiring mother claimed. She wants the best for her children and wants to help them as much as she can so they have a decent living.

Her story went viral

The world was able to know her story thanks to reporter Godfrey Lagaaju who transmitted the news for a newspaper called Daily Monitor. At first, nobody thought it would be possible, but then thousands of people joined together to help the single mother.

A campaign was set up to raise funds and help Miriam and her large family have everything they need. She has so far received hundreds of donations to support her descendants’ upbringing. On the other side, the authorities of the district provided some corn seeds for her to grow them and earn money from the crops.

This amazing story has shocked multitudes worldwide. We would never have thought that a woman with so many children existed. And if having 44 children is not enough, she has experienced such hurdles and difficult conditions to raise them. We hope many more people can join the campaign and do their bit to help this fascinating and inspirational mother. Share her story so others get to know it too!

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