20+ Totally Awesome Things Found In Grandparents' Attics Despite All Odds

Keeping old stuff is not necessarily a waste of time on all occasions. Many people have hit the jackpot after finding an heirloom that was worth millions of dollars. However, let’s say that not everybody is that lucky, but it is still possible to find an antique that turns out to be very interesting. That is exactly the matter of our following list! Enjoy some amazing discoveries people have made in their dusty attics.

1. This cup looks like a common neon one, but this material was invented in 1960. The glass you see in the picture dates from 1911 and is made of uranium. When you see it under UV light, it glows green.

2. Someone found that table with what appears to be some colorful marbles. They look like the ones kids used to play with in the 90s, but bigger. Maybe it was a common game at that time; who knows?

3. If you thought that Swiss Army knives were very innovative, you will be very surprised to find out they have existed for a long time. We bet these grandparents were big party animals.

4. Monopoly is one of the oldest board games, but a dude found a collector’s edition over 30 years old that even had pieces made of gold and silver. We don’t know about you, but we would play with it!

5. This weird mug with the face of a cross-eyed guy looks like an aboriginal relic with a pinch of good humor. The best part is that it even came with a surprise inside: a tiny human figure with a great smile.

6. If you thought that the samples you normally get for perfumes were too small, then you have to take a look at how old folks used to buy fragrances. We wonder if they got one at the store every single day.

7. We are sure these grandparents were sort of scientists because one of their grandchildren found an oscilloscope in their garage. This is a lab instrument used to analyze electronic signals. Clever!

8. We are not quite sure what these figures are, but we must confess they look a bit creepy. We would never let children play with them, even though they seem to be having a great and academic class.

9. Woo! This one looks fancy, and the details in the container are amazing. It might be a bottle with a magic potion since it appears to have a thick liquid inside. Would you try it?

10. Following magic potion bottles, these containers also look like the one in the picture before, but with less style. Maybe, it was how people sold perfume later on!

11. That thing looks like a giant-sized bullet. It must have come from a really huge gun! The strange thing is that it has some numbers and symbols at the top. Would they be a secret code?

12. This utensil can be pretty useful to food lovers. It was used to push food onto your fork or spoon and take advantage of every little space. Why don't we have something like this in these days?

13. Swords can be something truly fascinating, especially if you are fond of battles and medieval themes. This one found in an attic is pretty nice, but we wonder what ‘colada’ means. 

14. We are not sure how kids in that house felt, but this spooky mask was hung on a wall for several years. If it is a human being, why does it have such big fangs? Is it a vampire? Creepy!

15. We are completely against animal cruelty, but we have to admit that this discovery is amazing. A guy found a huge turtle shell while he was cleaning, and it is evident that the turtle was pretty old.

16. We thought this artifact could only be found in museums, but a girl ran into it right in her grandparents’ house. It must be really good to experiment how ancient cinematography worked.

17. Proceeding with the filming industry, we have a really cool camera that is definitely a true relic. Any antique collector would pay a lot of money to have one.

18. Anyone from the 90s remembers having one of these typing machines, and this Underwood one is in good condition. Do you recall how annoying it was to make a mistake and start all over again?

19. Who would have thought that grandparents could also be naughty and get high? What you see in the picture seems to be an opium pipe. It is thought that this manner of 'smoking' began in the 17th century.

20. To add to our collection of swords, we can take a look at a truly fascinating one. It is an amazing creation that even seems to be customized. Admire all the fine details that seem to tell a story!

21. It is well-known that the older the wine, the better it is. However, we are not quite sure if we would drink one from 1911. They do have an expiration date, right?

22. This statue must be around 40 years if we consider that the first Star Wars movie was released on May 25, 1977. Any fan of the saga would love to own this treasure made completely of wood.

‘One man's trash is another man's treasure,’ as the old saying goes. We are glad that the grandparents in our list decided not to throw all this amazing stuff, and kept it for us, a younger generation, to admire it and enjoy it. Now we think it is your time to go and take a look at your grandparents’ attic. You never know what surprise you might find in there! Share these amazing discoveries for others to see too. 

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