Kim Kardashian stunned public by ranking her sisters' outfits from best to worst

Everyone knows Kim Kardashian West. She is famous not just for her reality TV show, business or Instagram account, but also for her family bonds and sense of fashion. Recently, she mixed these two last qualities when she had to play a game on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

A risky game 

The famous TV star was invited to the mentioned show hosted by the hilarious James Corden. He tends to make games and challenges with the actors who visit his program, and the Kardashian sister wasn’t going to be an exception. The game was called “Spill your guts or fill your guts,” and she had to answer some questions.

One consisted in ranking her family members, from the best dressed to the worse. Being honest wasn’t any challenge for her, and the star didn’t hold any single thought. She quickly answered Corden’s questions, and everyone was amazed.

She even included her mom on the ranking but struggled a bit when she had to position them. Kim started ranking her sister Kendall Jenner at the first place. This wasn’t a surprise for anyone, Kendall is a supermodel, and she is known by using fashion designer’s clothing and for her trendy style.

Then, she placed her mother, Kris Jenner, at the second place. People may think Kim made that for genuine respect for her mother, but the truth is that Kris Jenner is a fashion-setter for women of her age. Also, it is known that Kris continually borrows pieces of clothes from Kim’s closet, so she must have a good style

The reality TV star hesitated a bit when it was time to choose the third place. At first, she mentioned her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, but suddenly change her mind and named Kylie Jenner. “Third: Kourtney. No, no, no. Yeah, Kourtney. Fourth Kylie. No okay, the one before can be Kylie, then Kourtney.” Of course, it was a tough decision to make; all her sisters are beautiful and fashionists.

Who did she choose as last?

The game was getting to its end, and every Kardashian had been ranked, all but her sister Khloé Kardashian. This meant Kim thought about Khloé as the worst dressed. Then, the model confessed she knew that would get her in troubles. “And then Khloé. She’s going to kill me. I’m so sorry,” although, Kanye West’s wife couldn’t stop laughing.

But leaving Khloé as the last option, wasn’t a surprise for many of Kim’s followers. The Kardashian has stated times before how much she dislikes her sister’s fashion style. In one of the newest episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim said that Khloé should get some help from a personal stylist because she doesn’t make good choices at picking her outfits.

“I always cringe when I look at Khloé in outfits. You know what, she’s so trendy, and I used to be that way, but she is like that on steroids,” Kim said in the episode. The Kardashian sisters are very honest with each other, for that reason was so typical to watch them fight and discuss on their reality show.

Khloé’s style was so unsatisfactory for Kim that she even tried to give a makeover to her sister. She surprised the youngest Kardashian by packing new outfits on her luggage. When Khloé arrived in Santa Barbara, she realized what her sister had done. 

What does Khloé think about her sister’s comments?

She doesn’t take her sister’s criticisms - or advice- too seriously. For Khloé is not a big deal what Kim may think about her style or her preferences. Although, the youngest Kardashian had stated she appreciates her sister’s efforts to make her better looking. She said she wouldn’t get an extreme makeover soon because she loves her style, despite what her sister could say.

“I love Kim, and I appreciate her wanting to style me, but styling means you’re going to get me a new style. She just went in my closet and put it together,” she said on the reality show. We hope this doesn’t bring any discord to the Kardashian family.

Besides that, the game consisted in spinning a wheel full of gross food that the participants would have to eat if they refused to answer the uncomfortable questions. The next question Kim had to respond was, “what is one of Kanye’s oddities at home that you wish you could get him to stop doing?”

They kept talking about the Kardashians 

Kim sighed with relief because as she said, that was such an easy question. She confessed that Kanye falls asleep everywhere and that sometimes is too embarrassing. He even had fallen asleep at parents-teachers conferences or in doctors appointments. Kim always blames the jet lag, yet if he hasn’t taken a flight over a year.  

Next, James Corden was taken by surprise when Kim had to ask him who was his less favorite Kardashian. He started to look very uncomfortable; he had to choose between answering the question or drinking bird saliva.

Kim tried to calm him by telling him he could pick a Jenner too, so James finally admitted that his less favorite Jenner/Kardashian was Kylie, because she refused to go to his show. Like any other episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, this caused a lot of excitement from part of the viewers.

The audience cataloged the game as funny and risky at the same time, and that’s why everyone loved it. Also, people cheered Kim’s attitude of being open to the public despite it was just a game, and she could have refused to answer the questions. 

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