Princess Diana's Style Evolution In Photos Reveal Hidden Things That You Might Have Totally Missed

It’s been more than 20 years since the death of the most beloved Princess of our time, but people still want to know more about her. The mother of William and Harry spent many years in the limelight, and yet there are still details that no one noticed before. 

A style icon evolves

Diana is known nowadays as one of the best-dressed women in history. Last year, Eleri Lynn opened an exhibition called ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ at Kensington Palace, and she told Vanity Fair, ‘She is stepping into that same sort of space as an Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy. A fashion icon whose style is so emulated and so loved, really.’

The exhibition showed her evolution in fashion from feather-haired ‘Sloane Ranger’ when she was engaged to Charles, to the elegant Princess of Wales that rocked the most lavished gowns and was named one of the most photographed women in the world.

What sets her apart?

Her uniqueness came from the way she told a story through her clothes. ‘It is very surprising how little footage there exists of the Princess actually speaking. We all have a sense of what we think she was like, and a large part of that idea is communicated through the different clothes that she wore.’

As she got comfortable with her own image as a Princess, her style developed into elegance, which showed on many trips abroad as she honored the countries that were visited. She wore a gown with gold falcons and an emblem of Saudi Arabia during her stay.

The way she mixed diplomacy with fashion is being copied by her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, and former U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama. Moreover, Diana’s clothes were never meant to be ostentatious even though she grew up with all the comforts money could offer.

Lynn said, ‘She didn’t wear gloves because she liked to hold people’s hands. She would sometimes wear chunky jewelry so that children could play with it, and she never wore hats to children’s hospitals after a while, because she said you couldn’t cuddle a child in a hat.’

It’s not just about public image

Though she took great care with fashion as a public figure, her fame as a fashion icon came because she started as a debutante with a very lacy, girly dress, which juxtaposes to how most people remember her now. She had only three dresses back in 1979.

Her career later developed to the point where she wore hundreds of elegant gowns a year. However, there are many things about her style that were pretty different from normal royals. The following list reveals some interesting facts.

1. Two watches

The Princess was sometimes photographed at the Polo, and people noticed her wearing two watches. She revealed later that one watch belonged to Charles, and she was holding it while he played as good fortune.

2. A charm bracelet

As part of a Royal family, Diana has all kinds of jewelry available, but the one piece that was really important to the Princess was a charm bracelet. Her husband gave it to her as a gift, and it had charms with the letters ‘W’, ‘H,’ and ‘C’ in honor of her family.

3.  Blending tiaras

Most people would be glad to show off a tiara, but Diana liked to wrap them in velvet, which was colored to match her hair. That way, the Princess was available to blend the tiaras into hair and seemed more demure than other Royals.

4. Wore matching tights and clothes

As part of the protocol, the Princess had to wear tights always, so she had special custom-made ones that would match the rest of her outfits. Even when she wore black tights, they had something singular like bow seams that reached the ankles.

5. No high heels

Diana was very close in height to Prince Charles, around 5”10, therefore wearing heels was not necessary. She particularly had to stop wearing them so as not to appear taller than the Prince.

6. Catalog engagement ring

Most Royal brides get a ring from the crown jewels or have a special one designed only for them. Prince Charles proposed to Diana without a ring, so when she had to choose one, she went simple and chose from Jeweler Gerrard.

Their wedding bands, however, were crafted from Welsh gold from a piece of gold belonging to the Queen. According to protocol, all the royal wedding rings have been made from that special, pure gold.

7. Creative with tiaras

Diana probably had all kinds of accessories presented from the crown jewels, but the humble Princess only liked wearing two tiaras. The Cambridge Lover’s Knot and the Spencer Tiara were her favorites. Sometimes, she would wear necklaces as tiaras.

8. Horseshow charm for the wedding dress

The Princess was hoping for an extra bit of luck on her wedding day to Prince Charles, so a small gold horseshoe charm was added on the label of her wedding gown. As we all know now, the charm didn’t work as planned.

9. Cleavage bags

Diana had to be very careful while getting photographed by the paparazzi, therefore, in order to stop them from capturing a shot of her cleavage, she carried bags against her chest. That’s why every time she gets out of a car, she’s clutching a purse closely.

10. Her tiara

We’ve talked about her craftiness with tiaras and Cambridge Lover’s Knot, which Diana had to borrow from the royal jewel vault. However, the Princess could wear The Spencer Tiara whenever she wanted because it belonged to her family.

11. Initial necklace

Just like most women, Diana loved wearing a necklace with her initial ‘D’ on it. However, it was probably worth a lot more than most of us get to experience. Carrie Bradshaw and Anne Boleyn wore similar necklaces too.

It’s been so long since her passing, but people still love to dissect every aspect of the Princess’ life, and her style is one of the most popular topics. Being raised in opulence, we have to wonder how she grew up to be so humble. If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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