25 reasons why being single is the best you could ask for as of now

Being in a relationship is what most people long for. You feel butterflies in your stomach; you have someone whom you can share everything, and who loves you no matter what. That is why having a couple is considered so great, and being single so shameful. However, many disagree with the latter because they consider that bachelorhood is the greatest gift you can have. If you are not sure about it, then read all the reasons we bring to you in this article.

1. You do it your way: it is quite usual that when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to be careful with every single detail to please your couple and avoid feeling judged by him or her. But when you are single, it is a whole different story. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want to and as much as you like.

2. Personal grooming: You don’t want to brush your teeth all the day? Don’t do it then! You don’t feel like taking a shower over the weekend? No problem! Is shaving a nuisance? Throw away that razor, but only if you have no couple. There is no one to impress, so personal grooming becomes optional. You’re free!

3. Netflix: Something that is really annoying when you have a significant other is to have two Netflix lists, and sometimes you have to give up your favorite series for the sake of your beloved one. In bachelorhood, that is not an issue. You have just one Netflix queue with your personal style and preferred shows.

4. The bed: If you are of the ones who love sleeping right in the middle of the bed with arms and legs wide open like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, then you’ll be thrilled to know you can only do this when you are single, especially if we are talking about a nap at midday. Sweet bedtime pleasure!

5. Manners are a thing of the past: Investing in dishes and glasses will be noncompulsory once you are completely relationship-free. With no romantic attachment, you can say goodbye to your table manner. Now the pizza box will be your new chinaware, and the bottle of wine, your new glass.

6. Underwear: The washing machine can have vacations during your spinsterhood. If you don’t feel like changing your underwear for five days in a row, you can do it. Those smelly grandma panties can stay under your clothes for almost a week because nobody would try to take them off.

7. Sharing food: Joey from Friends is not the only one who does not like to share food, especially pizza or French fries. Of course, when you have a significant other asking for a bite, it is hard to say no. But without that food seeker, the entire pizza can finally be only yours.

8. Pizza ingredients: When you are a weirdo that loves a pizza with anchovies, pineapple, chicken, and salami, it is hard to order a pizza with a companion. You always have to consult first and come to an agreement. So when that companion is gone, your ordering wishes can come true.

9. The call of nature: That modesty you needed to express your number-2 bathroom needs can be forgotten. You don’t have to keep them as a secret, and you can go to the throne when duty calls. If that is not happiness, then we don’t know what else can be called like that.

10. Cat lover: Loving and owning cats quite often is interpreted as a certainty that you will be an old grumpy spinster for the rest of your life with a house full of these felines. There is no judgment is you have anybody by your side. Go ahead and adopt 10 cats if you want.

11. Monsters-in-law: If you didn’t find delight in your bathroom freedom, there are two words that can definitely make you feel happy: No in-laws. The headaches, troubles, and discomfort that come with them are all gone and out of your life.

12. The hour to wake up: Another annoyance of sleeping with a spouse is to be forced to be careful when you get up from the bed, because you might, by chance, wake him or her up. The same happens the other way round. You don’t need to worry about being woken up when you are by yourself.

13. The drama queen is gone: Romantic relationships can be amazing, but what definitely is not nice at all is the drama they can bring into your life. Stupid fights, arguments, and disagreements are now in the trash can if you don’t have any drama queen or king in your existence.

14. Halloween party: The shame of wearing an atrocious Halloween costume that matches your couple’s can be a very embarrassing moment. The bacon & the egg, peanut butter & jam, or the ice-cream and the spoon are eliminated from your options. You’ll never have to be ‘that person’ again, thank God!

15. Kissing: You decide to go to a bar one night to treat yourself to a bottle of good tequila. There, you meet several guys or chicks and you decide to make out with all of them. Who cares? You’re single, young, and free. No judgment and no questions asked.

16. Vacation plans: You love the beach while your soul mate hates the sand, the sun, and salty water. That person loves camping, while the idea of sleeping in a tent is just awful to you. Deciding where to go on vacations is never an issue when you only have to listen to yourself.

17. Having dates: You can add having casual dates to the things that you are allowed to do when you have no romantic attachment to anybody. Have as many dates as you want with the number of people that you want, and you don’t have to feel pressure to get serious.

18. Making it official: It comes a moment in any relationship in which members start wondering if they should make it official. Should we announce it on Facebook or Instagram? Should we call our friends? That can be really stressful, well, it is not when you are single!

19. Valentine’s Day: Oh, dear! This is by far the worst part of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you have an idea of the amount of time, effort and money you have to invest in this single day? In bachelorhood, instead of wasting all that on February 14, you can save them for more important things, like buying doughnuts.

20. The schedule: It can be pretty hard to try to fit all the meetings, appointments and tasks in our agendas. So it is even more complex when you have to match your schedule to someone else’s. Forget about a couple, and you will forget about working your agenda around him or her.

21. Your mother: The single state gives you the power to say freely and proudly that there is no mother like your own mother. You can say this without any risk, and enjoy your mommy’s food out of the containers she leaves in your refrigerator. Also, you don’t have to fake that your mother-in-law’s food is good.

22. Soccer time: Guys will definitely love this one! Men can watch all the matches from all the leagues: Spanish, British, Italian or Argentinian. And you can do it nonstop, starting a Friday night and ending up on Monday morning before work, without having a girlfriend telling you to go shopping.

23. Free time: Bachelors can really have time for themselves. Everybody knows that relationships can demand a lot from your time. You don’t have some hours to dedicate to practice sports or to work out, and not even to enjoy your hobbies. Well, if you are a spinster, get ready to welcome all this into your life again.

24. The control of the house: The lead around the house will be only yours. The toothpaste will always be as you left it before, your clothes can be all over the floor, and the toilet seat can be up or down, whatever you want. You call the shots!

25. Your life: When you look at your married friends with a lot of kilos of overweight and complaining that money is not enough to provide for their children, you will look up and say: ‘Thank you, Lord, that it is just me, myself, and I’, because when being single, you commit to only one person: yourself.

If you have ever felt depressed for not having a couple, cheer up! Bachelorhood can be one of the best presents life can give you, and we just proved it with all these reasons. If you want to convince another single friend or relative, then share this article with them.

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