The long way Meghan Markle has traveled to become this beautiful

Before appearing in newspaper headlines because of her wedding to Prince Harry, which took place in May of this year, Meghan Markle held the spotlight as an actress and model. What is unique about this woman? Markle is more than a beautiful appearance and her current status of royalty, which she has demonstrated with her humanitarian work and her activism in different areas of society.

A role model

Meghan has become a role model for hundreds of women due to her philanthropic activities, which are one of the main reasons why many people considered her to be royal material from the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry.

She is a woman who has managed to get where she is right now by her effort, beauty, and elegance. Of course, there are no perfect fairy tales, so Markle had to struggle with many things during her life to emerge as a stronger woman.

An identity crisis

Although it may seem that she had a beautiful childhood, spending her days with her father and accompanying him to work, Meghan has spoken many times about the identity crisis that she had to deal with in her childhood due to having mixed race characteristics that made her highlight.

She described that in an English class she had to fill out a census in which there was a box to indicate her ethnic origin, "I had to check one of the boxes: white, black, Hispanic or Asian." Not knowing which box to mark, she preferred not checking any box and leaving her identity blank, which was how she felt.

Her father helped her define her identity

She explained in an Elle article that her father was the one who helped her accept and establish her own identity by telling her that the next time something like this happened, she should draw her own box. And it seems that this is precisely what Markle has achieved over the years to break through.

Meghan explained that the most complicated thing for her has been acting in a "tag-led industry" that did not allow her to fit in easily due to her "ethnically ambiguous" appearance. "I was not black enough for black papers, and I was not white enough for whites."

Even after achieving greater fame thanks to her talent, her appearance often brought her problems on some occasions. To date, she is still often bothered by the fact that magazines change her skin tone or erase her freckles in photo sessions to make it "fit."

Her experience had a significant impact on her

Her identity and multiracial background had a substantial effect on her and the way she sees the world. In 2015, she told a missing website about her mother's experiences as an African-American and the way she was treated at that time.

Her grandfather, Alvin, told her that during a family trip the family went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken and had to enter through the back because they were "people of color." The kitchen staff passed them the chicken through the back door, and they ate in the parking lot.

This story was marked for decades in the memory of Markle, which led her to write an essay on racism as part of her activism against discrimination. "That story still haunts me. It makes me wonder what my parents experienced as a mixed race couple. "

Meghan struggled to make ends meet

Distinguishing herself from so many actors was not easy for her in the first days, so it was hard to cover all her expenses. While other actors went to great restaurants, she took advantage of her talent in calligraphy to earn some extra money working for Robin Thicke and Dolce & Gabbana.

Acting also helped her pay her debts, but it was hard for her to get to a place where she could feel comfortable. Her first appearance on television was thanks to the "Deal or No Deal" contest program in 2006. Markle saw the experience as learning that helped her understand what she wanted to do.

A real "Girl of Dreams"

Her career had a tough start in Hollywood, but her role as Rachel Zane in the series "Suits" quickly catapulted her to stardom. A beautiful character, and very intelligent, who Markle loved because it was a reserved role for the typical "beauty of blonde hair and blue eyes."

Meghan explained that one of the things that helped her was that the show's producers were not looking for a specific type of person, they were looking for Rachel, and by choosing her for that role, they helped to change pop culture and the way in which people defined beauty.

Her performance as Rachel Zane not only started her career, but she was also a pioneer in television because it was the first time they had a multiracial woman in a leading role. "Many had not had a biracial guest in their homes, and now there are many more on TV."

She has taken advantage of her education

Markle could have followed her father's footsteps into the world of entertainment, but she did not leave out the teachings of her mother and seek a good education. Her mother earned a bachelor's degree from Antioch University and a master's degree in social work from the University of Southern California.

Meghan graduated from Northwestern University in 2003, specializing in Theater and International Studies. In addition to her work as an actress, she worked for the Embassy of the United States in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as an advocate for UN Women.

Meghan works tirelessly for women

Much of Markle's work from a humanitarian point of view has focused on empowering women. In January 2017, she traveled to India with World Vision and wrote an excellent article about women with whom she found herself overwhelmed by "the stigma surrounding menstrual health."

This article explains how in the western world, where women have access to sanitary pads and the necessary education about this issue, it is only part of their lives. Meanwhile, in India, 23% of girls leave school because they do not have these facilities.

"We need to jumpstart the conversation, mobilize policymaking around menstrual health initiatives, support organizations that promote girls' education from scratch, we must rise above our puritanical shame," Markle said on the subject.

A letter she wrote at age 11

Meghan Markle has spoken about women’s rights since she was a child. When she was 11, she saw a television commercial during classes where it said "Women from all over the United States are struggling with greasy pots and pans," and this sentence made her angry.

She was only 11 years old, but the screams of her classmates and the content of the video made her go home and start writing letters to prominent female figures, including civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred and the first lady Hillary Clinton.

Today, Markle speaks for all women and states that all "deserve a seat at the table." If for some reason they do not get an invitation to that table, women must empower themselves, take control of the situation and "create their own table where they can be heard."

She will do what is necessary to protect her privacy

It is easy to think that, due to her strength, she is immune to anguish and problems, but the reality is that Meghan is a human like us. The actress was previously married to producer Trevor Engelson, and her divorce was publicly examined at the time of her relationship with Harry.

The actress did everything possible to distance herself from the gossip but was pushed more and more to the spotlight due to the comments. Her website, which had to close during this altercation, gave a lot of information about her and this was used to attack her publicly.

She pledged to achieve positive change

Markle has transformed before our eyes into a true icon, far from being the typical Hollywood actress. She may be famous for her talent, and her royal status, but she is determined to bring about a positive change in the world because she has affirmed that her real passion is "to have a tangible impact."

"I've never wanted to be just a lady who has lunch," she said. "I always wanted to be a woman who works, and this kind of work is what feeds my soul." Thanks to her marriage to Prince Harry, she now has a platform from which she can make a more significant difference in the world.

Member of the royal family

Before her friends, relatives, and more than 29 million people who saw her on television, Markle became the Duchess of Sussex. While she was dating Prince Harry, many things in her life had to change to achieve the status she now possesses.

One of the things that most united Meghan and Harry is their mutual passion for affecting the world in a positive and real way. Her plans, now that they are an official couple are to take advantage of their place in the royal family to change the world and turn it into a better place.

Her official royal website, which was launched just after the wedding, explains that Meghan will assume her royal duties, but will also devote part of her time to the causes she is passionate. The site tells that the Duchess "will dedicate her time to support a series of charities."

Meghan's rise to royalty has not been without problems and setbacks, but these are the ones that have helped her become the woman she is today, and we are sure will do an excellent job from her position of Duchess to help the world in everything she can. Unwittingly, it has become a symbol for many women who want to follow her example and achieve a better world for all of them.

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