7 Likely Reasons Why Prince Harry Chose Meghan Markle Over His Hot Ex-Girlfriends

It is no secret that the red-headed royal in the British monarchy has had a long love record of unsuccessful relationships. At least, he dated 14 gorgeous and auspicious women, so the one-million-dollar question is: What didn't they have that Meghan did? Well, some excellent reasons make Meghan one of a kind. Find them out in the article below!

1. A tamed lion?

Although Harry had a lot of flings and one-night stands, he did have two serious and promising relationships with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas. Considered the prince's first love, Chelsy met Harry through mutual friends in 2004, and their relationship lasted seven years.

However, the romance was on and off during those years. The girl felt too much pressure because she was in the public eye, and her life was scary and uncomfortable. In the end, the couple decided to part ways in 2011 but remained good friends. 

On the other side, we have Cressida. Harry was desperately looking for a long-term relationship in 2012 when he encountered Cressida. She seemed the perfect one, and the love lasted two years. But like many of her predecessors, Cressida couldn't bear being in the public eye and brought the relationship to an end in 2014. 

Despite these long-term relationships, Katie Nicholl, author of the book Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, stated in the biography that the previous romances were utterly different from the one that the prince has with the American actress. Apparently, the prince has been tamed by Meghan. 

No previous romantic interest had ever subdued him in the way the actress has done. It is true that historically speaking, Harry has always been tamed by his girlfriends like Chelsy and Cressida. However, the royal expert added that the Suits star had had a more significant influence in his life.

2. Habits

Without a mother figure in his life since he was very young, the young prince developed a series of practices that can be detrimental for his health, such as the ones related with his food or even more severe ones like smoking. However, since the moment Harry and Meghan started living at Nottingham cottage, all that changed. 

Thanks to the Hollywood celeb, now the British guy is into yoga and juicing. Additionally, he is drinking less and now is not smoking as much as he used to. Perhaps in the future, he will ultimately quit the habit to please his wife.

Regarding eating, she threw away all the junk food from the cupboards of her new house. Meghan’s is a fan of healthy food, so her lifestyle has influenced his husband. His friends have even noticed the changes and made him the laughing stock of his group.

Despite that, Harry does not seem to be taking the teasing seriously and; on the contrary, he is thrilled and content. The only one that can be pleaded guilty is Meghan. 'He’s healthier for being with her. Meghan leads by example, and her lifestyle has rubbed off on Harry,' suggested the author. 

3. Appearance

Considering the looks, Meghan is the first one that is different from Harry's usual type: doll-faced with blonde hair. Let's remember that the royal boy dated singer Ellie Goulding, actress Cressida Bonas, model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, pop star Mollie King, hostess Caroline Flack, and jewelry designer Chelsy Davy.

All those girls were blonde, so Meghan is a break from the mold with her dark brunette mane and darker skin. On the other hand, Meghan is the first woman in a serious relationship with the prince who is not from the United Kingdom. 

4. Background

Harry's exes can all brag about their origins. For instance, Chelsy's father is an influential landowner in Zimbabwe. Cressida comes from an aristocrat family since she is the youngest offspring of Lady Mary-Gaye Cuzon. Florence is the 9th Earl of Cardigan's relative. 

So when we consider Meghan's beginning, the story is a little bit different. The actress' mom is an Afro-American travel agent who later worked as a yoga instructor. Her father used to work as a photography director, but he is now retired. To add to the mix, her great-great-great grandfather was a slave.

5. Age

Age is another distinguishing factor because Meghan is four years older than her 33-year-old husband, while Ellie Goulding and Mollie King were three years younger than the royal. Cressida is five years junior whereas Chelsy is a year less. So this means that maybe Meghan is more mature and experienced than the rest.

6. Career 

Many of Princess Diana's son exes are setting off their jobs. To illustrate this point, consider Cressida's professional experience. She is an aspiring actress who made her debut in theater two years ago and had a small part in Hollywood last year. Mollie is going ahead in her solo career, and Chealsy just started jewel designs. 

So when we look at the Duchess' professional side, she is a well-respected actress. She studied theater and international relations at Northwestern University, Illinois. Since then, she had several roles in TV shows like 90210, CSI: NY, Knight Rider, and her last project, Suits.

Nicholl also talked about this aspect adding that Meghan is a divorcee and not a kid. 'She’s a brilliant, accomplished, independent woman who knows her mind and is opinionated. She knew exactly what she wanted, and Harry likes strong women,' explained the author. 

7. Time

The writer further said that Harry's choice might have also been a matter of right timing. Harry felt ready to settle down, and he was very open about it publicly. He needed someone for sharing the load for the rest of his life. He also started thinking about a family.

For this reason, the author believes that the American actress was probably the right woman at the right time. 'It just all seemed to fall into place,' Nicholl said. Talking about this, Harry once said that it was as if the stars had been aligned for them to meet and start dating, so destiny seems to have a part in the story.

Maybe what the author and Harry believe about a type of 'divine decree' is true, but we cannot deny that Meghan ticks all the boxes in the prince's list regarding what to look for in a girl. With a gorgeous appearance and life experience, now we understand why Markle was the right one. Don't you think the same way? 

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