Rihanna Saves Her Employee Who Got Into Trouble At The Airport And The Internet Cannot Let It Go

Who doesn’t love Rihanna? Besides being a singer, she is also an actress, influencer and businesswoman. Also, now it seems like Rihanna is the best boss in the world! Because she helped one of her employees to obtain something it looked impossible.

If you didn’t know, Rihanna has a makeup company called Fenty, and one of her favorite makeup artists is Priscilla Ono, who also works for the singer. Priscilla characterizes for her impeccable and trendy makeup style; she really deserves her place at the Fenty company.

Rihanna’s makeup artist had a big issue

Of course, Priscilla and the singer are very good friends so when the makeup artist suffered a grave incident Rihanna didn’t hesitate on helping her, demonstrating that once you are a friend of her, you definitely enjoy some privileges and no one can mess with you.

Everything started when Priscilla Ono had to take a flight on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Like any other makeup artist, she carried a suitcase full of makeup and work supplies which were very important for her. Unfortunately, the airline lost her luggage, and it seemed like they won’t respond for it.

Priscilla went crazy, the sole idea of losing all the materials she had been accumulating since years ago drove her mad. She started asking for help, she called customer service, and they left her 40 minutes on hold. Priscilla was losing hope with every second, so she decided to make public her desperate situation.

Priscilla started asking for help desperately

She made an Instagram post where she said: "Please help! Yesterday a makeup artist's worst nightmare happened to me. KLM airlines have lost both my kit luggage with my entire work life in them! They have yet to contact me. I have filed a report, but I cannot get in touch with anyone."

Priscilla continued saying: "This is so frustrating not to mention so sad. I have tools in there I've collected for the past 14 years that are irreplaceable!" Of course, everyone felt her pain, and her friends and followers started helping her by reposting her complaint and writing to the airline as well.

Obviously, is a massive problem for a makeup artist to lose all of their supplies. Just imagine a photographer losing all its cameras, or a musician losing its instruments. And in case you didn’t know, makeup can be really expensive.

Rihanna came to the rescue

Suddenly, an angel from heaven came up to help Priscilla, an angel called Rihanna. Of course, the singer wasn’t going to let her friend suffer, so she did her job quickly. She tweeted “Got you girl,” which was almost like a magic spell to make Priscilla’s luggage appear.

But people were thinking any kind of things. There was no way Rihanna could find Priscilla’s suitcase, so everyone thought that maybe the singer would gift her a box full of Fenty products or something like that. Others just perceived the message as some words of encouragement.

But RiRi had everything under control. She politely contacted the airline publicly and in a very professional way. She told them: “My makeup artist traveled with your airline and had yet to receive or hear anything about her missing luggage.” Of course, the company reacted quickly.

RiRi is the best boss ever

If Rihanna asks for something, you better get her what she wants. The airline gave a response about the whole issue as soon as they could and said the magic words. They told Priscilla that they have found her luggage and that they will send it to her by special delivery so she could get it on time.

This gets us to the next conclusion: Rihanna is the best boss you could ever have. She worries about your problems and not just that but also intervenes for you. RiRi is probably the best fashion, entrepreneur, and philanthropy icon (rolled into one) that could ever exist on this planet.

Rihanna and Priscilla relationship

Rihanna and Priscilla's relationship is harmonious, and they are the best coworkers ever. They often work together, and Priscilla is a crucial part of RiRi’s Fenty project. Of course, Priscilla usually does the singer’s makeup, so she is the indicated to give you all the details if you want to look like Rihanna.

In fact, Ono recently revealed the secrets behind the celebrity’s makeup. Among the tips, she delivered one crucial advice for those who want to join the trend of thick eyebrows, and how you can get this style while looking totally natural.

She says that you can use a soap bar to keep your eyebrows on fleek, according to Priscilla that’s an old trick used by many makeup artists. As you can see, there is no wonder about why she is RiRi’s favorite stylist.

Also, it seems like Rihanna is having a good time with her new makeup brand. The singer launched Fenty Beauty months ago, a line of beauty products that has received praise from all sides. The superstar spent two years developing her products, which include shades ranging from the lightest white to darker, and deeper browns with cold subtones.

It is nice to see how worried can be Rihanna about her employees. Maybe many see her like a distant and prideful celebrity, but that’s not her. She wants the best for her loved ones and also wants to turn her workers into her friends. What could be better than that?

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