Cancer should be ready to face changes: October brings is going to be full of events

It’s time to take a look at October’s horoscope for Cancer. This month is going to be a whirlwind of emotions, and the air will blow in all kinds of directions that could take you to unexpected places. The Sun is in Libra and in your sentimental, fourth house which could also bring forth your massive sense of nostalgia.

The ruler of the fourth house

This is the best season for you because, when the Sun travels through Libra, you feel in control. Furthermore, as the celestial body passes through the rest of your solar chart, your homemaker side will surface and flourish. It’s the perfect time to focus on your family and your home environment because the Sun is shining down on you.

You need to forget about other goals and obligations during this season because it’s time to put on an apron while searching for great DIY ideas on Pinterest. On October 8, Libra will see a new moon signaling the beginning of a six-month period of home and heart, so this is the moment to connect with your loved ones and even search for a new home.

Venus will disrupt things

Things would be perfect if not for the disturbance of Venus which will turn your splendor and connection into retrograde until November 16. Sadly, it will burst your happy circumstances, as well as make you a bit grumpier than usual. This is a cycle that happens every 18 months, but the good thing is that it brings relationship issues to the surface.

You will be forced to deal with these problems. When Venus is in retrograde, common courtesies fly out the window for most people. Things like kindness and charm also take a backseat during the following six weeks. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly read all kinds of headlines announcing celebrity breakups, or if your ex decides to appear in your life once again.

Venus In retrograde

The romantic planet will travel through Scorpio and your fifth house of love, desire, and assertiveness until the end of October; then it will go back to Libra and the fourth domestic house. All in all, this month signifies stepping back and taking stock of your romantic relationship. Old fights might be brought to light once again.

You’ll be forced to think about the direction your relationship is taking and decide whether to keep going or not. It might sound scary, but it’s important to take advantage of Venus’ celestial travels to learn about your significant other. You will be better once you understand how your brain may block old wounds and learn how to fix them to build a better relationship.

Emotional fireworks

The energy of Venus retrograde will be intensified by the Sun as it enters Scorpio this month. Therefore, beware of emotional ups and downs because they could be volatile. On the other hand, artistic Venus is urging you to get back to your favorite pastime, as well as re-visit your love of music, art, or dance. The best thing is that you’ll receive a boost in confidence because the Sun will enter your expressive fifth house.

The situation might get a bit too emotional for your taste, so take advantage of the October 24 Taurus full moon, which lands on your eleventh house of independent thinking. This will help you detach from stressful situations to remain cool as a cucumber. Furthermore, the moon might be in contact with Uranus, which indicates that you might step away from any problem completely.


As we mentioned previously, this month is going to be passionate because the love planets, Mars and Venus, will be traveling through the most intense parts of your zodiac chart, and your emotional Cancer heart bears the brunt. You might be persuaded to get into situations that don’t merit your attention, but you must stay focused.

Retrogrades tend to bring past things, so that’s why the possibility of an ex coming back is not out of the question this month. However, you could also get into a relationship with someone that’s not ready for anything serious. The things that you have kept to yourself could also come out unexpectedly, and even though it’s alright to express your feelings, you could get carried away due to the planets’ influence.

Mars is in Aquarius and your eighth house of bonding and secrets for the whole month, meaning that feelings of jealousy could arise. It will be hard to see both sides of an argument because of these planets and their position. Think before you try to ask your partner about something that’s been bothering you because things could escalate quickly.

You might feel that something weird is going on with your significant other, but it’s best to step back and look at the facts before getting into heated conversations. If you feel pressured at a specific moment, call for a break instead of lashing out. You might also feel the need to bond quickly, but it’s best to think before acting or speaking.

Money and career

Due to Mars being in Aquarius and your house of money and shared assets, it’s the perfect time to make sure that your investments are in order. Check mutual funds because you might be supporting a brand or company that you’re not comfortable with at the time. Change things up if you encounter something you don’t like right now.

Cancers could be persuaded into entering investing groups or pooling funds with your significant other, and because of Mars and Venus, you could end up making a great deal. Don’t be afraid to trust your professional instincts with money. On the other hand, having the red planet nearby could also increase your stress about large expenses coming up.

However, take a deep breath and speak to your partner about your shared finances to determine which course of action is best for the both of you at this moment. When it comes to money and expenses, you need to be direct. Otherwise, things could turn sour. Moreover, if a new opportunity surfaces, take full advantage but be careful not to burn yourself out.

A key date will be October 10, when Mercury and Uranus will be opposed to each other. All your thoughts and opinions could come forth surprisingly, but it’s best to remain calm while listening to everything around you. Your love days are the 11th and the 16th. Money days are the 23rd and the 31st. Your lucky days are the 20th and the 29th, and your off days are the 27th, 13th and the 18th.

October is going to be a rollercoaster of feelings for Cancer, a sign that’s already known for its sensitive nature. However, now that you understand what’s going on, you can watch out for unexpected bursts of sensitivity. If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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