These 11 Game Of Thrones Season 8 Theories Could Completely Derail The Show Finale

GOT fans cannot get over season 7 since it left everyone open-mouthed and with lots of questions about The Iron Throne and all the family drama revolving around it. So while we wait for the show's heralded comeback, which will be released during the first half of 2019, why don't we go over some of the most fantastic theories that followers have come up with? From Daenerys to Cersei and Jon Snow, you will be shocked at some of the mind-blowing propositions. Take a look at them and draw your own conclusions!

1. Jon Snow & Daenerys 

Who can't forget the consummation of the passion between these two characters in the season 7 finale? Although it can look romantic, it is so illicit when we think that the Mother of Dragons and the King in the North could be aunt and nephew. If you thought that was bad, wait until you read this theory which seems to be so much worse. 

Allegedly, we could be rather talking about a half-sister and half-brother incest. The suggestion is that Daenerys is not King Rhaegar's sister but rather a daughter conceived with Elia Martell. Once her father was dead, she was hidden in Dorne and brought up there. On the other side, it is clear that Jon is not Ned Stark's bastard. 

He is also Rhaegar's offspring, but with a different mother: Lyanna Stark, which could explain why despite the blood relation, they look so unlike. So this disturbing matter forces us to draw up many other events, but the one-million-dollar question is: Will they end up as lovers, half-siblings, and rulers of the Seven Kingdoms? 

2. Cercei's transformation

Let's recall for a second the episode in which Cercei sets the Sept of Baelor on fire and declares herself the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. That was not the only decision that Cercei took with clouded judgment, but does it sound familiar? Well, many think that this could metaphorically turn the Lannister into a Mad Queen.

She is the typical narcissist that bases her course of action on what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants it at all costs, losing a clear perspective and control on the way. She lost her children, she is entirely alone and might be pregnant, the perfect scenario for a Mad Queen to have a reign of terror. 

3. Cersei's and Jaime relationship

In season 7, we noticed the rocky road that these two were going through. The prophecy about the infamous blondie is that, apart from losing all her children, a 'Valonqar' or little sibling would kill her. Thus, it is common that everyone thought that meant Tyrion (not only for his height).

However, the truth is that he is not her only younger brother. Jamie was born a couple of minutes after her, meaning he is also technically younger. Yes, you know you might be thinking he has continuously said that she is the most important thing in his life.

But on the other side, we have a series of wrongdoings on Cersei's behalf with which Jaime is visibly unhappy. Besides that, we cannot forget his reputation as the Kingslayer so it would be an epic finale that he kills the Mad Queen. Would he dare?

4. Tyrion Lannister's real origin

If you thought that Jon Snow was the only disguised Targaryen, you might be wrong. When the womanizer shot Tywin with an arrow, we can recall his last words stating 'you're no son of mine'. Additionally, we got the prophesied three heads of the dragon which are Dany, Jon, and, probably, Tyrion.

The idea was conceived thinking that mad King Aerys was romantically involved with Joanna, Tywin Lannister's wife. The fruit of their love was Tyrion, what could explain Tywin's hate and rage towards him. All these details alluded throughout the previous seasons made fans think that the Imp's lineage is not from the House Lannister.

5. The Prince Who Was Promised

Melisandre's prophecy indicates that Azor Ahai, or the Prince Who Was Promised, will be reborn in smoke and salt plus having the blood of the dragon. Well, we are entirely sure that Jon is a Targaryen, so that would solve the blood aspect. Now, in the books, Jon's injuries smoke, and his crew cries salty tears over him when he died. 

When The Red Woman was looking at Azor into the flames, she only saw snow, which can't be a coincidence. And if that is not enough, Jon had Ygritte, which could be related to the prophecy of Azor and Nissa Nissa. So we have all the right to believe that the King in the North could actually be Azor Ahai.

However, others theorize that could be Ser Davos, who was also reborn in smoke and salt when being pulled out of the water in the Battle of the Blackwater. Furthermore, Melisandre thought that Stannis was the right one, but she could have been distracted from the one that was also linked to her throughout the plot. 

6. Controlling the dragon

We cannot still get over the fact that the Mother of Dragons lost one of her babies by the hands of The White Walkers, so it is not impossible to imagine that she can be deprived of another one. It could be an intriguing scenario that could balance up the battles.

It was suggested that Qyburn would be in charge of hindering a dragon attack in King's Landing with his scorpions and his magic spells. However, we have another declared villain in the piece that may do the job as well: Euron Greyjoy.

He has an ongoing allegiance with Cercei to destroy the Breaker of Chains' fleet, so he would do anything in his power to reach his goal. In the books, Euron finds a Dragonbinder, a tool that can control dragons. Although we haven't seen it in the book, don't you think it could be a great surprise for this coming season? 

7. Bran, the Builder

Maybe this character is not well-known in the show, but in the books, he was a Stark ancestor in charge of founding Winterfell and building The Wall. It is thought that our Bran Stark could be the same Bran, the Builder since both possess the ability to change previous events as well as present and future ones.

But hold on, if he built the wall 8,000 years ago to prevent The White Walkers from entering the kingdoms, why does he allow them to pass it when the Night King marked him? Perhaps, The Wall was decided to hold the undead for a short time waiting for men to be ready to defy them. 

8. Cleganebowl

This a follower's theory about a hypothetical showdown to the death between The Mountain and the Hound. Season 4 was not good at all for the brothers. Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane was left to die by Arya. His sibling, on his side, was poisoned by Prince Oberyn during their confrontation. 

Nevertheless, they both survived and now are on different parties in this game of thrones. The Hound teamed up with Snow and the Northmen while The Mountain in on Cersei's side. Cleganebowl is, without any doubt, one of the greatest GOT theories. Fans are pleading it, and they might be satisfied. 

9. Ice and Fire nuptials

We cannot help but be thrilled with the idea of this theory becoming a reality. Since the beginning of the saga, everyone wanted Dany and Jon to end up together. The first progress was made on Snow's behalf when he finally bent the knee, and an alliance was put together.

But we were pleased after season 7 when they finally had an intense night on a boat. So yes, this theory has to be right because the Dragon Queen and the King in the North together would be unstoppable. They should get married, stop the Mad Queen and The White Walkers and, of course, have gorgeous babies together. 

10. The Night King's descent 

Think about this for a second. The Long Night was over thanks to the Battle for the Dawn. Men used Dragonglass against The White Walker, but why an army that can raise dead was defeated by mere arrows? They could have turn corpses into myriad soldiers and be unbeatable. This is the point where a theory starts making sense. 

Fans believe the war was ended with a pact provided that 'there must always be a Stark in Winterfell,' as the saying goes. Saying this, it is likely that the Night King belongs to the ancient family of the Starks. Maybe a baby Stark was kidnapped and transformed into a blue-eyed version to blackmail the family and get a deal with men. 

11. Varys can be more than a eunuch 

By far, this one can be the most thrilling GOT theory, and that is why we have to be flat-footed: Varys is a merman. Season seven suggested that this character had an important secret to reveal (this could be huge). Additionally, do you remember when Varys traveled from Dorne to The First of her Name's ship? 

There is no way he could have done it so fast unless he has a hidden tail. Besides, merling species exist in the book, and perhaps Varys belongs to them and only wants to set his people free. We know it is hard to believe, but it is not a far-fetched idea. 

Given all these theories, we can only conclude one thing. We are dying to watch the next season of the saga which promises to be tremendous to confirm which of these ideas become a reality and which ones don't. Fans yearn for this TV show, and we are sure that it will leave us flabbergasted. What theory did you like the best? 

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