53-year-old farmer bewitched audience with amazing singing on 'The X Factor'

Jacqueline Faye, 53, went to “The X Factor” earlier this month and nobody knew what to expect. As soon as she started singing, everybody was left speechless. The timid lady from Oxfordshire, England, who usually spends her days with her husband in their farm, went to the show just to sing “You’re My World” by Cilla Black in front of the audience.

Before getting on stage, Jacqueline introduced herself saying that, apart from her husband, she lived with several chickens, ducks, horses, and peacocks on her farm. She even dedicated her performance to the latter, Dave and Chaz.

Apart from that, she told the interviewers before her audition that Robbie Williams was her favorite judge as, according to her, he was not only an entertainer but an icon. Actually, Jacqueline couldn’t hide the excitement of seeing Robbie Williams in front of her, but who would? We can’t blame her for that.

A wonderful husband

Simon Cowell, who seemed to be very interested Jacqueline, asked about her husband, to what she replied that he was a saint for staying in the farm and taking care of everything while she chased her dreams. Everybody got moved by her husband’s action. However, they laughed a lot when she talked about all her pets and farm animals.

Soon later, Jacqueline started singing, and the crowd and judges couldn’t believe what they were listening to. She sang “You’re My World” in such a good and flawless way that it left everybody speechless. Louis Tomlinson, who was there as a judge, couldn’t hide the astonishment from his face.

Standing ovation

Even though she looked like a shy and nervous lady (even the presenter of the show remarked this fact), she took over the stage just as if she was singing in front of her animals back in her farm. Her voice was amazing; she sounded like a jazz or soul singer. When she finished, the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Jacqueline was clearly happy as she couldn’t hold her tears back. Simon pointed out that, as soon as he saw her walking onto the stage, he thought that her performance wouldn’t be right.. However, he was wrong. Jacqueline demonstrated that she was as good as any other contestant from the show. Actually, she was better than the average.

Robbie Williams was surprised by Jacqueline’s talent. When she finished singing, he told her that she reminded him all that was good about his hometown. Her voice made him feel warm, comfortable. She made him feel at home. Those were some beautiful words that Faye couldn’t believe.

Judge Louis Tomlinson added that Jacqueline was exactly what “The X Factor” was about. A woman her age standing up in the middle of the stage and having a moment as good as that. Of course, Jacqueline quickly became an inspiration for all those old ladies who haven’t take the risk of pursuing their dreams.

The judges couldn’t believe what they were seeing

All the judges congratulated her, and they even confessed to having fallen in love with her. Simon also told her that she was like a tiger. However, Simon shocked everyone when he voted no, that would mean that he didn’t want Jacqueline going to the next phase of the show. The other judges and the audience booed him, but he quickly said he was joking.  

Robbie Williams was so sweet to Jacqueline that he even approached her when she went to the backstage to celebrate with her daughters. He appeared suddenly, and Jacqueline screamed like crazy, they hugged each other, and he congratulated her again. The contestant couldn’t hide all the joy she was feeling at that moment, and ever her daughters were mesmerized by Robbie’s presence.

Jacqueline Faye is now one of the favorite contestants

Faye didn’t only win the judges’ hearts but also the audience’s. Her performance went viral, and people repeatedly said that there was something special about her and that she is different from the other contestants. Some even dare to say that Jacqueline is the next Susan Boyle. In resume, she has a great voice backed by the self-confidence of someone comfortable in their skin. She's happy with who she already is. That's what's so special about her.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time for Jacqueline singing on television. She already participated years ago in the pilot show for Michael Barrymore's My Kinda Music. In that episode, Faye sang “Does he loves you?” and shocked everyone with her voice as well. Maybe that’s why she looked so natural when she started to sing in The X Factor, she has experience on this!

In that occasion, she sang alongside another contestant called Vikki Rosina. Both gave an impressive performance that many still remember. Sadly, Jacqueline couldn’t make a career out of her musical talent despite the fantastic abilities she possesses. For any or other reason, Faye decided that the farm life was more suitable for her.

Another audition

In the 11th season of “The X Factor” released in 2014, 20-year-old Lola Saunders performance of “Make You Feel My Love” wowed the judges.” The lady revealed that she worked as a fish-cleaner, a job that she labeled as “not glamorous.”

As soon as she started signing, her family backstage started crying, and the judges couldn’t even blink. She got four “yeses” and moved on to the next stage. She was eliminated in Week 4, unfortunately.

We think it is incredible when people dare to do things they have never done before to pursue their dreams. This is something that we all should do because the fear of doing something can separate us from achieving our goals. If you liked this post share it with all your friends.

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