20 Things That Will Happen If Kate Middleton Becomes Queen

Queen Elizabeth II doesn't appear to be going anywhere any time soon. And apart from that, the next one in line is her son, Prince Charles. However, what would happen if Prince William gets the chance of becoming king and Kate a queen? To satisfy your curiosity, we will tell you some crazy things that could happen if the Duchess of Cambridge becomes queen

1. The royal title

It is thought that marrying a royal automatically gives you the title of your husband or wife, but the British monarchy is much more complicated about the biological aspect of the ruling, and the legislation for this matter can be very confusing since it varies between men and women. 

So, will Kate Middleton be a queen if her husband is a king? The answer is maybe, according to The Talko. She might receive the title of Princess Catherine, just as Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen. Neither of them has British royal blood, but in the case of Philip, he got married to a monarch. 

On the other side, having a king by her side could give Kate the title of 'Queen Consort' which is different from a 'Sovereign Queen' like Elizabeth II. The former simply receives certain powers, but they derive from her husband's. 

2. Royal fish

If Middleton is a fan of aquatic animals, then we have great news for her. According to Independent, King Edward II enacted a statue in 1324 that indicates that all whales, dolphins, and sturgeons in British waters belong to the monarch. 

William would own the vast majority of the creatures, but Kate, as his wife, would have the right to the tails. The big question now is: What would she do with that? Well, you never know if she wants a corset made in the old fashion way.

3. Ruling

We have already discussed the differences between a Queen Consort and a Sovereign Queen, also called Queen Regent. So what would happen if William becomes a king and then passes away? Will Middleton be able to rule the country in his absence?

Well, unfortunately for Kate, the answer is no. She would be downgraded and see her son, Prince George, take the throne along with his future wife. Maybe that could cause trouble in the family dynamics, but that is how the British monarchy works.

4. Appointments

The British family does not spend the whole day sipping tea. All of its members have myriad events and engagements that need to attend. Although Kate already has a busy calendar, as a queen, it would be even tighter. Her record is 306 events in the UK and the 35 abroad that the Queen had in 2015. Can she beat that?

5. Middleton effect

Royals tend to cause a significant impact on the British economy, and Middleton is one of the leaders of the fashion revolution. Her attire choices result in $1.3 billion for the country a year, so this number is expected to go up when she is a queen. We will have to wait to see if she sticks to her current style.

6. Succession

If William becomes the new monarch, his children with Kate will move a spot upwards changing a little bit the current succession to the throne. The next member of the royal bloodline would be George. His sister, Princess Charlotte, would follow him. 

Although many can think that since Prince Louis was born, he can steal his sister's spot in the line just because he is a boy, a recent change in the British legislation makes that impossible. Charlotte would be the second in line and Louis, the third one.

7. Reluctant queen

Commoners like us think that being a queen is everyone's dream, but all the responsibilities and pressures that position brings are not fun at all. In fact, according to The Talko, Prince Harry once said that nobody in his family wanted to be a monarch, and maybe Kate is not the exception. She might have to be a disinclined queen.

8. Charity

Apart from their social obligations royals devote a significant part of their time to charity. Since Kate and William got married, they have been actively involved in charitable foundations. So as the king's wife, the mother-of-three is expected to give more attention to this aspect. 

9. Disastrous repercussions

Blue-blood member can set positive and negative trends, and the latter can have terrible effects on a whole country. When Princess Diana passed away, female suicides increased 33.7% the following week. Could you imagine how Kate would feel if the demise of a member of her family causes that?

10. University degree

If Kate happens to be a queen someday, she will set a precedent for future generations being the first one with a university degree, making her the most highly-educated British monarch. She graduated from the University of St. Andrews in 2005 with a major in History of Art. 

11. Royal Warrants

We are clear about the Middleton effect in the fashion industry, but as a queen, she could even have more power. Monarchs can hand out royal warrants to brands as a type of endorsement for their products. So knowing her impact, we bet Kate will select companies meticulously.

12. Royal residence

Middleton and the eldest son of Princess Diana currently live at Kensington Palace, but ruling a nation will involve a change in the family's home. They will have to get used to living at Buckingham Palace, a building with around 800 rooms, and having less privacy since the place receives 400 thousand visitors a year.

13. Marriage authorizations

When William and Harry wanted to marry Kate and Meghan respectively, they had to get approval from the Queen. So if Middleton becomes one, she will be the one calling the shots whether or not her children wed someone. 

14. Interviewing

Meghan's sister-in-law is used to giving interviews to the press, but if she rules the UK, that might be a thing from the past. Elizabeth II has never given an interview, and it is likely that Kate follows suit. She will be able to give speeches and release statements though.

15. Christmas broadcast

Just as the ball drop on New Year's Eve is crucial for England, the Christmas broadcast of the current monarch also carries great importance. The family usually accompanies the ruler, so we are sure Kate will help William with the speech or appear in the broadcast. 

16. Wage

Middleton's current income is approximately $3 million a year, but this amount will go to the roof as a queen. Elizabeth II takes in around $97 million annually, so that gives us an idea for Kate's future salary, although we cannot know for sure. 

Another notion comes from Philip's wage as the queen's husband which is around $500,234. The purpose of this amount is 'to meet the expenses of carrying out his public duties in support of the Queen,' according to the Sovereign Grant Act of 2011 explained by Time

17. Protection

Any royal member needs to deal with strict security rules to keep them safe. But living in Buckingham Palace next to a king will be a huge change. Although secure, this building has been attacked by thieves and has had certain defense breaches.

18. Titles

Monarchs have the power to grant titles to people they feel that deserve them, so the chances are that after ascending to the throne, Catherine will award a couple of them, maybe giving a particular priority to her family. Of course, in the end, they are relatives of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

In fact, it is so weird that they haven't received a title from Elizabeth II. In the future, Michael and Carole Middleton, Kate's parents, may become an earl and a countess, while James and Pippa, her siblings, can be viscount and lady respectively. 

19. Red boxes

These simple briefcase-type containers enclose an important update of everything that is going on with the parliament, the British government, the status of other countries and tons of documents that rulers need to read thoroughly. 

This red box is delivered every single day to the monarchs who need to be informed of everything that is going on in the UK and around the world. When is their turn, it is very likely that Kate and William will obtain this little present daily.

20. Religion

If Middleton finds herself sitting on the throne, she'd better stick to the Anglican faith since William will, apart from being the king, assume the title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Someone from a different religion cannot rule, so, for sure, Kate will have to be Anglican as her husband. 

Sitting on the British throne can be a great thing riddled with perks but also other not-so-good aspects. It is exciting to think that, one day, Kate might be at the top, but she will have to handle all these aspects that we have just presented. Will she be ready for all? What do you think? Share your comments with us!

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