Top 5 Real Life Facts 'The Crown' Got Exactly Right

It is clear to everyone that film adaptations from literature or actual events often blend reality with some dashes of fantasy. So it is difficult sometimes to determine whether something indeed happened or is part of the creative work of directors and screenwriters. Taking this into account, viewers wondered if the TV showThe Crown depicted the life of Queen Elizabeth II accurately. 

The show has been criticized for embellishing her biography for entertainment's sake. But one question remains unanswered: Did the streaming platform get anything right? Well, some facts are genuine, and we will go over them in the article we bring to you today. Ready to delve into the British royalty?

1. The Royal Army

Did you know that Elizabeth II served in the Royal Army? Yes, that's right! Before being the mighty ruler we all know today, she spent some time serving her country during the World War II. This information is briefly considered in the second episode of the series.

While she was touring in the wilderness of Kenya, she mentioned that she was a mechanic during the war. Who would have thought? Elizabeth was a proud member of the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), and she also has the honor of being the only female royal in the family ever to join the Armed Forces.

Although her family has a long military tradition, it has been just for men. When the war stroke, her parents did not want to evacuate the princess to Canada. So despite his reluctance, when Elizabeth turned 18, King George VI allowed her to join the ranks of the militia.

She was an honorary second subaltern, and she spent her time there training in mechanics and driving every kind of vehicle, from trucks to ambulances. We cannot imagine a queen with greasy nails, but it is safe to assume that she had to experience that. Isn't she now the most hardcore Head of State? 

2. Prince Philip's discontent

It should not be easy to be married to a queen, and this fact caused tension in Prince Phillip particularly when the young spouse found out that his wife would not take his name, as it is suggested in our of the show's episodes. Moreover, the production also represents Prince Philip's irritation at Elizabeth's growing stature as a future queen.

According to the show, he always felt overshadowed and devitalized by Elizabeth. For instance, regarding the legacy and influence of each one's house, Prince Philip's children did not take the family name he adopted when he became a British citizen: Mountbatten, as he could have expected. 

But instead, their offspring took the queen's family name, Windsor. Despite these clear facts, there is no confirmation that Phillip made a scene when he found out that he had to bend the knee before the Elizabeth during her coronation. However, this alleged situation is portrayed in the program. 

3. King George VI death's news

Apparently, the way Elizabeth found out that her father had passed away was not for a dramatic purpose, but it occurred that way in real life. However, this information was revealed almost 60 years after the tragic royal demise.

According to Daily Mail, the young princess and her husband left England on January 31, 1952, to go on a tour in place of her then sick father. She needed to undertake a visit to Kenya, Australia, and New Zealand as part of her royal duties. 

Six days later, on February 6, the King passed away in his sleep, while Elizabeth and Philip were enjoying some relaxing days in Kenya. As anyone can infer from the year this event happened, it was not easy to talk to someone who was at the end of the world in the African's wilderness.

In The Crown's episode, we can see the princess writing a letter to her father utterly oblivious of the fact that he had already passed away. Shortly after, Philip was the one who told Elizabeth the sad news about her parent and that she would be a queen soon. 

2.  Bath time

Winston Churchill is another prominent figure in the TV program and the history of the UK. This man's life is truly worth admiring. He lived 89 years, wrote 50 books in that time, was a British government server for 50 years, and was Prime Minister twice. And if that is not enough, he won a Nobel Prize, as reported by Daily Routine

His wit and eccentricities are not a secret to anybody, as his life is very well-documented. Despite that, the spectators were shocked an amused at one bizarre and funny scene of The Crown in which Churchill appears to be taking a bath, whereas his secretary is outside the bathroom reading him the news. 

Although this could be considered creativity to illustrate the quirky Prime Minister, it looks like the truth is stranger than fiction. The screenwriters affirmed to have found an old documentary that explained this odd part of Churchill's daily routine. After all, reading the newspaper in the bathroom is not a rare habit nowadays, right? 

1. A royal affair

One of the principal storylines of the first season of the series is the affair between Princess Margaret, the youngest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and the only sibling of Elizabeth II, and royal equerry Peter Townsend.

This heart-breaking with Shakespearean style was doomed from the very beginning. According to Town & Country, Margaret met Peter when she was only 14 years old, but the romance started when she was a 22-year-old soon after her father's death in 1952.

Although Peter was 16 years older than Margaret, that was not what kept them apart. The problem was that Peter was married and filed a divorced that very same year. Naturally, not only was the affair a scandal in those days, but it also became a sore spot for Elizabeth II during her first years as queen.

Margaret and Peter's marriage needed the approval of the monarch, so Elizabeth found herself in the dilemma of pleasing her young sister and protecting the image of The Crown. Ultimately, the Queen put duty before her sister and had to make difficult decisions to separate the lovebirds.

Townsend was sent away to work as an air attaché for the British Embassy in Brussels. Later on, Margaret publicly announced that she would not marry Peter after being threatened with losing her royal privileges and income if she wedded him. 

As we could see, the British monarchy is packed with secrets and hidden information that no one could conceive that is true. Despite the critics, The Crown has fantastically portrayed many aspects of Queen Elizabeth II's life. Were you shocked by these findings? If so, share this article so others can know these facts too. Until next time!

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