Top 10 Jaw Dropping Things Owned By Cardi B That Makes Us Question Our Life Choices

The rapper created the song Bodak Yellow which quickly became the 2017 summer hit. Just like most celebrities, she decided to go on an expensive shopping trip as soon as she gained success. Let’s take a look at all the things that Cardi has splurged on after gaining recognition.

1. Lambo

When it comes to cars, celebrities are always obsessed with the latest trends and models. Lamborghini has an exclusive line of expensive products, and when her new car came out, the rapper was there to buy it. Cardi showed off her new car as much as she could, including how much it cost to buy it.

People have criticized her because Cardi spent too much money, but let’s face it, if we had that kind of money, we would do the same thing. Therefore, it's alright that the rapper was seen withdrawing $500,000, which was allegedly used to buy their cars.

The singer showed her new car on Instagram in a picture next to her husband Offset’s new car, which is also a new Lambo. Their bank accounts really took a hit, but clearly, they had enough money lying around to get their new babies.

2. Baby Crib

The couple welcomed their first child Kulture Kiara in the summer of 2018, and naturally, they were excited to become parents for the first time. Her Godmother, PreMadonna, bought a crib that is worth more than most people’s cars.

Cardi showed off the crib on her Instagram, where viewers saw its solid white color with gold details as well as the golden crown on top. Little girl Kulture can act like the queen of the castle in it. The Kapesh crib is genuinely unlike any other, but it wasn’t supposed to be white at first.

The rapper revealed that she wanted it to be red, but Offset really wanted white. We have to agree that Offset had a better sense in this case because white looks ethereal, and that’s how a baby's room should feel. A red crib would look too ugly in time.

3. Patek Philippe Watch

In 2016, Cardi was still a reality television star just starting her career in the entertainment industry. She was also a social media influencer, and one day, she showed off an expensive and sparkly watch in a video uploaded to Instagram.

The rapper had purchased a watch filled with diamonds worth around $100,000 from Patek Philippe. Naturally, she wanted to show off her purchase because she has never been shy about uploading things online. Furthermore, the watch was acquired with her own money.

Therefore, it’s pretty special because the rapper was proud of herself for being able to afford such a luxury without a man by her side. Back then, she was not dating rapper Offset from Migos yet, so we applaud her efforts as an independent woman.

4. A New Smile

As you know, people in the entertainment industry have to be perfect. Otherwise, they face all kinds of critics. The rapper received a lot of negative comments from internet haters regarding her smile. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Cardi decided to change her pearly whites.

As soon as she could afford it, the rapper decided to change her smile for the staggering price of $2000 per new tooth. In her hit song Bodak Yellow, Cardi talked about spending around $70,000 for her new teeth. It’s crazy how comments have such power over all of us.

5. Saint Laurent Boots

The rapper performed at the 2017 Video Music Awards pre-show for the first time, and she wanted everyone to remember her stage presence, outfit, and music. She came out wearing a sparkling set of knee-high boots from Saint Laurent fall collection along with a bodysuit from the same designer.

Each boot consisted of 3,000 crystals, which explains why Cardi paid around $10,000 for them. Clearly, they served their purpose because they are still remembered as one of the rapper's most extravagant purchases.

6. Coachella Stage Set

Audiences don’t know that being an entertainer comes with many expenses. There’s a steady inflow of cash, but sometimes the artist has to pay for her own stage decoration, and that can add up quickly. At the 2018 Coachella Music Festival, the rapper had to foot the bill for her stage.

It cost around $300,000, meaning that she lost money performing there because she was only paid $70,000 a day. She earned a total of $140,000 for two days at the festival, which would be great under normal circumstances except the pricey stage decoration was too expensive.

7. Bentley

After the success of Bodak Yellow, the rapper saw a rapid inflow of cash in her bank account, so she decided to purchase a new Bentley, even though she didn’t have a license to drive it. She told her family that as a rapper, she needed to look the part.

Every rapper has a new set of wheels to represent his or her success. Cardi B was not discouraged by her lack of a driver’s license and only thought that she couldn’t be around New York City without the proper car to represent this new moment in her life.

8. Engagement Ring

Cardi didn’t purchase her own engagement ring, but it still makes this list due to its tremendous value. On October 2017, Offset proposed to the rapper with an eight-carat diamond, though it was later revealed that they were already married at the time.

She admitted later that the ring helps the couple when they are fighting. Looking at it reminds her that she has a man that spent half a million dollars on a gorgeous ring, which could mean real love or that Offset is doing really well for himself.

9. Designer Baby Gear

It’s been months since the birth of her little girl, and the rapper is still receiving lots of presents for the new baby as well as purchasing more things for Kulture on her own. The little girl got ballet flats designed by Gucci, which will be obsolete in a few months when she outgrows them, but her mom still spent $245 on them.

10. Offset’s Valentine’s Day Gift

Although it’s not a purchase made for herself, it’s still an extravagant acquisition, which consisted of a necklace with a house-shape pendant that was cluttered in lots of diamonds. It’s crazy to imagine how much it must have cost, and we wonder if he really wears it in public.

Being successful means splurging on all kinds of things like the items in this article, and it’s cool to think that Cardi made it that far. Which one of these would you want for yourself? If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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