Fans Revealed 17 Most Expected 'Game Of Thrones' Spin-Offs That Can Totally Upscale The Series

Game of Thrones has become a benchmark of what a gripping and exciting series is with high-quality acting, complex characters and plots, and production values. So it is no surprise that it has achieved record viewership on HBO. Nobody wants to stop enjoying this TV show once the eighth and last season comes to an end. That is why GOT fans have come up with some really interesting spinoffs that we would love to see. Find out the best ones below!

1. The Children of the Forest

It would be fabulous to know what happened around 10 thousand years before Aegon's Conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. But we do know that it all started with the Children of the Forest who were the only inhabitants of Westeros. Who are they? How do they behave? How did they arrive? A prequel could answer these questions.

2. The First Men

They were the first human inhabitants of the country, and great families in the North such as the Starks presumably descend from them. When the First Men migrated from Essos continent and encountered the Children of the Forest, it was natural that the two cultures clashed. Subsequently, this collision led to a war.

3. Bran, the Builder

He is not the Bran we know that fall from a tower. This is one of the ancestors of House Stark who, according to a legend, not only founded the house but he also built Winterfell and the Wall. He was also believed to have the ability to see the past and the future. 

4. Azor Ahai

We are not quite sure if the legend about Azor Ahai is the same one of the Last Hero or the Prince Who Was Promised, but these two mythical characters had all it took to fight against the 'darkness' and the Others. Wouldn't it be great to know their stories of how they did it? 

5. Nymeria

Nymeria is known as the warrior queen that guided the people to Westeros when Valyria conquered the Rhoyne. She got married to the leader of the House Martell and conquered Dorne, creating a lineage that still rules there. Arya named her direwolf after this brave queen. 

6. Valyria

This city was the capital of a large nation ruled by dragonlords and is the origin city of the Targaryens. However, the city collapsed in an unknown disaster called the Doom. Now everyone wonders why nobody can get into the old area without getting infected by the greyscale infection and being attacked by stone men. 

7. Aegon, the Conqueror

If you don't remember, Aegon is the Targaryen that founded the Seven Kingdoms. His story could go from his crowning as the first Lord of Westeros and the forging of the Iron Throne to the use of his dragons. It would be an exciting story of a sort of twisted Alexander the Great. 

8. The Dance of the Dragons

This is nothing than a war developed by the members of House Targaryen in their thirst of power and a place on the Iron Throne. Having taken place almost 200 years before the stories surrounding Game of Thrones, this war resulted in the death of many Targaryens and their dragons. 

9. The Blackfyre Rebellions

This was a dynastic dispute, also amongst the family of the dragons, that derived from the actions of Aegon IV, the worst ruler of all. Aegon resolved to present the ancient sword of the house called Blackfyre to his bastard son, Daemon Waters, who later led a rebellion for the throne claiming he was the rightful heir. 

10. Essos

Aren't you curious about the stories behind the Free Cities that are not Braavos or Pentos? Places like Asshai or Yi Ti are briefly mentioned in both the books and the show, but they must have rich and complex cultures as the ones found in Westeros. For instance, we would love to know everything related to the Unsullied, don't you?

11. House Manderly

Perhaps, this family is not as big and well-known as the Lannisters or the Starks, but it would definitely be fascinating to follow the background of one of the minor houses, from the ancient times of the First Men to our current age. White Harbor looks like a place we are eager to know more. 

12. Robert's Rebellion

Although this spinoff has been taken out from HBO's prospect list, it is the best bet for a prequel series. All the seasons of the show have referred to this event, so fans want to see it all unfold. Moreover, it would be the ideal combination of a villain like the Mad King, drama with the kidnapping of Lyanna Stark and epic battles.

13. The journeys of Brienne

George R.R Martin has also made clear that the spinoffs that HBO is currently working on won't feature our dearest characters. However, that does not take us the right away to dream for a while. What could be a better production that one that talks about the quests of this badass? 

14. Podrick Payne

This one could be a very erotic prequel, but we cannot deny that we feel very curious about the journey of this character that once was very shy and clueless about fighting, but then transformed into the adept sex god of GOT. Who in their right mind wouldn't enjoy a whole show dedicated to Pod? 

15. Arya and The Hound

This production could even be titled 'The Adventures of Arya and The Hound', and to make it even more exciting, it could be in animated form. We don't know precisely what this pair lived wandering around the world, but we are entirely sure it involved a lot of mischiefs. 

16. Gendry Waters

Do you remember that young but skilled blacksmith that turned out to be the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon? This guy went from joining to Night's Watch to being captured and traded on different occasions. Now we wonder, what has he been up to, besides rowing? 

17. The Night's King Origin

It does no matter how hard Cersei tries; she cannot beat the Night's King as the most dreaded villain of the show. There are many theories about his descent; even some say he used to be from House Stark. That is why a series digging deeper into his past to know how he turned into the first of the White Walkers sounds like a great idea. 

Now that we know that the successful TV channel has tapped four different writers to delve into Westeros world in search of potential spinoffs, we just hope that we can delight in some of the ones we included on our list. There is no doubt that there are myriad events that could quench the thirst of GOT followers, and we look forward to enjoying them, don't you? 

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