15 'Friends' Secrets That Came Out Only After The Show Was Over

'Friends' was everyone's favorite comedy in the early 2000s, and we were very sad to see it end. Almost 15 years have passed since the final episode aired, and we're still discovering secrets about it. The following list reveals some details regarding the cast of this famous show.

1. Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow revealed that they don't watch reruns of the show. Lisa has to be in a certain mood. 'If I'm in a bad mood, I'm not going to like seeing myself at all.'

2. However, they also said that if they had a time machine they would go back and continue filming after season 10. That's one of our biggest wishes. They should make a movie. 

3. Matt LeBlanc started getting a bit of gray in his hair as the years went by, though Joey was always seen with black hair. That's because the actor always had it dyed. 

He revealed this during an interview with James Corden, and he also said that he tried dying his hair at home once but when he came to the studio the next day, his ears, hands and more were black.

4. On the episode 'The One Where No One's Ready,' Matt dislocated his shoulder while shooting a scene where he jumps into the armchair. That's why he appeared in a cast.

Furthermore, the actor said that they filmed in front of an audience filled with people who won a special contest to be there that day. When he fell, everyone thought it was part of the scene.

5. On the episode 'The One With All The Poker,' the guys teach the girls how to play the game, but in real life, the whole cast learned to play poker in Jim Burrows dressing room.

6. They revealed that for the first few years of the show, the cast would gather at someone's house and watch the episodes that had aired at the time. It was a bonding experience. 

This idea stemmed from Courteney Cox's brief arc on 'Seinfeld.' She learned that the cast really supported each other, and she wanted everyone on 'Friends' to get along well.

7. Lisa Kudrow was pregnant when they decided she would be having her brother's triplets. The producers didn't want to film around her or hide her belly, so they came up with that plotline. 

Unfortunately, the timeline didn't match up most of the time, so they had to hide how big she was getting at a certain point. Later on, she had to wear padding to make her seem bigger.

8. On the episode 'The One With The Blackout,' Matthew Perry realized that this show was going to be big. He had to shoot several scenes without the rest of the cast.

Watching scenes that didn't involve him, gave him a new perspective on the show. It allowed him to see what other people saw, and that's when he knew that they had something great.

9. Courteney Cox allegedly said that being close to Matthew Perry helped develop the personality of Monica Geller. It makes sense because they had to film so many things together.

10. Perry once revealed that most of his real-life friends auditioned for the role of Chandler Bing before he did. The actor even gave them advice, but we know what happened. 

11. Jennifer Anniston revealed that she never liked the 'Rachel cut' which was so popular in the late nineties. She also said that the stylist was under the influence when he cut it.

12. The actress also said that it was very tough to shoot a sitcom in front of a live audience. Even big Hollywood actors that guest-starred on the show were also intimidated.

13. During the first days of shooting, Lisa couldn't remember the real names of the rest of the cast. The only one she knew was Courteney Cox because she was a bit famous back then.

14. Cox admitted that her character would annoy her from time to time. The actress said that Monica was funny, but she was nothing like her in real life, so it was weird.

15. Everyone knows that towards the end of the show, the actors were making one million dollars per episode. However, it was David Schwimmer who organized everyone to negotiate the deal.

Many things happened over the course of ten years while they filmed the show, and it's fascinating that we're still learning little details after such a long time. If you liked this article, share it with your friends when the rain starts to fall.

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