15 Things That Will Follow Once Prince William Becomes King

Many things are going on in the Royal Family in the UK: a new duchess in the circle, the birth of a new prince that changes the line of succession to the throne, but with a Queen that appears to be going anywhere any time soon. However, what would happen if Prince William became king? To satisfy your curiosity, we brought a list that will leave you flabbergasted. 

1. Name

It is not necessary to say that being a king brings lots of benefits to the person sitting on the throne, and one of those is the possibility of choosing a whole new name. To illustrate, King George VI was born Albert Frederick Arthur George and decided to adopt his father name to immortalize it. 

So, when William becomes the new monarch of the UK, he will be able to modify 'William Arthur Philip Louis' if he pleases. Generally, kings and queens select names that have been in the family history, so this is why there are so many Elizabeths, Georges, and Edwards among this royals. 

2. Kate Middleton

It is thought that marrying a royal gives you automatically the title of your husband or wife, but the British monarchy does not work in that way, and actually, the rules for this matter can be very confusing since they vary from men to women. So, will Kate Middleton be a queen if her husband is a king?

The answer is yes. Although currently she cannot be considered a princess because she was not born into the royal family, having a king by her side will give her the title of 'Queen Consort' which is different from Sovereign Queen like Elizabeth II. Most people assume she will be called Queen Consort Catherine. 

3. Succession

The first one in line to the throne in case something happens to Queen Elizabeth II is her son, Prince Charles. However, if he decides to abdicate or is unavailable for any reason, William will get the chance of becoming king. So this scenario changes a little bit the current succession. The next member of the royal bloodline is George.

He is followed by his sister, Princess Charlotte. Although many can think that since Prince Louis was born, he can steal his sister's spot in the line just because he is a boy, a recent change in British legislation makes that impossible. Charlotte would be the second in line and Louis, the third one.

4. The anthem

Countries around the world do not have constant changes to their national songs, but that is not the case in England. The current one is 'God Save the Queen,' so it is obvious that it needs to change if William becomes king. The title would be 'God Save the King' along with other changes in the pronouns.

5. The mint

Beside the anthem, the common currency will be modified. Bills and coins will have to be immediately minted to put William's face if he takes over the throne. It is likely that The Royal Mint has artwork of Princes Charles and William ready, you know, just in case! 

6. Mourning

70 years of Elizabeth's II ruling cannot go unnoticed. Thus, if she passes away, the emotional impact for the whole country cannot be imagined. Things will stop for 12 days; TV networks will not show comedic programs; most members of palace staff will go home, and a star-studded funeral will be organized.

7. Finances

The British economy will suffer greatly when the queen leaves this world. The regular pace of the country won't go back to normal not even two weeks after the funeral. This event will become a national holiday, and all banks, businesses, and stock markets will need to close.

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8. Coronation

The coronation of the new king might light up those dark days following the funeral. All queens and kings of England have been crowned at Westminster Abbey, so we are sure that won't change. For Elizabeth II's ceremony, 8,000 guests attended, and it lasted for 3 hours, so undoubtedly William will get a similar one. 

9. Documentation

Being a king certainly gives perks, and one of them is regarding documentation. William won't need a driver's license nor a passport to travel. The ruling monarch is the one that officially makes both documents, so it is logical that he or she doesn't need that. Traveling made easier? Checked! 

10. Trials

Kings and queens don't need to go to court as a witness or a defendant. Moreover, they are immune to prosecution. So if William becomes a king, he will technically be able to commit a crime without the need of answering personally. 

11. Charity

There is a likelihood that, as the king, William can dedicate his time and efforts to charitable work. He had his training time while working as an air ambulance pilot when he donated all his salary. So his scope will enlarge as a monarch to support everything from wildlife preservation to medical research.

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12. Daily duties

Royals don't spend all their time sipping tea. In fact, kings have pretty busy schedules. So William would have to host heads of the state, open new sessions at the parliament, throw parties at the palace, and have diplomatic trips. His grandmother performed 314 engagements in 2015, so that will be William's goal.

13. Residence

The eldest son of Princess Diana currently lives at Kensington Palace with his wife and three children, but sitting on the throne will involve a change in the family's home. They will have to get used to living at Buckingham Palace, a building with eight floors and almost 800 rooms. 

14. Christmas broadcast

Just as the ball drop on New Year's Eve is crucial for England, the Christmas broadcast of the current monarch also carries great importance. Queen Elizabeth II has followed the tradition of delivering a live TV broadcast for 70 years, so we would expect William to do the same. 

15. The Church

If being the king is not enough, William will also assume the title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England once he sits on the throne. It means he has to be committed to the Anglican religion. If he refuses to do so, he will have to abdicate the throne to his son, Prince George.

We are so used to seeing Queen Elizabeth II reign in England that it's hard to imagine all the changes that her farewell could bring to the new monarch and the whole country. 

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