10 Major Rules Meghan Markle Will Have To Follow During Pregnancy

Kensington Palace announced this week the wonderful news we have all been waiting for these past months. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a child, but what does this mean for the soon-to-be mother? All royals have to follow specific rules, and we’re sure that Meghan is still adapting to most of them, but now that she is pregnant, there are certain things she won’t be able to do. Let’s take a look.

1. No gender reveal parties

Nowadays, it seems like all couples throw a gender reveal party to announce the sex of their future baby. We are not exactly sure when this trend started because it is pretty pointless since it’s basically an excuse for a party.

Meghan is America so she might have hoped for one of these events. However, the royal couple cannot hold this kind of party. According to Business Insider, the gender won’t even be revealed until Meghan gives birth because royals never announce it to the public.

2. No baby shower

This tradition is more common in the world, but sadly, Meghan and Harry won’t gather their friends for a special occasion like this because royals simply do not partake in it. This kind of party is basically an excuse to get free things, and clearly, these wealthy people do not need it.

However, there will be plenty of gifts. According to Good Housekeeping, Princess Charlotte received many presents from more than 60 countries for her first birthday; she even got an 18K white gold rattle worth around $45,000.

3. Lots of doctors for Markle

According to The Irish Sun, the Duchess of Cambridge had three midwives during Charlotte’s birth, so it is most likely that Meghan will have all kinds of staff supporting her. Furthermore, the medical team has their rules to follow when it comes to the royal birth.

All of them have to sign secrecy agreements, and they are “on call” for around three months. They could not go out drinking with their friends and had to be ready at any given moment to rush in case of an emergency, according to reports from ELLE.

4. We will know details about the pregnancy

Everyone knew how the Duchess of Cambridge struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancies, which is acute morning sickness. Therefore, it’s most likely that if Meghan has any complications, we will know as well.

Some of these rules are hard to understand because they like to keep many things secret, but are open about something that serious. We speculate that if Meghan were in grave danger, they wouldn’t really say anything until it was resolved.

5. Fancy hospital bag

A typical hospital bag consists of lip balm, hair ties, bath towels, toilet necessities and maybe some clothes. However, the Duchess of Sussex will need to have a formal outfit in her hospital bag because she will need to look amazing right after giving birth.

The former actress will probably step out just a few hours later and has to look perfect for the cameras that are waiting to the see the new royal family member. Princess Diana and Kate had to do this every time they birthed a child.

6. Baby name debate

 One of the coolest things about having a child is choosing a name for the baby, but sadly, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex cannot name their kid after pop culture trends – no Han Solo or Stormy for the Royals. It’s quite likely that the name will be pretty standard.

After all, Harry’s big brother named his kids George, Charlotte, and Louis; common names and some have belonged to past royals. Furthermore, The Evening Standard reported that people are betting on whether the name – Diana or Victoria for the girl and Philip for a boy.

7. No comfy clothes for Meghan

Most pregnant women get really uncomfortable and prefer wearing light garments that do not require much effort to put on. Unfortunately, the former actress will need to perfect at all public events, wearing clothes that comply with the royal protocol.

Moreover, even if Meghan has swollen feet, she won’t be able to wear open-toed shoes while attending official occasions. According to Reader’s Digest, the Duchess will be to follow every rule as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

8. Conservative

Although, Markle will face a considerable body change in the upcoming months, her clothes will need to remain thoroughly conservative just like royal protocol dedicates. Her breasts will likely grow due to the changes, but she cannot show any cleavage.


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9. Royal tour might halt

You might know that Harry and Meghan are currently embarking on their first royal tour, but now that they have announced their joyous news, their schedule could change. The fact is that the Duchess of Sussex need to be close to home, in case anything happens.

The couple is currently in Australia, where they received their first baby gifts; favorite baby things in Australia. They are scheduled to travel to New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji next. Hopefully, they will complete their travels before Meghan’s pregnancy gets too far along.

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10. The Queen knows first

According to Metro, Queen Elizabeth II will be the first to know when the baby is born. She’s notified of the birth of any heirs before any other family members and the public. The upcoming baby will be her eighth great-grandchild.

The other kids are Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips, Prince George, Mia Tindall, Princess Charlotte, Prince Loui, and Lena Tindall. Moreover, it is unknown whether the new baby will hold an official title, so we’ll have to see when he or she is born.

Meghan Markle really had to sacrifice a lot to marry the love her life, but she looks so happy next to Harry, especially now that they are expecting. It seems that married life is treating this couple pretty well. 


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