Banksy Effect: The Destroyed Picture Inspired Millions Of Imitators Around The World

When you're an artist, your goal is not only to do your best and excel in your craft but also, inspire others and perhaps, make a career out of your work. For this talented, anonymous street artist, the world was recently shaken when he destroyed his own painting, "The Balloon Girl". This famous piece was displayed on October 5, at Sotheby's, in London, and was one of the most vivid performances of the day. 

This was the painting for sale by the mysterious street artist, Bansky. The picture was placed in a frame at the auction, indicating that it was the very last piece. It was priced at a staggering 1.4 million dollars, and an anonymous private buyer phoned in an offer through his assistant. Once the auctioneer hit that hammer, the frame in the picture turned on the built-in shredder, and cut it into pieces. 

The next day, Bansky posted on an Instagram account that stated he secretly placed a framed shredder into the picture a few years ago, and if the art-piece ever got auctioned, it would be destroyed. The post was complemented by the inscription "Desire to destruction - also a creative aspiration". Was Bansky perhaps at the auction? 

After such a jaw-dropping performance, the price of the picture skyrocketed, and the news about him spread quickly through media and social networks. Sotheby's have been accused of plotting with the artist, but the auction house is denying it entirely.

This performance inspired people to buy the "spoiled" reproduction of "Girl with a Balloon", and several other owners were implemented to create this contemporary artwork. One of them managed to price their copy for 80,000 pounds, instead of the usual 40,000 pounds, but the experts refused to pay this staggering amount. 

"The events of the last day (about the destruction of the picture at the auction - Ed.) - a unique moment in the history of art," - wrote the site.

All attempts to sell this painting failed, and in the end, the 40 thousand pound value dropped dramatically, to a miserable one pound. Other artists and fans have joined the collective thanks to this performance of "artwork destruction", and have used famous original artwork to make it their own, in the likes of Bansky's "Attack". So let's have a look at what these other artists created by using Bansky's "art-attack" and see some of his original images as well. 

This Mona Lisa oil painting was created in 1503, by the Italian Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci. You can see the original masterpiece at the Louvre Museum, where it has been since 1797. This shredded method was inspired by Bansky, and would not be the last. 

This painting, created by the Norwegian Expressionist artist, Edvard Munch born 1893, and died in 1910, is called "Scream". Edvard's vision is still very much inspirational today, and we love this original piece. You can see the original at the National Gallery and Munch Museum in Olso, Norway. This is a Bansky inspirational version.

Artists are known to be gifted in their craft and have a humorous side to them. Here, you can see that Banksy's performance turned into a crafty piece of advertisement for marketing courses. The use of artistic flair and imagination is an excellent combo for advertising on all levels! 

Advertising and marketing have become very popular, and here is one for the fast-food market. McDonald's has been one of the major food chains, and this revamped logo has been inspired by Banksy, but is not an official logo design for McDonald's. If you look at this upside-down, it's ingenious. 

Food logos have become so popular, that even the cheese has its own Bansky design. No matter where you go, you'll find a hint of artistic flair in everything. 

When it comes to appliances, we all need to promote our brands, and what better way to apply the Bansky initiative to your marketing campaigns?

Marketing does not stop there; it includes new brands of automobiles as well. This Volvo company chose to use its initiative, and go with a Bansky inspirational approach.

The famous "Girl with a Balloon" was cut off halfway, and a shredder effect transpired. This opened a whole new series of variations on the picture itself. 

This design gave way to new voices in the political system, where people used the Bansky method to inspire their inner voice when being outspoken in their beliefs.

Bansky's original destructive concept is so popular and has inspired so many artists that it is at auction for the highest bidder. 

Let's have a look at some of Bansky's original artwork. This one is called "Fire door, Bataclan", and is slightly creepy. 

Here is a message of peace. Among all the hatred in the world, there are always brighter moments and hope for humankind. Its title is "Porte de la Chapelle" at the migrant’s soup kitchen.

Here is one named, "LIBERTÉ, ÉGALITÉ, CABLE TV". This is a powerful piece, don't you think?

There are so many beautiful and powerful creations from this artist, that it is not surprising how he managed to inspire the world with his new, and outrageous "Attack" technique. We hope you enjoyed these creative images and perhaps, if you're an artist, you've been inspired on some level.

All artists are unique in their own way, and once you find your own voice, and master your craft, the world will notice you for your talent and artistry. This goes to show, that everyone can be an artist on some level, and all you need to do, is try. You never know what success you may end up with if only for the pure joy of creating, and if you loved the work by this mysterious artist, be sure to check out Bansky, the famous street artist.

Remember to share this with your friends and family, and inspire a few others who may be artistic-minded. Keep up-to-date with us for more wonderful inspirational images and creations from those with a talent that has to be shared with the world! 

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