25+ Behind The Scenes Photos From 'The Office' That Can Totally Change How You Know It

The Office is a famous American top-rated sitcom on the pop culture. Its hilarious characters and situations make the show won many awards and fans all around the world. We know that many of you love this series, so we have brought to you 25 images that show never seen moments behind the cameras, and how this show was made. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Everything has a beginning, and this was how this amazing show started. This picture was the at the first table read they had. Also, you can see how excited was all the crew.

2. This is a flashback courtesy of the actress Mindy Kaling. She and B.J. Novak developed a very special friendship while recording the show. Both are such talented actors!

3. Angela Kinsey shared this picture and wrote an emotive caption: “I love this photo of us giggling on set. I love that Phyllis took it and her finger is covering the lens, I love John in the background and the back of Rainn's head.”

4. This picture is a throwback Thursday made by Angela Kinsey as well. Rainn Wilson was dressed as inflatable sumo, and they were chilling between recording scenes.

5. Steve Carell is one of the most memorable actors from this series. He made millions laugh with all the occurrences of his character, and here you can see him in action alongside Rashida Jones.

6. Look at this photo booth! It is really cute. Angela Kinsey found those pictures at Jenna Fischer’s trailer, and it is a sign of how meaningful is the friendship for the actress.

7. Angela Kinsey shared this moving anecdote: “This picture it’s from the moment I found out I was going to be a series regular. We were so happy and delirious from night shoots on a boat!”

8. This series also had memorable cameos and not only on camera. They once received the visit from Bryan Cranston because he participated in directing one of the many episodes.  

9. The first year of The Office they did not have active computers, so the crew would sit and pass notes, while they were in the background of scenes, and for the accounting department.

10. But as soon as they got computers on the set, some of the cast started to use them for their own purposes; like Oscar who used to watch sporting events during filming.

11. At the set of The Office, they tried to make everyone feel loved, so they never missed a good opportunity to make it. On Saint Valentine’s day, they even decorated the location.

12. The cast fooled around a lot during filming, and that is why there are so many pictures about epic moments where you can see them laughing and joking.

13. They even mocked each other, like the time when Ed Helms pretended to be the director of one of the episodes. Luckily, Angela Kinsey captured the moment in this photograph.

14. But sometimes the cast actually directed some of the episodes of the TV series. Here you can see John Krasinski doing what he knows best.

15. In this picture, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski were laughing at some joke. As you can see, all the actors developed significant relationships during the filming.

16. The cast took every chance they had to hang out together. Thanks to that, now we have a lot of funny pictures to watch and laugh at, like this picture of David Denman and Craig Robinson.

17. This picture was taken at one of the rehearsals of the show, Phyllis was carrying Angela Kinsey down to the aisle, but with a little help. Something you didn’t see on the show.

18. Do you remember that episode where they all worked in a bus for a day? Well, this picture is from that filming day, and that’s Jenna doing a photobomb.

19. And how to forget this episode where they used costumes for Halloween? They even took personal pictures with their disguises on.

20. The call sheet is something very special for any actor, and that’s why Angela Kinsey posted this picture showing an old shooting schedule. It brought her a lot of memories.

21. This is how it looked The Office writer's room, full of talented screenwriters. From this place came out the best jokes you probably have heard in your whole life.

22. More than a show or a cast, The Office was a big and great family. They supported each other at every moment and grew up professionally together.

23. Here you can see Angela getting fitted for a prosthetic leg that they never used on the show. This definitely is one of the most random pictures ever.

24. This is a punch only The Office true fans will understand. Angela and Dwight used that paper when they were contractually obligated to procreate a baby.

25. Jenna always had a good joke about everything, like when she commented this about her skirt.

26. The funny part about this picture is that while most of the crew were smiling to the camera, Creed is in the back all alone but chilling by himself.

The Office cast should be considered as a family, they shared a lot of special moments in the show and out of it, they went to awards together, and many of them still remain as friends. If you haven’t seen this TV show, we totally recommend you to do it. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are also fans of this sitcom.

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