11 Unexpected Ways Cats Tell Us "I Love You"

People think that dogs are the most loveable animals on earth. But although cats have a reputation of being detached and independent, they also have their peculiar way of showing affection towards their owners, because they love humans more than everyone thinks. Here are some of the ways by you can tell a cat is saying it loves you.

1. They rub their head against you

They usually do this wanting to kidnap your hand so you caress them between their ears. It is their way of communicating since their head, mouth and the front legs have glands that release pheromones. Thanks to that, they can express their mood or state of mind. By doing this, they are saying that they love you and that they are comfortable enough to release their stress. Also, this may mean that they found a possible partner with which to reproduce or mark territory.

2. They rub their whole body

This is when a cat comes running with its arched spine, the tail bristling and they tangled it between your legs, rubbing them insistently to claim your attention. If the cat also adds a small meow, there is no human being who does not melt.

3. They show you his butt

It is funny when they approach you, putting their furry little behind in your face. Animal specialists say that this behavior is considered a feline compliment. In fact, when two cats greet each other they do it in this way; they sniff each others' bodies, especially faces and necks to get know better. Of course, your cat is not expecting you to sniff his little butt, but if he does this it means that he really trust you.

4. They purr a lot

Cats may make a continuous purr; sometimes they don’t even will need you to be caressing them to do this. In addition to showing their pleasure, when they emit this sound, they also secrete endorphins that help them to calm their pain. They can produce vibrations between 20 and 140 hertz. According to some studies, purring is beneficial for their health, because it reduces stress and maintains adequate blood pressure.

5. They bite you

At first, this may sound like everything but love, but if you own a cat you will perfectly know that this is a game for them, and also a proof of their love. Probably, you even allow him to bite your fingers a little when he wants to play with you. So now you know, if they bite you, it is because they just want to have fun.

6. They give you little massages

Every cat owner has experienced this, and almost all of them can agree on that it is the best thing those animals can do. They can walk over your back and make you relieve stress. Although many seem to be first-rate physiotherapists, some theories claim that it is a spontaneous act acquired during their puppies stage to express their well-being or comfort.

8. They will react depending on your emotions

Cats have the fame of being independent, cruel and narcissistic, so probably you will be surprised with the next fact. Cats can identify how humans are feeling! According to a research made by the BBC, these animals behavior depends on how their owners are feeling. This study says that cats will act in a certain way depending if their owner is smiling or if it is frowning. If you are happy, they will purr and will want to be with you.

9. He kneads your lap or legs

Some cats rub and also will push their paws in and out of your legs or lap. Unfortunately, it can be kind of painful sometimes due to the cat’s claws, but that demeanor might be a signal of the bond that a cat has with you. The younger ones will learn to knead when their mothers nurse them because in that way they can help to propitiate the milk flow. However, adult cats will rub only to show how comfortable or happy they are or even to indicate that their owner belongs to them.

10. They follow you around

If you ever have wondered why your cat follows you wherever you go, we have the answer to that. This probably means that he is hungry and wants you to feed him. But that’s not the only reason. Late researches have shown that when a cat does this, he just likes your companionship and he wants to be by your side. Isn’t that cute? As you can see, cats aren’t as insensitive as many says.

11. He holds his tail the right way

A cat can tell you how he is feeling using his tail. Recent studies say that you have to look the whole body of your cat first if you want to know what saying his tail. If he is calm and wants to greet you, he will hold his tail straight with the tip hooked. If your cat is scared, he will arch his back and also will hold his tail up and puffed out. If you learn to pay attention to your cat's movements, especially on his tail, you soon will learn to traduce all his signals.

As you can see, cats are easier to interpret than what most of the people think. It is true that these animals are way different from dogs, but they have special and unique qualities that only belong to their species. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are cat lovers just like you.

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