10 Totally Absurd Reasons That Lead People To Divorce

Most people that the main reasons for separation have to do with cheating and maybe incompatibility. However, some couples out there have actually decided to get a divorce because of the most ridiculous things. The following list will show you these authentic situations, so you understand how silly they are, so let’s take a look.

10. Facebook

Social media has been such an essential part of our lives that most people cannot go one day without checking their profiles. Facebook has many cool features, including one where you mark a significant life event, and one where you revealed your relationship status.

A woman from India broke up with her significant other because he refused to update his status to married. Nowadays, that is like not wearing your wedding ring in public, so maybe this woman was justifiably angry, but some people don’t take social media that seriously.

9. Chores

Living together comes with all kinds of problems, like maintaining the house in order, but can you imagine separating from your spouse because of dirty dishes? Seems insane, but Matthew soon discovered that some could not have that in their lives.

His wife decided to leave him because he would always leave used cups next to the sink without saying anything. She thought this meant that he did not care about her. However, the woman never said anything to his face.

“Every time she’d walk into the kitchen and find a drinking glass by the sink, she’d move incrementally closer to moving out and ending our marriage. I just didn’t know it yet.”

8. Ignoring messages

Sometimes, we read a text message and decide to answer later, only to discover after a while that you never answered at all. Now, can you imagine a woman leaving her husband due to this? We can’t, but that is what happened to a Taiwanese couple.

The wife got tired of her husband never answering text messages because it was like he was ignoring her all this time. No woman wants to live like that, especially these days. The husband could have answered with a simple “alright, honey” or something similar.

7. Etiquette

Some people are obsessed with table manners while others do not pay much attention to them. However, when you go on a date with someone, you expect to act in a certain way while eating in a clean manner that does not make you look bad in public.

A Kuwaiti woman decided to get a divorce after just a week of marriage because her husband always ate his peas using bread instead of cutlery. That is, apparently, a sign of bad manners in the country. Couldn't she tell him to eat with his fork?

6. Dirty Clothes

No one likes doing their laundry, as it is one of those household chores that is always tedious and seems never-ending. However, most couples would just compromise about it, and although other couples might argue about it, they do not get separated.

Well, a man who loves football decided to leave his wife after she washed his special t-shirts. Apparently, he used to collect shirts from football players and get them signed. Putting them in the laundry machine, erased the autographs. This sounds a bit reasonable.

5. Cosmetics

The use of makeup nowadays is so amazing that some people can look absolutely gorgeous even if they are not. That is probably why you should always see your partner without makeup and then decide if you are going to stick around for the long haul.

A man actually broke up with his wife after seeing her without makeup for the first time. The 34-year-old said that she did not look like she did before walking down the aisle, and he accused his wife of trying to trick by using so many beauty products.

4. Different opinions

It is very typical for couples to fight because most couples have individual differences that made them more attractive to each other. However, sometimes having opposing views could ruin your relationship, as this man from California found out.

A couple had been married for 22 years, but the woman decided to leave her husband after discovering that he voted for Donald Trump. She felt completely blindsided by her husband’s decision and did not know how to deal with such feelings.

“I felt like I had been fooling myself. It opened up areas between us I hadn’t faced before.”

3. Neat-freak

Some men think that women are there to clean their homes, raise the kids and cook for them. That is called a maid, gentlemen. However, there are some men who cannot stop cleaning due to their neat-freak personalities, and one wife decided she was tired of him.

In 2009, a German couple got divorced because the wife could not deal with her constantly-cleaning husband anymore. They had been together for more than 15 years, so you would think that she grew accustomed to this, but the man tore down a wall of their home when it got dirty, and that was enough.

2. Love letters

All couples have their versions of love letters. They might text messages, voice message, and even old-fashioned letters, but what they have in common as they express their feelings in lovely ways. However, things are not so romantic when you discover your spouse loved someone else.

A man from Italy decided to divorce his wife after 77 years of marriage. He had discovered that she had written secret messages to a lover in the 1940s. You would think that enough time went by to make it alright, but the husband would not be persuaded otherwise.

1. Nickname

What we call our significant other can often be a decisive aspect of the relationship, and in modern time, that also extends to how we name them in our phones. A woman from Saudi Arabia decided to leave her husband after 17 years after discovering his nickname for her.

She browsed through his contacts one time, only to realize that he wrote her number under the name “Guantanamo”, referring to the prison in the U.S. The woman got extremely upset about it despite the husband saying that it was a joke, and they got divorced.

We cannot fathom why people would leave their spouses for such silly reasons, but they are probably not that silly to them because of other things that happened in their relationships. These reasons might just be the tip of the iceberg. If you liked this article, share it with your friends so they will be careful with their partners. See you next time!

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