The protocol torments that had haunted Princess Diana Until The End Of Relationships With Charles

According to a TV survey that BBC conducted in 2002, the late Princess Diana was among the 100 most influential British characters of all time. Despite her tragic death and all the controversies surrounding her life and work, she is still very much alive in the collective memory. 

However, it is no secret that Diana was not happy with her new blue-blood family, especially with her husband. Many things irritated her, but some of the most annoying ones were royal protocols that hid sadness and inferiority. Take a look at some of them in the article below! We will also reveal some shocking details of her life you might not know.

A little bit of background

Before we delve into some of the protocols, let's remember how everything started for the Queen of Hearts. Since the announcement of Prince Charles' engagement with a gorgeous lady that belonged to the aristocratic family of the Spencers, the British nation was pleased with her.

She was fragile, delicate, gentle, and beautiful, plus a bunch of other very desirable physical traits. The blondie was considered the incarnation of a dreamy young woman. Moreover, she was about to wed a prince, so who wouldn't have liked that?

However, her true story was far from being a fairytale. On July 29, 1981, the couple tied the knot in St. Peter's Cathedral in London. The wedding was immediately heralded as taken from a fairy story. Not only the hundreds of guests but also the millions that could witness the ceremony on the street and TV were astonished at the event. 

Nobody could have thought back then that Charles and Diana were not bound to a happy and long-lasting marriage. Sadly, all that glitters is not gold, and not everything that could be seen on TV was real. In 1984, the firstborn of the couple came to this world: Prince William.

It was then when all marital problems between the Prince and Princess of Wales started to be more noticeable. Diana, who had always been incredibly correct and calm, dared to change her style and loosen up. Furthermore, it was more common for her to do without Queen Elizabeth II's son.  

It was after their split-up when the world knew the motives the pushed Princess Diana to act in those particular ways. But what caused these actions? Even though the royal family is always in the spotlight, many don't know they have to be faithful to traditions and behave according to the official protocols. 

Commoners tend to ignore that when a person enters the royal family, as it was in Diana's case, his or her life changes drastically from ordinary to one ruled by the monarchy. We are sure Diana was not aware of certain etiquette elements. 

The odd details

Some of the pictures that you will see in this article hide some details regarding official royal protocols that marked Diana's marital life, despite appearing "normal". Take a look at the collage below and come back. Did you notice anything weird? If you said no, then think twice because we will reveal some shocking facts.

Rule number 1

It is true that official sources do not say anything regarding spouses' height, nowadays, it is possible to gather this information and be amazed at it. Diana Spencer was 1.78 meters tall (or approximately five feet eight inches), and her husband had a similar height with just some centimeters of difference. 

Thus, it was necessary for her to put on some heels without ridiculizing the heir to the throne. For that, she had to perform some tricks following etiquette indications. For instance, for the official photographies, the Princess of Wales had to appear sitting down or squatting in order to minimize the height differences. 

Can you imagine how annoying should have been that? However, everyone knew they were equally tall. Perhaps, that is why the official stamp of the pair created a stir when it depicted Charles' head above Diana's. The fuzz came a year ago thanks to a tweet

It was so controversial that Buckingham Palace had to issue a statement announcing that the Prince was an inch taller than his wife. It was reported by Family Inequality that the New York Times indicated that the photographer, who was the Earl of Snowdon, had Charles to stand on a box to meet the requirements of the British Post Office. 

Apparently, the stamp design calls for space for the silhouette at the upper right. Thus, the heir to the throne stood on the box to save that space above Diana's. However, many people consider this as a sign of sexism because a man cannot be shorter than his wife. 

Rule number 2

Some of the images of this couple show Prince Charles with his hand on his wife's shoulder. Although it seems like a gesture from a caring and enamored man, it is also related to etiquette. With his hand there, the future King of England was indicating superiority regarding his honorable public function. 

Rule number 3

During outings and official events, the royal couple had to keep up appearances. If you see some of the images thoroughly, you will notice that the woman is always some steps behind the man when walking. Apart from hiding height difference, this was also necessary considering the protocol. 

Tradition prescribes that she should always walk a few steps behind him, since the order they walk in shows their rank within the family, in other words, their position in the family's hierarchy. This is especially appropriate at formal occasions and state dinners. 

The same happens to Kate and William nowadays, and to Prince Philip and the Queen. Reportedly, when the monarchs were a young couple, Philip struggled with continually being in the Queen's shadow. We guess that after 70 years of marriage, the Duke of Edinburgh is now used to his position and does it out of respect.

Now we understand why Diana felt tired of looking inferior, and perhaps that was one of the many reasons why she decided to get divorced. What would you do if someone forced you to demonstrate submission and obedience for the sake of a common royal cause? Speak up your mind in the comments below!

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