16 Times People Turned Things Around Hilariously Just Because 'Why Not'

Internet was created for many purposes. To investigate, to shorten distances with your loved ones, and believe it or not, to make you laugh. On social networks, you can find any jokes, memes and funny stuff like the list you are about to see, which is full of pictures that will put a smile on your face. Let’s see!

1. If you consider yourself a funny girl, then you will love this purse. Everyone likes emojis, and probably this could be one of the emojis you use most.

2. This is totally brilliant and proves us that there plenty of cool people out there.

3. The situation happening in this picture is so random that we can’t explain. However, it seems like this was totally unexpected for that kid.

4. If you don’t have much money for this Halloween, you can try this low budget costume from Black Panther. You only will need bubble wrap and a lot of creativity.

5. This is one of those coincidences that are too amazing to believe. It looks like the man is grabbing his sushi from the trash can but of course, it’s just an illusion.

6. You could use this idea to prank someone in your office. It’s funny but also very clever; surely you will make them scream from terror.

7. You probably may think this is romantic, but we think it is a bit disgusting.

8. Finding your double is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you.

9. Kids always will bring fun, and in a whole new level above us.

10. Surely you will recognize this photo right after seeing it. This is one of the most popular memes that exist, and they managed to portrayed perfectly.

11. This guy wanted to prove if what the Kesha’s song says is true, so he made this.

12. There is no discussion; this is the weirdest generation of all. If you don’t think the same, check this out.

13. Are you looking for a hilarious idea for your next Halloween costume? We have the perfect option for you. Everyone will laugh at it!

14. We don’t judge people’s likes, but we can’t imagine who would want a necklace with this pendant. We don't even mind the material it is made of - we don’t want it anyway.

15. The point of having siblings is to embarrass them, so this lady is doing it well.

16. If you can’t understand these costumes, you just don’t belong to this generation.

We hope you enjoyed this article. The internet is fantastic because you can see tons of content day after day, and you still get entertained every time. Also, there is a new meme each day to laugh at. If you have friends that love having a good time, you can send them this article and brighten their day.

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