Downey Jr.'s Affairs: Who Melted The Iron Heart

We all love Robert Downey Jr, and his fame has not only brought him a fortune but a huge fan base and a list of ex-lovers along the trail. Robert, like all other stars, have dated, married, and had many flings in the past. Many fans are dying to know the romance and affairs of the Iron Man, and we have a pleasant surprise for you below. So, before we get into the juicy love-life of Robert, let's start with his background and get to know him more intimately. Robert John Downey Jr. was born April 4, 1965. This American actor and singer have an astounding career path that included critical and popular success in his youth, followed by a period of substance abuse and legal difficulties, not to mention the resurgence of his commercial success in his middle ages from 2012 to 2015.

Downey managed to top the Forbes list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors, making him an estimated $80 million in earnings between those three years. His debut film was made at the age of five, where he appeared in his father's film Pound (1970). He appeared in roles associated with Brat Pack, and other teen sci-fi comedies, such as Weird Science (1985), and the drama Less Than Zero (1987), which was a hardcore film if you remember it. In 1992, he starred as the title character in the film, Chaplin, which earned him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor, and he won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. 

In 2000, Robert was released from the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, and State Prison, where he was incarcerated on drug charges. He then joined the cast of the TV series, Ally McBeal, playing Calista Flockhart's love interest. For that, he earned a Golden Globe Award. Sadly, Robert was fired after two drug arrests in 2000 and early 2001. After his last stay in a court-ordered drug treatment program, Robert achieved sobriety. Robert's career prospects improved when he featured in the black comedy crime, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), the mystery thriller, Zodiac (2007), and the satirical action comedy, Tropic Thunder (2008). For these, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Robert began 2008 portraying the role of Marvel Comic superhero, Iron Man and joined the Marvel Universe with many delighted fans. He starred in cameos and lead characters and was a member of an ensemble cast. Each of these films, except for The Incredible Hulk grossed over $500 million at the box office worldwide. Four of these were: The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man3, and Captain America: Civil War, which earned over $1 billion, while Avengers: Infinity War earned over $2 billion. Apart from that impressive career, Robert has also played the title character in Guy Ritchie's, Sherlock Holmes (2009). He was an amazing Sherlock in this movie, and if you have not seen it, make sure to add it to your collection.

This role earned him his second Golden Globe, and its sequel (2011), both of which earned over $500 million at the box office worldwide! Roberts films have an outstanding total this year, and the box-office grossed over $4.9 billion, with worldwide grosses surpassing $11.6 billion. This makes Robert the third highest-grossing U.S. domestic box-office star of all time! That is amazing! Now, let's delve into the romantic side of Robert. 

Robert's first love, and wife, Susan Nicole Downey.

They first got together in August 2003 and dated for three months. After their one-year engagement, they got married on August 27, 2005. They've been married for 13 years, and have a son together, named Exton Elias, who was born in early 2012. They expected their first daughter in November 2014 and called her Avri Roel. 

Robert has been happily married to the movie producer Susan Nicole Downey since 2005. She used to be the Co-President of Dark Castle Entertainment, and EVP of Production at Silver Pictures, but, she left those jobs to work with her husband and actor, Robert. They even have their own production house, called Team Downey.

Robert's romantic fling with Calista Flockhart.

When you look at this picture, you see "party," and that is what Robert was into those days. He had a care-free attitude with nights of partying, and Calista was the one he shared some moments with. There have been rumors about a romance between the actress Calista Kay Flockhart and Robert, and understandably, this would make sense, as they spent a lot of time together. 

Robert sure did the rounds back in 2000. Calista played the leading role in the Fox TV series, Ally McBeal, where Robert co-starred with her. Her most recent appearance has been in Supergirl. For Robert and Calista, their alleged romance didn't lead them down the aisle, and it was not meant, but Calista found the man of her dreams and married the veteran actor, Harrison Ford since 2010.

Robert's romantic link with Marisa Tomei.

In 1994, Robert starred in Only You. As always, his co-star was a beautiful young lady, who was swooned by Robert's charming good looks and witty personality. His co-star was Marisa Tomei, and these two dated for a period. This American/Italian actress has a career span over three decades.

You can imagine the rumors going on between the fans and the public. Robert and Marisa were seen together in the movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the early 90's, Robert and Marisa were romantically linked, after staring in Only You, but they only dated from 1993 to 1994, where they went their separate ways. It looks like that relationship was not meant to be either.

Robert's second marriage to Deborah Falconer.

This former American actress, Deborah Falconer, also happens to be a musician. She dated Robert for a month after getting together in April 1992 and married him on May 29, 1992. Wow, they sure moved into this marriage quickly! 

Robert and Deborah had a son together, named Indio, and he is 25-years-old. The couple divorced after their twelve-year marriage on April 26, 2004. If nothing positive came out of that relationship, at least they have a handsome, talented son that will forever connect them. 

A brief hookup with Robert and Winona Ryder.

Winona is known for he dreamy appearance and weird personality. She has been in many roles and of course, like any other young actress, was swooned by Robert's dashing looks and charm.

Fans cannot wait to spread rumors, and as soon as these two showed any signs of spark between them, the world was watching. Back in 1988, when Winona was only 16-years-old, rumors claim that they had hooked up. That's an early start for this talented star, but nothing unusual in Hollywood.

An unsuccessful relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a renowned actress who is best known for her work as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO TV series Sex and the City. This show is one that all housewives love to watch, and some men even sneak a break in between their day to view it as well. Sarah had won one Emmy Award for the show and had a long movie career that starts with her Broadway debut in 1976 when she was just 11. Wow, she started at an early age and has grown since then.

Robert and Sarah dated from 1984 to 1991, but this was not a relationship that would end well, and they were too opposite. They say opposites attract, but not in this case. When Robert described their relationship, he said:

"I like to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn't jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is. I was in love with Sarah, and love clearly was not enough." 

A close encounter with Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Jennifer Jason Leigh is a famous American actress, and rumors have it that she was in a romantic relationship with Robert. This 56-year-old was born in Hollywood, LA, California. Although the fans and media were eager to keep up to date with their extravagant lifestyle, their romance was brief, and some say they "had an encounter." So no love tales for these two. 

Wow, not only does he have the looks, but he has the ladies swooning at his feet. Robert is indeed one of the most handsome actors and performers on the big screen, and we can see why these ladies fell head over hills when they first met him. Apart from his negative habits in the past, he has managed to get his life in order and be a positive role model. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about Robert's popularity with the ladies, and we loved sharing it with you. Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more inside stories on these famous movie stars, and be the first to read the drama. 

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