Worldwide Famous Bands That Used To Have The Worst Names Possible

Choosing a great name that would be recognized by everyone and be said by a large amount of people sure puts you in a difficult position. Nevertheless, contrary to all before stated, some of the best bands in history didn’t even think twice about it, they just picked whatever was on the table and lights on! The following list shows the previous names these bands had, and the reason why they turned out to be such a failure and had to be changed.

1. Creed – Naked Toddler

Before they were named Creed, guitarist Mark Tremonti showed his bandmates a newspaper clipping of a story about a naked toddler who had been abducted. The guitarist was strongly convinced that “Naked Toddler” would be such a great name for the band that they ended up using it because no one came up with any other ideas. “The name didn’t go well,” was what singer Scott Stapp wrote in his autobiography. “Girls hated it and said it made them think of pedophilia”.

2. Black Sabbath – The Polka Tulk Blues Band

The band that would become Black Sabbath in 1969 started off as The Polka Tulk Blues Band a year earlier. The name apparently came from a brand of talcum powder used by band member Ozzy Osbourne’s mother. But they soon knew the name was a total disaster. “Every time I hear it, all I can picture is you, with your trousers ‘round your ankles, taking a dump,” guitarist Tony Iommi told Ozzy. “It’s crap”.

3. Nirvana – Fecal Matter

They had a little bit too many bad names before settling with Nirvana, for which they are remembered. The group went by Fecal Matter, Brown Towel, Throat Oysters, Ted Ed Fred, and Pen Cap Chew (which was also a song tittle) before choosing Nirvana. “I wanted a name that was kink of beautiful or nice and pretty instead of a mean, raunchy punk name like the Angre Samoans,” was what Kurt Cobain told Tolling Stones in 1992.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tony Flow and The Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem

The band was originally formed in Los Angeles by singer Kiedis, guitarist Hillel Slovak, bassist Flea, and drummer Jack Irons, all of whom were classmates from Fairfax High School. Soon, they realized they could actually be successful, and they knew their awkward name had to go. They chose Red Hot Chili Peppers as a throwback to classic Americana- and blues-influenced band names. “I called us Tony Flow and The Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem – that was how we wanted to play, majestic and chaotic,” singer Antony Kiedis explained in his autobiography, Scar Tissue.

5. R.E.M. - Cans Of Piss

R.E.M actually had no name when they first hit the scene in 1980, and they might have been better leaving it like that, it certainly was better than going with any of their first band-name choices. The group considered names like Twisted Kites, Negro Eyes, and Cans of Piss before settling on R.E.M., an acronym for rapid eye movement, the dream stage of sleep.

6. Goo Goo Dolls - The Sex Maggots

Are you wondering what does The Sex Maggots mean? Let’s have bassist Robby Takac explain it to us: "[The name] doesn’t really mean anything.” What a surprise! Despite it, the band was forced to find a new moniker when a club owner refused to put the original name on his marquee. The group then thumbed through a copy of True Detective magazine and settled on a change after finding an advertisement for something called a “Goo Goo Doll”. "The first name was bad, so we moved on to another bad name, got 15,000 fans, and were afraid to change it."

7. Pearl Jam - Mookie Blaylock

Just like the NBA point guard with the New Jersey Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and the Golden State Warriors, Pearl Jam had settled their definitive name as Mookie Baylock for a time. They were about to go on a tour and still didn't have a name and needed one quickly. They were told it didn't need to be the name that they were going to use forever, just something for the tour. Someone saw a Mookie Blaylock card and said, "How about Mookie Blaylock?" They decided to go with it and did a 10-show tour with Alice in Chains as Mookie Blaylock. 

8. Maroon Five - Kara’s Flowers

Kara’s Flowers it's supposedly a reference to a classmate the band members had a crush on at the same time. And so, when Adam Levine and other members were still in high school they used this moniker for their '90s alt-rock band. Kara's Flowers released two failed albums prior to regrouping, and dubbing themselves Maroon 5 for Songs About Jane.

9. The Beatles - Johnny And The Moondogs

In 1959, the band named the Quarry Men was struggling to make it in the music industry. They thought a new name might help them achieve it so they very briefly changed their name to Johnny & the Moondogs. Johnny was the nickname for their lead singer John Lennon. But it wasn’t going to be permanent since they only used it for the purpose of entering a talent competition. By early 1960, they were back to using the Quarry Men. But later on, they would rename themselves The Beatles, and is by the latter that they are very famous.

10. Coldplay – Starfish

There was no big meaning behind the name; it was chosen "out of absolute necessity." The band was about to perform a gig and with an hour to go before they were to take the stage, they still hadn't come up with a name. So they choose Starfish, until they soon realized they needed a better moniker, and they ended up taking the name Coldplay from another band who didn't want it anymore.

Finally, we have learned from this list that picking up a name in a rush will always make us rethink a name a little bit more carefully. Did you know that your favorite bands had such weird names at first? Also, don’t forget to share this article with those friends that need to give it a second thought when naming something!

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