25+ Times People Rocked Halloween Party By Their Genius Costumes

If you are one of those who is excited for Halloween, you will love the following list. The spookiest night of the year is right around the corner, and if you still have no clue of how you are going to dress up, you will find some very good ideas here. In this article, you will see great costumes that you are going to love. Let’s watch!

1. If you consider yourself an artistic person, this is a costume you must try. This guy dressed up as Van Gogh, and he nailed it perfectly. The suit, the hair, everything is on point.

2. This is a simple one, but surely everyone will love your costume. It is one of the most creative disguises we have seen, and if you are into Disney, this could be perfect for you.

3. Do you remember that scary fish that appears in Nemo? Well, these girls tried to look like it. This is an unusual costume impossible to ignore. If this doesn’t get you a lot of candies, nothing will.

4. Here you have a realistic and a bit polemic disguise. We like to call it the "Getting deported by Trump" Halloween costume. However, we must admit that besides being funny, it is kind of sad.

5. If you are looking for an unexpected disguise that allows you to go undercover, try this guy’s idea. He went to a Halloween party dressed up as “the fire” and sat in the chimney all night.

6. This guy was sad because his girlfriend couldn’t attend the Halloween party, so he decided to dress up as if he were both. You can try this if you go through the same situation.

7. The parents of this kid gave him a Spirited Away costume, and it was so good, that even made other kids cry. That’s when you know that your disguise was a complete success.

8. Some use the excuse of not having a certain type of clothes to dress up as some character, but everyone should follow this old man's example. As you can see, that’s Princess Leia and R2-D2.

9. This is just brilliant. That guy nailed Halloween and 3D printed his own face. This is a very simple costume, but a very good one. We are sure he freaked out some guests.

10. This man dressed up as his cat for Halloween. The funniest thing about this picture is the cat’s face, who is wondering where did his owner go and why that man looks like him.

11. Getting group costumes is something fun to do, but it is hard to find a good idea. However, these guys even won a costume contest with their awesome disguises.

12. This man made his son a Pikachu costume for his wheelchair, and it was one of the coolest disguises of the party. That’s a great dad right there.

13. They dressed up that toddler as her grandmother. That is an adorable idea for a Halloween costume, especially if you want to make elders feel like part of the celebration.

14. Here is another costume idea for the whole family, and we must say it is just incredible. It is nice to see families enjoying these dates together; this will be unforgettable for the kids.

15. This costume was made thanks to a game of words. She is Taco-Belle, and it is the perfect option for those who love Disney and Mexican food at the same time.

16. If you are looking for an original, unique, disguise that no one has seen before, you should try this amazing x-ray costume. You will need a bit of dedication to do it, but it is worth it.

17. This is definitely one of the most brilliant group costume we have seen. Everyone remembers this movie, so if you have two best friends or two sisters, you should go like this.

18. If you are the one in charge to take your little cousins or nephew and nieces trick-or-treating, take your job seriously and get a group costume like this one. Everyone will love it.

19. Here we have another simple but brilliant disguise to try on Halloween night. If you dress up like this, please don’t forget to visit an Apple store and see how the staff reacts.

20. If you love Game of Thrones and want to match up your costume with your kids', you definitely will love to try this. We bet that everyone will say “aww” by just seeing you.

21. Some people even go to their work wearing a disguise, and the one used by this man was hilarious. He is the weatherman and decided to go work dressed as the sun.

22. We loved this costume! This guy is 7 foot, and for Halloween, he went as a normal guy on stilts. The illusion looks so real that he should receive an award for his creativity.

23. We are truly amazed by people’s cleverness when it comes to choosing a costume. This guy didn't complicate himself looking at choices and dressed up as a stock photo.

24. This couple costume is probably the most hilarious from this list. We are sure that they didn’t go unnoticed and made everyone laugh. Besides, we hope they won the best costume at the party.

25. Some people have an unbreakable spirit, and this pair is one of those. Not even getting chemotherapy prevented them from dressing up for Halloween night.

26. Here is another couple costume, very unusual but they nailed it perfectly. Everyone remembers those creepy twins from The Shining, and they looked exactly like them.

Now you have no excuses for not attending Halloween parties. You have seen plenty of ideas you can try, and we would like to know which one you liked the most. If you enjoyed watching these pictures, share this article with friends that are also struggling with finding an excellent spooky costume. We hope you enjoy Halloween!

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