15+ Unbelievable Ways People Use For Transportation In The Most Distant Places On Earth

Sometimes we have to transport something and don't want to make two trips, so we try to carry as many things as possible in one go. The following article shows all kinds of pictures of people who applied that philosophy using any mean they could. This is just hilarious!

1. Transporting bricks is already hard enough because of their weight, and this man is trying to do it with a simple bicycle. Well, that's definitely a great balancing act. 

2. A broken bike is not such a problem when you have a supermarket car nearby, and the best thing about it is that you can buy your groceries without worrying about where to load them.

3. We wonder what these men were trying to transport that was so heavy, not even a cargo truck could withstand it. This picture makes it seem like they are taming a wild animal.

4. No one wants to make several trips if you can delivery everything at once, but this looks extremely dangerous, and he is also riding a bike in flip-flops.

5. Sometimes, we change things to make them more comfortable, and clearly, this bike owner knew the best way to do it. He could probably work as a taxi. 

6. We wonder if a normal delivery truck was unavailable that these people resorted to loading more than 30 bicycles on top of a standard van. The fact that they are all there is almost a miracle. 

7. What kind of super powerful bicycle is this woman riding? Unless those things don't weight anything, no normal bike would be able to carry so much stuff at once. 

8. Now, this picture shows a true, remarkable act of balancing. It's also important to note that this man must have the stronger head in the world to carry a gas tank and a watermelon. 

9. We had previously seen people carrying objects around, but this picture shows one bike transporting many people at once, and it looks incredibly dangerous. 

10. Sometimes, you have to move but the cost of a moving truck is just too high, and this is the solution. People forget that cars cannot withstand so much weight either. 

11. It's one thing to transport a bunch of objects this precarious way, and a whole other thing to transport something as delicate as eggs. Hopefully, none of them broke on the way. 

12. It looks like they attached a tiny loading trunk on the back of this bicycle, but this man really took things way too far. Fabrics are heavier than you imagine. 

13. This looks absolutely crazy, but since they are air balls, we do not think they are that heavy, and if secured correctly, it is probably easy to transport them. 

14. We do not understand what is going on inside that car. How many cows are in there? How do they fit? All they all calves? So many questions that will never be answered. 

15. Now, this is probably the most dangerous transportation method we have ever seen. None of them are wearing helmets, and that's seven children and one grown man on a bike. 

16. We cannot imagine that this is the most efficient way to transport chickens, but necessity is the mother of invention. We hope none of them were hurt. 

17. Sometimes, there is no other way to transport your big, rubber donut, so you have to take the bicycle around. What is the use of that thing?

18. Clearly, Asian people are experts at transporting many things at once, and here we have a man moving a bunch of hula hoops. Are those still used by children?

19. Another family that tried to move their entire belongings in one trip, but this time there are kids on top of all their things. That's dangerous, and the car is about to break down. 

20. This picture actually looks pretty because of the colors in those decorations, but we wonder if they were very heavy and if they survived the whole trip. 

We cannot believe the ingenuity of some people, and how some cars and bikes withstood all that weight. Some of these actions are actually dangerous, so we advise our readers never to repeat them. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love crazy plans. See you next time!

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