Spanish Model With Down Syndrome Became A Atar Of The Fashion Week In New York

Marian Avila is 21 years old, she is a young teenager who has fulfilled her dream, and it was not small. She has become the first Spanish model with Down Syndrome to parade on the most famous catwalk in the world: the runway from New York’s Fashion Week. She has made history, but for her, the most important thing is that she "does it because she likes it" and because she is an example for many girls like her.

How everything started: the invitation

Her life took a 180 degree turn when a young woman from Florida and with her same age contacted her by e-mail to give her great news: "Hi! I'm USA National Miss Citrus State Jr. Teen and I live in America. I read an article about you that has touched my heart, I realized that you have always wanted to parade at the New York Fashion Week! It turns out that I am the daughter of the fashion coordinator of the New York Fashion Week. So we want to make your dream come true... Please, tell me if you're interested." The answer was obvious, and Marian response was immediate.

Marian arrived in New York early on Wednesday. She said that her experience in the New York Fashion Week had been like a dream, it was exciting, and a unique moment she will remember for the rest of her life. The model told that she wasn’t afraid at any moment; instead, she was pleased and felt confident and calm. She wasn’t nervous at all.

The most incredible experience of her life

All her family accompanied Marian on her trip, of course, no one wanted to miss the incredible moment. Also, the girl’s family supports her a lot, is her sister the one who takes photos of her and even manages her social networks. For Marian, the best part of all her trip was to meet Keisha, the girl who contacted her and invited her to New York and to meet all the professional models who also were there.

Marian modeled for the fashion designer Talisha White, and the girl was so thankful for the opportunity that she couldn’t help but cry when she had the moment to thank her for giving her a chance. New York is a beautiful city, and that’s what Avila remembers the most, its bright nights, the interesting people, it is a lovely place indeed.

The young Valencian woman shared all the preparations through her social networks, leaving evidence of how she fulfilled one of her goals. "Dreams do come true," Marian wrote in an Instagram post. The model paraded with four models of the firm: a tight suit with transparencies and embroidery of certain oriental air in blue tones, a pink suit with a satin cape, a party dress with sequins in pastel shades and a long tight red suit with transparencies.

She has worked for many important brands

In her extensive work curriculum, she can already boast of having worked with the top-level designers from Spain, such as Francis Montesinos or Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. Also, she has been the protagonist of advertising campaigns and catalogs as famous as El Corte Inglés.

She is considered a supermodel at an early age, and her agenda is full of events, photo shoots, and parades since she debuted in 2016 on a catwalk. Nieves Álvarez and Judit Mascó are her role models, although she has already become a professional who has even appeared in a Chinese magazine. Her career has no limits, and it is going from good to better.

Marian is a multifaceted girl

She loves modeling but also likes to dance and act. Her dream is to be a great actress. For this, she studies at the First Toma Interpretation School where she has grown as a person and professional. Life has given her complicated situations, but she has always known how to get ahead by learning from them. From a very young age, a monitor helped her to be autonomous so she could take care of herself.

Also, she has always had as an example her sister Angela who has been the great reference to her life. Marian Avila is the best example of dreams can come true with hope and effort. She wanted to be a model, and finally, she got it with her perseverance and hard work.

Avila had only one dream, to break all the barriers imposed by Down Syndrome and make the catwalk her way of life. From a very young age, Marian has received the support of her family who has become her guardian angels and has not left her alone for a moment.

Marian is an excellent model and has a full agenda

This young model knows the latest trends to perfection, knows what accessories go with each type of look and has rubbed shoulders with significant figures from the fashion world since she was 11 years old. Part of that improvement that shows comes out of her safety and the constant support of her family.

And when she began to realize that people or classmates looked at her more than usual, she told her mother, and her response was: "That's because they can’t stop staring at how beautiful you are." That phrase has been her flag to take every step in life and on the catwalk. Without fear of anything.

Marian has also walked the runway at the Sala Fortuny, at the Vintage at Bodevil Theater, at the Xichang-Intercontinental, at the Spanish Catwalk, at the University of Fashion and Design in Madrid or in The Week of the Young Designers at the Palacio de Cibeles. Besides, she has posed for publications such as Hello, Vanity Fair, Xishang or Insport.

She is very enchanting and recognizes that she likes to feel beautiful and to look at herself in the mirror. Marian Avila has worked very hard to achieve her goals and does not stop working on what she loves. We are pretty sure that her career will be unstoppable.

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