20+ Shadows That Deliver A Mixed Message Until You Look Closer

People usually tend to use different tools to create amazing optical illusions without knowing that our best ally for this purpose can be found in the very same nature. Did you know that shadows can show in a variety of forms and in the places we least expect? Sometimes they can even get a little rogue and rebel, and the pictures we have below are a great example of this. Scroll down to check them out!

1. The shadow of this tree looks as if someone painted it on the concrete. The accuracy of the leaves and the branches is too perfect and beautiful, but that's the way Mother Nature is. 

2. After looking at these kids' shadows in a playground, only one question comes to our mind: Where is Peter Pan? Anyone can think that these shadows have a life of their own, playing and enjoying the park.

3. Mount Rainier is an active stratovolcano in the U.S. state of Washington, and this is the view a guy got from his backyard. If this is not perfect sundown, then we don't know what it is. 

4. The town shown in the picture is so gentle that even trucks greet people on the road. We only hope the driver in the car behind said 'hi' back. There is no doubt that this can bring a smile to anybody.

5. Talking about 3D printing, this picture here is a great and natural example of it. The sun melted the snow everywhere in that park except where the shadows of the bicycles were.

6. Everybody wants to be a 'rat,' even the cat in this picture because its shade is credible evidence. If not, how could you explain the rodent shadow?

7. While everyone was staring at the sky during a solar eclipse, there was somebody who noticed something else: the shadow of leaves from a tree. They look very cool, like bubbles or toenail clippings!

8. We were scared of getting in the swimming pool with a visitor like that in it, but it is hard to afraid when the spider has such a cute shadow. We wish they looked like that in real life.

9. The shade in this picture has a sense of humor as dark as itself. We never thought that something as fun as playing on a swing could turn into something so creepy. 

10. The person holding the class might be the holder of the Ring in The Lord of the Ring movie because that shadow looks precisely as Sauron's eye. He is everywhere!

11. We had never seen this before, but it is quite fascinating. The shadow of the airplane formed a rounded rainbow around it. Maybe my Little Pony was inside it?

12. First of all, we have to admit that the knife holder is very creepy, but on the other side, we are amazed at the shade that all those kitchen appliances formed. It looks like two people sitting in a park.

13. The shadows of this external staircase give the impression of infinity. If there is an Infinity War, why can't it exist an infinity staircase? Now we wonder how people will do to get to the ground.

14. Really, aren't Scots taking things too far? Even metal fences in Scotland have a tartan pattern. Talk about national identification, and these guys deserve the prize. 

15. Now, this picture is very 'enlightening.' We never thought of this before, but it completely makes sense that light cannot cast a shadow. Or is it a sort of witchcraft?

16. The dude in the photograph was sitting on a couch with a headache, so he decided to put an ice pack on his head. His girlfriend told him not to move, and this is the result. Does it look familiar?

17. This marriage proposal is so romantic that even the shadows formed a small heart. That wedding is definitely meant to be because that shade is a good omen.

18. Does anyone else want a glass like the one in the photo? We love the way the shape of the bottom with the pink liquid make the shade look like a gorgeous rose.

19. Maybe the Albert Einstein's shadow reveals his true mad nature? It looks as if Chucky got electrocuted and placed himself behind the scientist.

20. After some crazy clothing trends, these fishnet stockings will turn into the latest fashion statement, and they look even better on the legs of a hairy man. 

21. Maybe the guy with the red T-shirt was concentrated on withdrawing his money from the ATM, but his shadow was into something else that was nearby. Perhaps he liked the 'hair' of the girl?

22. It is frustrating enough to untangle a cord, but now the question is: how do you go and untangle a cord's shadow? Easy: turn off the light! We love what the angle of this picture caught!

It just takes an eagle-eye view, some simple elements, and the right angle to capture fascinating photos like the ones we showed you in this article. Next time you want to take a picture, think about these models to rock on the social networks. If you liked this article, share it with all your friends!

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