15+ Stunning Photo Ideas That Instantly Made Their Creators Kings and Queens of Instagram

If you are an avid Instagram user, you must know very well that everything is about likes. If you want to stand out from others, you have to create astonishing pictures, full of originality and creativity. This list you are about to see is full of great ideas to imitate or get inspired, to make your Instagram account the best of all.  

1. You can try and do "the hanging girl." Of course, you won't be really hanging, but that's the idea, having the cleverness to figure out how to create this illusion.

2. This is a classic one. In fact, it's very possible you have already tried this one, but it doesn't get old. If you do it correctly, you will obtain an excellent picture.

3. We present to you the perfect idea in case you need to take an engagement picture. This is not a usual shot, and it's very different from the simple photos of this style.

4. Would you be brave enough to do a pose like this? Sure this will show your couple how much you would do for her/she. Be careful!

5. You can create surprising shots only using perspective. Everything depends on the dimension of the objects and how they are placed in the picture.

6. Here is another type of photograph you can make if you properly use the perspective. This is just one of the many ideas you can practice using the same technique. 

7. Also, you can try many other ideas along with your friends. Every time we are with our squad, grand plans come to our minds. 

8. Are you hungry and want to express your feelings in one picture? We have the perfect photo for you. Your friends will love to try this with you.

9. Perspective should be your best friend to take creative pictures. You don't need anything extraordinary to get an awesome picture; this man only used a bottle of water.

10. We have to admit it, this is one of the best pictures we have ever seen! As we said before, you can use the most common objects to create an unforgettable photo.

11. Millions of tourists take pictures like this every year, so you have to make something different if you want to stand out from others as this guy did.

12. A creative image like this can get you a lot of likes on Instagram. It's always nice to get a picture with your couple, but it's even better if it's an original one.

13. If you are trying to figure out how to do this, relax, it's easier than you think: that's just a piece of cotton inside a plastic bottle. No Photoshop and a lot of imagination.

14. This picture should get an award for being so creative. We are sure that their friends got a little bit scared after the first time they saw this photo.

15. Taking a picture in a camp full of flowers is an excellent idea for your Instagram feed. It will look uncomplicated and also it will show your connection with nature.

16. It's a rule; if you go to the beach, you must show your legs. If you don't, why did you go in the first place? This picture is perfect for it.

17. This is a very creative shot in case you want to show the monument of a place. Leaning Tower of Pisa is photographed a lot by tourist, and you will stand out from the rest with this idea.

Now you have a lot of inspiration for your next Instagram posts. These ideas are very easy to recreate, they are creative, and you will have a lot of fun if you try to do it with your friends. If you liked this list, share it with your contacts or relatives!

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