15+ Most Powerful Pictures That You Are Likely To See This Week

We are used to seeing tons of pictures every day; it’s something that’s already part of our routine. For that same reason, it’s hard to surprise us with any photo because we have already seen a lot of them. However, this list is full of images that will make you hold your breath; they are beautiful, moving and heartwarming. 

1. We didn't know it was possible to ride a bike under the water, but this man showed us that he could do it. This picture was taken in a submarine park in Croatia.

2. Jenny Mensing is a professional German swimmer, and this is a picture of her warming up before a competition. This picture went viral all around the world.

3. Nothing is impossible if you try hard enough. As you can see, to be in a wheelchair was no impediment for this guy passionate about skateboarding. 

4. This is how it looks like an ETM worker after his turns end. These people have one of the toughest jobs, and they work hard night after night.

5. Dogs are man's best friends, and everyone knows that, but this is more serious than people generally think. They literally will be with you until your last moment.

6. This photo was taken in the Ukranian protests, and it moved a lot of people. It was a brief moment of calm among all the riot happening all over Kiev.

7. There's nothing more beautiful than the bond between a son and his father. The young guy was going to give a kidney to his dad in a transplant, and they took a photo before doing it.

8. This kid had one of the most amazing hairstyles of all, but he didn't care and gave it all away to other kids who need it. He donated his hair, and the change of look was radical.

9. He is Brian Banks, the linebacker from Atlanta Falcons. This picture is about his first day of training after spending a lot of time struggling with false rape accusations.

10. This picture is utterly heartwarming! Brian O’Driscoll went to visit a girl at a hospital and brought the Heineken cup with him. The little girl couldn't believe it!

11. Here you can see a girl with her grandparent. They were at a Veterans Day ceremony, and he couldn't hold his tears; her granddaughter was moved entirely by the moment.

12. This picture captured an incredible moment. That little foot is from a baby who was born 12 weeks prematurely and surprisingly managed to survive.

13. Have you seen something more beautiful than this? This picture shows something that you would only see in an animated movie: a turtle riding a jellyfish.

14. This definitely is one of the most amazing pictures you will see today. A photographer captured the right moment when sunset and an eclipse were happening at the same time.

15. The Bermuda Triangle is the inspiration for many legends and scary stories, and we don't wonder after seeing this picture. That's a sandbar that caught 16 ships.

16. This is a beautiful sculpture made to honor the Swiss guards who died in the French Revolution. It's a wounded lion, and that's how they see their soldiers.

Pictures and photographs connect us with our world and with what’s happening out there. It’s amazing how we can get so moved by seeing an image and how we can sensibilize with whatever it’s there. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and with those who might be interested. 

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